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Star Wars: The Old Republic


Ord Mantell Planet - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ord Mantell Planet - Star Wars: The Old Republic - SWTOR Codex: Datacrons, Locations, Organizations, Persons of Note, Species, Bestiary and Lore.

A longstanding member of the Galactic Republic, Ord Mantell is a world of deep seas, tall mountains and lush islands. Traders and merchants from across the galaxy ply their wares in Mantellian ports, along with black marketeers and other underworld forces.

In recent years, Ord Mantell has become embroiled in civil war, as anti-government separatists encourage Mantellian independence in the face of a brutally corrupt government with ties to organized crime. The Republic is responding with military force, and the fighting has resulted in high numbers of civilian casualties. Shuttle traffic is currently directed to the island of Avilatan.

  • faction: Galactic Republic, levels: 1 - 10
  • location: Coreward Worlds, status: Embroiled in civil war
  • terrain: Saltwater seas and Islands
  • key facts: Despite the planet's status as a critical Republic military outpost, the local government is controlled by criminal elements

Starting planet for Smuggler and Trooper.

Companions from this world: Aric Jorgan (Trooper companion), Corso Riggs (Smuggler companion)


Drelliad Village

What is now called Drelliad village was established decades ago as the private retreat of Ord Mantell's most celebrated smuggler, the voluptuous and quick-witted Ulla Drelliad. In the years after Ulla's death, her hideaway was transformed into a thriving trading post. Now, Drelliad village is hotly contested territory where separatist and Republic forces battle in the streets, and the handful of civilians who haven't already fled hide in basements and behind locked doors.

Although small, Drelliad village occupies a critical point between separatist-controlled territory and areas still loyal to the Republic. More importantly, what used to be Ulla's personal docking bay is now one of the only starship landing pads outside of local Republic headquarters. If Drelliad village falls entirely to the separatists, it will bring the enemy one step closer to securing the entire island.

Fort Garnik

The area now called Fort Garnik began as a series of makeshift landing pads built on the island of Avilatan for spacers who were too disreputable for the mainland. Avilatan was a haven for gangsters, smugglers and pirates, but was also one of the largest and most thriving economies on Ord Mantell. Settlements formed, and over decades, Avilatan became respected as a major commerce center.

When separatist bombings destroyed Ord Mantell's other spaceports, Avilatan became the Republic military's primary staging area, and its now-substantial landing zone took on strategic importance. Renaming the Avilatan spaceport to "Fort Garnik" in honor of a Republic war hero from Ord Mantell, the military established a fortified garrison there. Since then, Avilatan Island and Fort Garnik have become major targets of the separatist forces.

Imperial Listening Post (Jedi Knight)

Republic intelligence operatives traced a coded Imperial transmission to a hidden outpost on Ord Mantell. It appears the Empire has been operating this spy base for years, taking advantage of the planet's civil war to mask its presence.

The listening post is buried underneath a small islet a short distance from Fort Garnik, virtually on the Republic's doorstep. SIS tacticians are now re-evaluating military strategy on Ord Mantell in light of this discovery. If the Empire has been observing Republic troop movements in the area, there's no telling what they may have told the Mantellian separatists.

Mannett Point

Mannett Point was originally founded by Ord Mantellian pirates as an underground vault for their ill-gotten gains. As their criminal haven became respectable, the pirates were eventually replaced by "businessmen" who converted the subterranean warehouses into a freight shipping center. Goods that landed at Fort Garnik were sorted at Mannett Point and then distributed across Ord Mantell.

After the establishment of Fort Garnik, the Republic military continued using Mannett Point to store munitions and war materiel. This would prove to be a fatal mistake. Separatists staged a daring midnight raid that destroyed the bridge between Mannett Point and Fort Garnik, cutting off reinforcements.

Separatist commandos swarmed Mannett Point under cover of darkness, using the chaos from the bridge's destruction to infiltrate the warehouses. The separatists quickly slaughtered the Republic defenders to a man. By dawn, Mannett Point was a separatist stronghold--giving the Republic's enemy a major storehouse of weapons and supplies to continue besieging Fort Garnik.

Oradam Village

In contrast to the working-class origins of Talloran village, Oradam was a beachfront paradise for wealthy trader-barons and their families. These men and women spent their profits constructing elaborate homes and relaxing by the sea. Their freely flowing credits attracted numerous merchants and artisans to Oradam, many of whom remained long after their wealthy patrons fled.

Oradam is the last uncontested Republic village on the island of Avilatan, partially because it holds very little strategic significance. Its importance to the separatists is mostly symbolic. Republic strategists theorize that if the encroaching separatists were to successfully invade Oradam, the enemy would most likely burn the village to the ground as a way of spiting the corrupt upper class.

Savrip Island

The thin sliver of beach colloquially referred to as "Savrip Island" derives its name from the hulking brutish creatures infesting it. For whatever reason, the savrips inhabiting the islet rarely stray from its borders--but on the other hand, they do not appreciate uninvited guests. Beachcombers have disappeared in this deadly region for decades.

Local legends tell of a clever crime lord named "Frang the Toothless" who negotiated a deal with the savrips. In return for Frang being allowed to dump his enemies on Savrip Island, the gangster promised to provide the natives with a steady food supply. It is said both sides benefited tremendously from this arrangement.

Separatist Stronghold

The separatist command center closest to Fort Garnik was originally thought to be Mannett Point, but Republic intelligence operatives recently discovered that the main separatist force occupies the island's still-active volcano. This position gives the separatists multiple access points to the island's settlements, as well as a predator's eye view of Fort Garnik itself.

Sources indicate the volcano base originally belonged to a notorious gangster known only as "the Corellian" who disappeared in the civil war's early years. Whether the Corellian joined the separatists or gave them his volcano base under duress is anyone's guess. Regardless, taking out the separatist stronghold has proven almost impossible. Any attack on foot exposes the invading force to withering counterattacks and heavy casualties, but artillery strikes on the volcano risk flooding the entire island with lava.

Talloran Village

One of the few settlements around Fort Garnik not originally founded by criminals, Talloran village began as home to the laborers and their families who toiled in the island's starship ports and shipping warehouses. The people of Talloran were hardworking, mostly poor and easily exploited by the corrupt businessmen in charge of Ord Mantell's government.

When the separatists came to the island, Talloran was the first village they infiltrated. The people, long oppressed by the existing power structure, were ready to side with anyone who offered them a way out. Ironically, siding with the separatists only got the workers trapped inside their village as the Republic laid siege to the enemy occupation.


Galactic History 12: The Birth of the Republic

Galactic History 13: The First Great Schism

Galactic History 14: The Fall of Tion


Havoc Squad (Trooper)

The founding unit of the Republic Special Forces division, infantry squad 326--code-named "Havoc Squad"--is renowned as the army's most elite fighting team. Despite the total secrecy of Havoc's missions, the team has taken on an almost superhuman reputation on both sides of the war--unstoppable commandos who can strike anytime, anywhere, regardless of opposition.

Before Special Forces existed as a separate division of its own, Havoc Squad was attached to a standard infantry division throughout the Great War. It wasn't until the Battle of Alderaan that the squad rose to galactic fame, leading a small group of wounded and recovering men to victory against a massive Imperial invasion force.

The value of small elite units had been proven, and Havoc Squad was later chosen as the model for a full division of highly trained and agile infantry squads--the Republic Special Forces.

Republic Military Ranks

Like all military organizations, the Republic Army and Navy rely on ranking hierarchies to maintain a clear chain of command. These ranks are listed below, from highest responsibility to lowest. Unless otherwise noted, ranks are used across service branches.

  • Supreme Commander
  • General (Army), Admiral (Navy)
  • Colonel (Army), Commodore (Navy)
  • Major (Army), Group Captain (Navy)
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Ensign
  • Sergeant (Army), Petty Officer (Navy)
  • Corporal
  • Specialist
  • Private

The term "commander" may be used to describe anyone in a position of command and is not reserved for a specific rank.

Due to the great diversity of service personnel present in the Republic military, regulations specify that the honorific "sir" should be used when addressing any personnel of higher rank than oneself, regardless of the species, gender or position of the addressee.

Republic Special Forces (Trooper)

A unique operational group within the Republic Army, the Special Forces division was devised by General Garza and officially founded in the aftermath of the Sacking of Coruscant. Unlike most army divisions, Special Forces is composed almost entirely of small squads of elite, highly trained soldiers specializing in irregular warfare.

Relying on high mobility, extensive training and the latest military technologies, SpecForce squads exploit weaknesses that larger forces can't, giving the Republic military greater flexibility in addressing enemy threats. Standard assignments include reconnaissance, sabotage, asset recovery (enemy or friendly, personnel or materiel), search and destroy operations, and training and support for allied personnel.

Separatist Movement

Shortly after the end of the war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, a series of scandals revealed corruption inside Ord Mantell's government. Both local journalists and an official Republic Senate investigation proved vital in removing the corrupt cabinet members, but at the same time, a small but vocal group of citizens decided they'd had enough.

The protesters declared that the Republic wasn't doing enough to stop Ord Mantell's criminal leaders from exploiting common citizens and that any official investigations were "half-measures." These separatists demanded the planet's independence. Unsurprisingly, neither the Republic nor Ord Mantell's leaders were prepared to answer the cries for secession.

No one realized how powerful and well-organized the separatists had become until a massive coordinated bombing attack destroyed every major spaceport across the planet. The destruction left the world in chaos, crippling its economy. As the government retaliated against the separatists, Ord Mantell descended into civil war.

The separatists' terms for peace are simple: resignation of Ord Mantell's entire government, trials and imprisonment of its criminal leaders and the immediate recognition by the Republic of the world's independence. With a seemingly inexhaustible supply of fresh recruits armed with military-grade weapons, the separatists show no signs of backing down from this fight.

Persons of Note

Aric Jorgan (Trooper)

  • Companion of Trooper
  • Ranged Damage
  • Crew Skills Bonus: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Diplomacy Critical
  • Primary Weapon: Blaster Cannon
  • Secondary Weapon: Generator (non-shield)

A born leader, Aric Jorgan is one of the Republic's most capable field officers. He enlisted in the military at an early age and quickly distinguished himself as a talented marksman. His impeccable service record earned him a spot in the Republic's top sniper squad, where he successfully carried out over a dozen missions against high-ranking Imperial targets.

Since his transfer to Fort Garnik, Jorgan has earned a reputation as a hard and demanding taskmaster. However, few realize his surly demeanor belies a genuine concern for the well-being of his troops. While those under his command may not particularly like the brooding Cathar, they almost always respect him.

Commander Harron Tavus (Trooper)

Harron Tavus has served as a combat officer since before the Sacking of Coruscant, where he played an active role in the guerrilla campaign against the Imperial invaders. Excellent instincts and a natural talent for leadership helped Tavus rise quickly through the ranks, but he has repeatedly refused any assignment that would take him away from combat. Instead, he earned a place in the Republic's famed Havoc Squad, serving as the team's commanding officer.

Tavus is widely respected for his dedication to the soldiers under his command, so much so that he is rarely referred to by his official rank of captain; instead, Tavus is called merely "commander," an old Republic Army tradition designating him as someone whose authority and skill supersedes any specific rank.

Corso Riggs (Smuggler)

  • Companion of Smuggler
  • Ranged Tank
  • Crew Skills Bonus: +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +5 Armstech Critical
  • Primary Weapon: Blaster Pistol of Blaster Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator

Corso Riggs is a cheerful, disarmingly optimistic mercenary soldier. Raised as a rancher's son on the rough frontier of Ord Mantell, Corso developed a mixture of naive innocence and primitive toughness, wrapped with old-fashioned chivalry.

In addition to his gung-ho enjoyment of a good, dirty fight and his encyclopedic knowledge of weapons, Corso remains a ray of sunshine in even the worst circumstances. He has no sense of his own mortality and is absolutely convinced he's going to live forever. Corso also has a soft spot for damsels in distress, even when it's clear they're up to no good.

Rogun the Butcher (Smuggler)

Of the top crime lords in the galactic underworld, very little is known about the man called Rogun the Butcher. Rumors aside, there are only three things everyone agrees on: he always owns a piece of the action, he never backs down from a fight and he has a zero tolerance policy for failure.

Anyone unlucky enough to cross Rogun the Butcher should measure his or her future lifespan in days; this gangster comes by his nickname honestly, having left a trail of bodies from one end of the galaxy to the other-with no end in sight.

Skavak (Smuggler)

Traitor, scoundrel, thief: these are a few of the many unpleasant words associated with notorious con man Skavak. A rogue even in the galactic underworld he calls home, Skavak has double-crossed fellow criminals from Coruscant to Dantooine. His business partners are disposable assets, and friends are only a means to an end.

Skavak's sole loyalty is to himself, and he'll take jobs from anyone if it will line his pockets with a few more credits. Brash, arrogant and utterly without remorse, Skavak is long overdue for a takedown. The only question is, who has the guile and skill to outwit the man they call "the Jackal of the Stars"?



Cathar are a feline humanoid species native to the planet of the same name. They are normally covered in fur, although variations in the genetic baseline have expressed themselves as at least two distinct subspecies. Cathar are noteworthy hand-to-hand combatants, possessing retractable claws, strong physiques and natural agility.

It was the Cathar reputation for martial prowess that drew the Mandalorians to besiege their homeworld several centuries ago. Despite their valiant resistance against the remorseless invaders, the native Cathar were virtually exterminated. Out of millions, only a few hundred escaped the Mandalorians' attack and fled to Republic space.

In the time since their near-extinction, the Cathar have rebuilt their numbers to become common faces on Republic worlds. The Jedi Order, Galactic Senate and Republic military all claim numerous proud and loyal Cathar among their ranks. It is rare to encounter a Cathar who doesn't actively despise the Sith Empire--and especially its Mandalorian allies.

Kel Dor

The Kel Dor are a humanoid species noted for a physical appearance others diplomatically describe as "an acquired taste." In addition to unattractive facial features, Kel Dor wear elaborate mask-like breathing apparatuses when entering oxygen-rich environments. The combination of their alien appearance and strange technology leads unenlightened beings to naturally mistrust Kel Dor.

Thousands of years before they joined the Galactic Republic, Kel Dor developed their own Force-using order of "Baran Do Sages." These men and women advised rich and powerful families, using the Force to guide their patrons to strength and prosperity. However, the Baran Do Sages faded into obscurity once the Jedi took over training the Force-sensitive Kel Dor.

Kel Dor inhabit all walks of Republic life, from powerful Jedi Masters to lowlife bounty hunters. Culturally, they tend to view life in black-and-white terms. Kel Dor aren't above acts of vigilantism, meting out personal justice if they believe a grievance warrants it.

Mon Calamari

Hailing from the oceanic planet Dac, the amphibious Mon Calamari are among the Republic's most creative and intelligent member species. Many famous inventors, artists, military leaders and Jedi have emerged from this people. Less noble-minded Mon Calamari have made equally successful criminals and gangsters.

Physically, Mon Calamari possess dome-like heads, large eyes and long webbed hands. They are fast swimmers who can hold their breath for long periods, although wounded or panicked Mon Calamari are still capable of drowning. Their eyes can swivel independently, allowing them to focus on two different areas simultaneously.

Despite only joining the Republic within the last millennia, Mon Calamari have earned a reputation for being its most enthusiastic supporters. Folk wisdom says that when a Mon Calamari joins a cause, its eventual victory is assured. Although they are not a warlike race by nature, Mon Calamari are more than willing to fight for ideals they believe in.


Rodians are a reptilian humanoid species hailing from the deadly tropical jungle planet Rodia. Their harsh and unforgiving natural habitat has shaped Rodians into an aggressively survivalist culture. A reputation for violent tendencies has pushed Rodians to the fringes of galactic society, as few other species trust them.

The most noteworthy physical feature of Rodians is their large, multifaceted eyes, which allow them to detect another creature's body heat even in near-total darkness. This gives Rodians a natural edge as hunters, leading many to pursue careers as bounty hunters or even less-savory professions.

The negative stereotyping of Rodians is mostly unearned, however. Many among the species have channeled their biological adaptations and cultural inclinations toward more productive paths. Rodians serve proudly in the Republic military and Jedi Order, standing united with humans and other species to oppose the Sith Empire.


Gapillian Grazer

The slow-moving, gentle-tempered Gapillian grazers are herbivores that range across Ord Mantell's grassy plains. Although their massive curved tusks and rock-like hides give them a fearsome appearance, these beasts are among the most peaceful creatures inhabiting the planet. This does not mean they are entirely harmless, however.

Few things are more terrifying than a Gapillian grazer stampede at the height of mating season. With so many of these beasts grouped together, a single spooked grazer can initiate a charge capable of leveling a small town. Unwary travelers caught on foot during these catastrophic panics are rarely seen again.

Mantellian Flutterplume

Although its beautiful feathers are valued as good luck charms, everything else about the Mantellian flutterplume is worth avoiding. This enormous scavenger bird is noted for its impressive hook-like beak and four sets of curled talons--tools that it uses to tear apart and consume rotting carcasses.

The flutterplume population has skyrocketed thanks to Ord Mantell's brutal civil war. An abundant supply of fresh battlefield kills attracts flocks of these carrion eaters. Soldiers whisper horror stories of wounded men unable to defend themselves and doomed by the hungry winged predators.

Subspecies of the Mantellian flutterplume have evolved on a handful of other Republic worlds where the birds have been imported. Like their ancestors, they are both elegant and aggressive.


One of the only carnivores capable of taking down a Gapillian grazer by itself, razoronn beasts are nearly three meters in length and weigh over a thousand kilograms. It is no exaggeration to state that these tusked, fanged beasts present a serious threat to anything smaller than an armored shuttlecraft.

During the early settlement of Ord Mantell, a small farming convoy broke down on a remote plain at nightfall and fell prey to a razoronn pack. The curious predators began "investigating" these intruders in their hunting grounds. The farmers' landspeeders offered no shelter from the ravenous creatures. By morning, all but one of the farmers had been dragged away.


The savrips' bestial appearance leads many to dismiss them as nothing more than monstrous hulking predators that attack on instinct. This is far from the case, as anyone who has gotten close to a savrip can attest. Would a mindless animal really wear a tanned hide and belt made from Gapillian grazers?

Despite their brutish and primitive appearance, savrips are an intelligent species capable of communication. Unfortunately, for the average Ord Mantellian, savrips are actively hostile to other life-forms. Previously content to remain in their home territories, recent surges in savrip attacks have led authorities to speculate on a separatist-savrip alliance, but these claims remain unsubstantiated.


Refugees of War

With the war against the separatists turning increasingly ugly, thousands of farmers, laborers and government employees have lost their homes and businesses. Those who remain loyal to the Republic flock to places like Fort Garnik seeking food and shelter. Sadly, there are only so many supplies to go around.

The small shantytowns outside Fort Garnik overflow with impoverished people running out of options. As food, medicine and other basic necessities dwindle to nothing, these refugees resort to desperate measures for survival. Crime and exploitation run rampant, with refugees frequently turning against each other over a half-eaten nutripaste stick.

Ruled by Corruption

Centuries of colorful political history and public revelations of high-level government corruption have given Ord Mantell a reputation for untrustworthy leaders. While this attitude is not entirely unwarranted, certain fringe groups believed their world's entire government was little more than a kleptocracy. These activists routinely protested outside government offices, demanding the elected officials be brought to justice.

For a long time, the fringe groups were dismissed as delusional, paranoid or simply troublemakers. It wasn't until an entire governmental cabinet was forced to step down for accepting bribes that ordinary citizens began taking the corruption claims seriously. This was the birth of the separatist movement.

Smuggling 101 (Smuggler)

It's a fact of life: Whenever uptight governments forbid certain goods on their worlds, demand for these items increases. Once demand turns profitable, enterprising starship captains risk everything to deliver the goods in question.

Careers in smuggling are fast-paced, thrilling and often short-lived. Running contraband not only places a smuggler at odds with a planet's law enforcement, but its criminal elements as well. Pirates, gangsters, revolutionaries and bounty hunters are just a few of the hazards standing between a smuggler and that big payday. Only those who possess the sharpest instincts, sturdiest freighters and quickest blasters live long enough to earn a good living at this game.

It's worth noting that not all smugglers are profiteers. Some style themselves as heroic blockade runners or patriotic privateers, delivering hope and much-needed supplies to those who need it. Of course, that's also exactly how the real criminal types describe themselves, and law enforcement officers rarely accept "I was serving a noble cause" as an excuse.

Split by Rebellion

The civil war raging across Ord Mantell affects everyone. The planet's unstable political situation is a bitterly divisive subject, with separatist sympathizers and government loyalists increasingly polarized about how to end the conflict. Some families have been irreparably torn apart when one child joined the separatist movement and another enlisted in the government-backed military.

The separatists remain fanatically committed to their cause, demonstrating no willingness to negotiate or settle matters peacefully. The Ord Mantellian government has summoned the Republic military to bolster the planet's defenses and put down the rebellion quickly for the good of all. Leaders are pessimistic that the separatists will ever surrender.

Underworld Influences

Ord Mantell was once considered a vital supply depot for the Republic military, but the discovery of new hyperspace lanes virtually eradicated the need to route fleets through the planet's local star cluster. The ordnance engineers and military families formerly occupying the planet transferred to distant outposts, and Ord Mantell was abandoned to farmers.

The old military-grade spaceports were never decommissioned, however, and it didn't take long for private interests to take them over. In addition to corporations like Czerka, less savory factions from the galactic underworld set up shop. Small-time criminal gangs took advantage of the planet's lack of strong Republic oversight and became thriving operations.

These gangsters and corporations have invested heavily in the world's government. Many of Ord Mantell's major political figures are indebted to their corporate and underworld "sponsors," and although some of these leaders have left office in disgrace, it has not discouraged the wealthy and unscrupulous from purchasing political influence. Other politicians have pledged to clean up corruption--rarely succeeding for long, despite noble intentions.

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