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Star Wars: The Old Republic


SWTOR Datacron 80 | Corellia | Galactic History 80: A Return from Exile

Galactic History 80: A Return from Exile - Datacron 80 on planet Corellia, All faction in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Map of Datacron location and video walkthrough.

Datacron 80 Location

datacron: Presence +4

planet: Corellia

Datacron 80 Location Map Star Wars: The Old Republic

Galactic History 80: A Return from Exile

During the Mandalorian Wars, many Jedi disobeyed the Jedi Council to follow Revan's call to arms. But only one Jedi returned to face the Council's judgment. The so-called Jedi Exile had been one of Revan's generals, and she was responsible for the destruction of Malachor Five.

Having lost all ability to feel the Force, the Exile accepted the Council's sentence of banishment and left to wander the Outer Rim. When she returned years later, the Jedi had all but vanished--slain by mysterious Sith assassins or driven into hiding.

Simply by returning, the Exile became a target for these Sith and was hounded to the remote Peragus system. After meeting a mysterious Force-sensitive named Kreia at Peragus, the Exile began searching for any surviving Jedi Masters to discover what they knew.

Youtube Datacron Walkthrough

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