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Star Wars: The Old Republic


Star Wars: The Old Republic CODEX

Star Wars: The Old Republic - SWTOR Codex: Datacrons, Locations, Organizations, Persons of Note, Species, Bestiary and Lore.

Planets of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Locations of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Alderaan: Kaamos Territory, King's Pass, The Apalis Coast, The Elysium, The Glarus Valley, The Juran Mountains.

Balmorra: Balmorran Arms Factory, Bugtown, Camp Conquest, Camp Jacent, Ghost Town, Hazard Vault 305, Okara Droid Factory, Outpost Traken-4, Outpost Victory, Sobrik, Troida Military Workshop.

Belsavis: High Security Section, Minimum Security Section, The Tomb.

Corellia: Axial Park, Beharen Droid Factory, Blastfield Shipyards, Coronet Shipping, Coronet Zoo, Decimus's Rise, Government District, Green Jedi Enclave, Incorporation Islands, Labor Valley, Museum of Corellian Industry, Museum Republica, Republic Foundation Museum, Tears of Taris, The Bastion, The Guardian Holds.

Coruscant: Jedi Temple Ruins, Old Galactic Market, Senate Tower, The Works.

Dromund Kaas: Grathan Estate, Imperial Intelligence, Kaas City, Revanite Compound, The Citadel, The Dark Temple, The Mandalorian Enclave, The Sith Sanctum, The Unfinished Colossus, The Wilds.

Hoth: Chilling Death Spire, Clabburn Tundra, Crescent Canyon Facility, Glacial Fissure, Highmount Ridge, Icefall Plains, Star of Coruscant, Starship Graveyard, The Fatality Crash, Tromper Crags Geothermal Plant, Whiterock Wastes.

Hutta: Fa'athra's Palace, Hutta Swamps, Jiguuna, Nem'ro's Palace, Rust Yards, The Old Muckworks.

Illum: Fort Salvo, The Ilum Temple.

Korriban: Sith Academy, The Wilds, Tomb of Ajunta Pall, Tomb of Marka Ragnos, Tomb of Naga Sadow, Tomb of Tulak Hord, Valley of the Dark Lords.

Nar Shaddaa: Club Vertica Casino, Corellian Sector, Duros Sector, Lower Industrial Sector, Network Access, Nikto Sector, Red Light Sector, Shadow Town, Star Cluster Casino, The Promenade, Upper Industrial Sector.

Ord Mantell: Drelliad Village, Fort Garnik, Imperial Listening Post, Mannett Point, Oradam Village, Savrip Island, Separatist Stronghold, Talloran Village.

Quesh: Adrenal Synthesis Factory, Broga's Palace, Chem-Basin Mine, Grancha Lakand Venom Mine, Imperial Garrison, Quesh Imperial Outpost, Quesh Venom Refinery, Republic Operational Headquarters, Three Families Palace, Three Families War Camp, Yuna Bore Venom Mine.

Taris: Brejik's Run, Brell Sediment, Dynamet General, Endar Spire, Reclamation Base, Republic Resettlement Zone, Sinking City, Transport Station Five, Tularan Marsh.

Tatooine: Anchorhead, Jundland, Lightspring, Mos Ila, The Dune Sea, The Wound.

Tython: Jedi Temple, Kalikori Village, Ruins of Kaleth, The Chamber of Speech, The Forge, The Gnarls, Tythos Ridge.

Voss: Alien Enclave, Gorma-Koss, Gormegan-1, Nightmare Lands, Shrine of Healing, The Dark Heart, The Gormak Cannon, The Ruined City, The Step of Harmony, Voss-Ka.

Organizations of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Alderaan: House Alde, House Baliss, House Girard, House Organa, House Panteer, House Rist, House Teral, House Thul, House Ulgo.

Balmorra: Balmorran Resistance.

Belsavis: Belsavis Prisoners, Dagger Wing, New Men, The Circle, The Condemned, The Dread Masters, The Followers of the Hallow Voice, The Imperial Guard, The Scourge.

Corellia: Corellian Corporate Council, Corellian Engineering Corporation, Corellian Security Force, The Corellian Rebellion, The Green Jedi, The Imperial Guard, The Outer Rim Jedi Forces.

Coruscant: Black Sun, Coruscant Security, Migrant Merchants' Guild, Strategic Information Service, The Justicars.

Dromund Kaas: Grathan Forces, Hadra Forces, Mandalorians, Rebelling Slaves, Revanites.

Hoth: Chiss Acendancy, Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, Rift Alliance Coalition Forces, The Hailstorm Brotherhood, The White Maw Pirates.

Hutta: Bog People, Czerka Corporation, Hutt Cartel, Renegade Evocii.

Illum: Deep-Miners, Kaleesh Mercenaries.

Korriban: The Dark Council, Tomb Raiders.

Nar Shaddaa: Hutt Cartel, The Exchange.

Ord Mantell: Havoc Squad, Republic Military Ranks, Republic Special Forces, Separatist Movement.

Taris: Cathar Settlers, Morgukai, Pirates and Scavengers, Tarisian Settlers, The 75th Legion.

Tatooine: Czerka Corporation, Imperial Reclamation Services, The Ghost Cell, Twin Suns.

Tython: Jedi Council, Twi'lek Pilgrims.

Voss: Gormak Shamans, Mystics, Voss Commandos.

Persons of Note for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Alderaan: Bouris Ulgo, Captain Cormac (Trooper), Duke Corwin "The Durasteel Duke" (Bounty Hunter), Duke Kendoh (Sith Warrior), General Gesselle Organa (Sith Warrior), Intelligence Profile: Vector Hyllus (Imperial Agent), Lord Nefarid (Jedi Knight), Markus Thul (Trooper), Nomar Organa (Sith Inquisitor), Rehanna Rist (Sith Inquisitor), Risha (Smuggler).

Balmorra: Admiral Ivernus (Bounty Hunter), Akaavi Spar (Smuggler), Brel Orus (Trooper), Commander Rylon (Sith Warrior), Darth Lachris (Empire), Darth Lachris (Republic - Jedi Consular), Doc (Jedi Knight), Lieutenant Major Pirrell (Bounty Hunter), Major Bessiker (Sith Inquisitor), Malavai Quinn (Sith Warrior), Numen Brock (Smuggler), Station Chief (Imperial Agent), Tanno Vik (Trooper), Warren Sedoru (Jedi Knight), Zenith (Jedi Consular).

Belsavis: Captain Zale Barrows (Bounty Hunter), Darth Ekkage (Sith Warrior), Executor Krannus (Jedi Knight), Hallow Voice (Jedi Consular), Intelligence Profile: SCORPIO (Imperial Agent), Ivory (Smuggler), Lord Ondorru (Trooper), Nadia Grell (Jedi Consular), Pak Taldine (Jedi Knight), Skadge (Bounty Hunter), The Mother Machine (Sith Inquisitor).

Corellia: Chairman Harlon Fane (Bounty Hunter), Cole Cantarus, Commissioner Jonah Carter (Bounty Hunter), Councilor Belos, Councilor Caicos (Smuggler), Darbin Sull, Darth Acharon, Darth Charnus, Darth Decimus, Darth Hadra, Darth Vowrawn (Sith Warrior), General Aves, General Hesker, Jedi Master Jun Seros (Bounty Hunter), Locke (Trooper), Lord Skar (Sith Inquisitor), Master Arfan Ramos, The Entity (Sith Warrior), The First Son (Jedi Consular), The Real Darmas Polleran (Smuggler).

Coruscant: Darmas Pollaran, Darth Angral (Jedi Knight), General Garza, General Var Suthra (Jedi Knight), Kira Carsen (Jedi Knight).

Dromund Kaas: Darth Jadus (Imperial Agent)

Hoth: Blizz (Bounty Hunter), Broonmark (Sith Warrior), Captain Valon (Jedi Consular), Guardsman Lassicar (Jedi Knight), Leeha Narezz (Jedi Knight), Lieutenant Felix Iresso (Jedi Consular), Lord Scourge (Jedi Knight), Lunguss "Guss" Tuno (Smuggler), Master Wyellet (Sith Warrior), Reneget Vause (Bounty Hunter), Sergeant Fideltyn Rusk (Jedi Knight), Sergeant Yuun (Trooper), Shai Tenna (Smuggler), SIS Dossier: Ensign Raina Temple (Imperial Agent), Talos Drellik (Sith Inquisitor).

Hutta: Braden (Bounty Hunter), Fa'athra the Hutt, Intelligence Profile: Kaliyo Djannis (Imperial Agent), Intelligence Profile: The Red Blade (Imperial Agent), Jaesa Wilsaam (Sith Warrior), Keeper (Imperial Agent), Mako (Bounty Hunter), Nem'ro the Hutt, Tarro Blood (Bounty Hunter).

Illum:, Admiral Shai, Darth Arho, Darth Malgus, Grand Moff Regus, Master Jaric Kaedan, Supreme Commander Rans.

Korriban: Darth Baras (Sith Warrior), Khem Val (Sith Inquisitor), Lord Zash (Sith Inquisitor), Overseer Harkun (Sith Inquisitor), Overseer Tremel (Sith Warrior), Vette (Sith Warrior).

Nar Shaddaa: Bowdaar (Smuggler), Destris Veran and Rylee Dray (Sith Inquisitor), Drooga the Hutt (Smuggler), Gele'ren (Bounty Hunter), Halidrell Setsyn (Sith Warrior), Intelligence Profile: Watcher X (Imperial Agent), Jonas Balkar (Trooper), Lord Paladius (Sith Inquisitor), Lord Rathari (Sith Warrior), Lord Sadic (Jedi Knight), M1-4X (Trooper), Tharan Cedrax (Jedi Consular), The Eidolon (Bounty Hunter).

Ord Mantell: Aric Jorgan (Trooper), Commander Harron Tavus (Trooper), Corso Riggs (Smuggler), Rogun the Butcher (Smuggler), Skavak (Smuggler).

Quesh: General Korvan, Moff Dracen.

Taris: Ashara Zavros (Sith Inquisitor), Beryl Thorne (Smuggler), Cin Tykan (Jedi Consular), Doctor Godera (Jedi Knight), Elara Dorne (Trooper), Governor Saresh, Jicoln Cadera (Bounty Hunter), Lieutenant Pierce (Sith Warrior), SIS Dossier: Doctor Eckard Lokin (Imperial Agent), Thana Vesh, Torian Cadera (Bounty Hunter).

Tatooine: Andronikos Revel (Sith Inquisitor), Diago Hixan (Smuggler), Gault Rennow (Bounty Hunter), Lord Praven (Jedi Knight), Master Yonlach (Sith Warrior), Mayor Klerren (Trooper), Sharack Breev (Sith Warrior), The Lady of Pain (Bounty Hunter), Tyresius Lokai (Bounty Hunter).

Tython: Orgus Din (Jedi Knight), Qyzen Fess (Jedi Consular), Satele Shan, Syo Bakarn (Jedi Consular), T7-01 (Jedi Knight), Yuon Par (Jedi Consular).

Voss: Ambassador Jannik, Ambassador Yoran (Bounty Hunter), Darth Severin, Dokath-Ra (Bounty Hunter), Gaden-Ko (Jedi Consular), General Thelonia Redrish (Bounty Hunter), Jela Reneke (Smuggler), Jokull, Lokir-Ka (Smuggler), Lord Fulminiss (Jedi Knight), Lord Torius (Trooper), Madaga-Ru (Sith Warrior), Senator Evran (Trooper), Tala-Reh (Jedi Knight), Xalek (Sith Inquisitor).

Lore of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Alderaan: Battle of Alderaan, History of Alderaan, Jedi Diplomacy, Joiners and the Killik Hive Mind, Noble Houses, Operation: Silverplate, The Death Mark, The Head of Darth Bandon, The War for Alderaan's Throne.

Balmorra: Balmorran Corporations, Balmorran Pollution, Colicoid Queen, Imperial Military on Balmorra, Imperial Subjugation, Imperial Subjugation, Operation: Blackout, Republic Relations with Balmorra, The Barrager, The Invasion of Balmorra.

Belsavis: Belsavis Automated Security, Belsavis Prison Break, Belsavis Prison Personnel, Belsavis Vaults, Black Codex: Origins of the Star Cabal, Esh-Kha Culture, History of Belsavis Prison, Mind Trap, Primeval Beasts, Rakata Technology, The Domination Experiments, The Infinite Empire, The World Razer.

Corellia: A Culture of Freedom, Black Codex: The Star Cabal's Endgame, Corellian Government, Coronet City, Firestorm Lasers, First-Class Corellian Bloodstripes, History of Corellia, Invasion of Corellia, Medal of Imperial Glory, Starship Manufacturing, The Bakvalen Family, The Fall of Tol Braga, The Kaggath, The Legislature, The Lucky Lancer, The Rocket Tram System.

Coruscant: History of Coruscant, Reconstruction of Coruscant, Republic Government, The Sacking of Coruscant.

Dromund Kaas: Lord Parnax's Lost Recordings, Monument to Lord Ergast, Sithspawn, The Blade of the Sith Executioner, The Obliteration of Kressh, The Phobis Devices, The Spires of Victory.

Hoth: Caught Between Two Foes, Hoth: No Place for Vehicles, Imperial War Strategy: Quagmires, Keeping Warm: Do's and Don'ts, Salvaging Starships, The Battle of Hoth, The Scorekeeper, The Umbra Encrypter.

Hutta: Carbonite Freezing, Evocar, Evocii Exile, Evocii History, Evocii Tribes, The Great Hunt, Varl.

Illum: Ilum Crystals, Pilgrimages to Ilum, Stealth Technology and Warfare, The Battle for Ilum, The Republic's Alien Allies.

Korriban: Admission to the Sith Academy, Legacy of Tulak Hord, Sith Titles, Sith Weapons, Slavery in the Empire, The Red Engine.

Nar Shaddaa: Data Slicing, Exo-technology, High Security Lockdown, Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse, Imperial Re-education Center, Lower/Upper Office Attrium, Mercenary Training Facility, Network Security District, Operation: Glass Echo, Power Guards, Republic Research Division, Slave Trading on Nar Shaddaa, The Spice Business.

Ord Mantell: Refugees of War, Ruled by Corruption, Smuggling 101, Split by Rebellion, Underworld Influences.

Quesh: Atmosphere of Quesh, Discovering Quesh Venom, Hutt Neutrality, Military Adrenals, Quesh Venom, The Quake, The Three Families.

Taris: Environment of Taris, Geroya Be Haran, Jedi Civil War, Malak's Attack, Rakghoul Disease, Republic Reconstruction.

Taris: Taris and Nonhumans, The Promised Ones.

Tatooine: History of Tatooine, Jedi Cultural Immersion, Krayt Dragon, Operation: Ghostbreaker, Operation: Stoneduster, Sand Rot, Shock Drum, The Sarlacc, Tulak Hord's Madness.

Tython: Holocron, Jedi Weapons, Rebuilding the Jedi Order, Rediscovering Tython, The Principles of Rajivari.

Voss: Black Codex: Operation: Shining Man, Dream-Walking, Gormak and Voss Origins, Law and Order on Voss, Legend of the Shining Man, Mystic Visions, Potential Mystics, The Deep Cradle, The Forbidden Ritual, The Imperial Attack on Voss, The Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Healing, The Three, The Voice of the Emperor.

Companions of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bounty Hunter
  • Blizz (Hoth)
  • Gault Rennow (Tatooine)
  • Mako (Hutta)
  • Skadge (Belsavis)
  • Torian Cadera (Taris)
Imperial Agent
  • Intelligence Profile: Kaliyo Djannis (Hutta)
  • Intelligence Profile: SCORPIO (Belsavis)
  • Intelligence Profile: Vector Hyllus (Alderaan)
  • SIS Dossier: Doctor Eckard Lokin (Taris)
  • SIS Dossier: Ensign Raina Temple (Hoth)
Jedi Consular
  • Lieutenant Felix Iresso (Hoth)
  • Nadia Grell (Belsavis)
  • Qyzen Fess (Tython)
  • Tharan Cedrax (Nar Shaddaa)
  • Zenith (Balmorra)
Jedi Knight
  • Doc (Balmorra)
  • Kira Carsen (Coruscant)
  • Lord Scourge (Hoth)
  • Sergeant Fideltyn Rusk (Hoth)
  • T7-01 (Tython)
Sith Inquisitor
  • Andronikos Revel (Tatooine)
  • Ashara Zavros (Taris)
  • Khem Val (Korriban)
  • Talos Drellik (Hoth)
  • Xalek (Voss)
Sith Warrior
  • Broonmark (Hoth)
  • Jaesa Wilsaam (Hutta)
  • Lieutenant Pierce (Taris)
  • Malavai Quinn (Balmorra)
  • Vette (Korriban)
  • Akaavi Spar (Balmorra)
  • Bowdaar (Nar Shaddaa)
  • Corso Riggs (Ord Mantell)
  • Lunguss "Guss" Tuno (Hoth)
  • Risha (Alderaan)
  • Aric Jorgan (Ord Mantell)
  • Elara Dorne (Taris)
  • M1-4X (Nar Shaddaa)
  • Sergeant Yuun (Hoth)
  • Tanno Vik (Balmorra)

Species of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Alderaan: Killik.

Balmorra: Colicoid, Gran.

Corellia: Drall, Selonian.

Coruscant: Gand, Gree, Nautolan, Sullustan, Ugnaught.

Dromund Kaas: Chevin, Duros, Kubaz, Selkath.

Hoth: Chiss, Ortolan, Talz.

Hutta: Evocii, Hutt, Ugnaught.

Korriban: Abyssin, Dashade, Sith Pureblood.

Nar Shaddaa: Gen'Dai

Ord Mantell: Cathar, Kel Dor, Mon Calamari, Rodian.

Tatooine: Gamorrean, Geonosian, Jawa, Rakata, Sand People.

Tython: Cathar, Flesh Raiders, Twi'lek, Zabrak.

Voss: Gormak, Voss.

Bestiary of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Alderaan: Bolraida, Iraida, Thranta, Vorn Tiger, Vulagool.

Balmorra: Bormu, Dragonbat, Mutated Colicoid, Wingmaw, Zeldrate.

Belsavis: Acklay, Terentatek.

Corellia: Lurker

Coruscant: Cthon, Salky Hound, Skyslasher.

Dromund Kaas: Gundark, Jurgoran, Sleen, Vine Cat, Yozusk.

Hoth: Icetromper, Pantran Whitefang, Skel, Tauntaun, Wampa.

Hutta: Akk Dog, Chemilizard, Kintan Crusher, Reek, Xuvva.

Illum: Asharl Panther, Bogwing, Kath Hound.

Korriban: K'lor'slug, Shyrack, Terentatek, The Beast of Marka Ragnos, Tuk'ata.

Nar Shaddaa: Gundark, Vrblther.

Ord Mantell: Gapillian Grazer, Mantellian Flutterplume, Razoronn, Savrip.

Quesh: Harvap, Harvorisk, Lobel, Trinthan Prowler.

Taris: Bogstalker, Ferrazid Hound, Nekghoul, Nexu, Rakghoul, Tarsarian Devourer, Varactyl.

Tatooine: Bantha, Dewback, Duneclaw, Rancor, Reek, Rill, Sand Demon, Sandtusker, Scyk, Terentatek, Womp Rat, Wraid.

Tython: Guid, Horranth, Manka Cat, Terentatek, Tythonian War Droid, Uxibeast.

Voss: Cyberbeasts, Mawvorr, Shaclaw, Vorantikus.

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