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Character Career Aptitude in The Outer Worlds

In The Outer Worlds character creation you can choose Career Aptitude for your character. This parameter describes his origin, history and gives an additional small bonus to the parameters.

Available Career Aptitudes

No Discernable Aptitude

Bonus: +1 Determination Skill

Beverage Service Technician

Bonus: +3% Drink Effect Duration

Bureaucrat, Rank 0

Bonus: +1 Block Skill

The Universe operates on laws, and laws require paperwork. Halcyon is no exception. If something isn't stamped, filed, un-filed, referenced, redacted, certified, indexed, and numbered, then it might as well not exist. Birth certificates included.

Cashier, Sub-Grade, Nonsupervisory

Bonus: +1 Persuade Skill

No transaction is finished without a smile. You live for the ka-chunk of a bit cartridge getting inserted right-side up, the redemption of loyalty points, and the promise of a good day. "Come back real soon, buh bye now!" are more than empty words - they're a promise and a standard you intend on carrying to the frontier

Construction, Electrician Class, Wire Spooler

Bonus: -3% Shock Damage Received

Contrary to popular belief, cable management is an art form. Something about hiding electrical wiring behind panels to maximize airflow just makes you sigh with relief. Colonists don't need to worry about the bypasses and workarounds that keep the power flowing. That's your burden to shoulder.

Elevator Operations Specialist

Bonus: +1 Engineering Skill

A proper lift goes up AND down. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn't fit to wear the badge. Being a Specialist means something where you come from - a commitment to upward and downward mobility that doesn't have a price tag.

Factory Worker, Conveyor Operator

Bonus: +1 Dodge Skill

Safety and efficiency don't always go hand in hand, which is why so many of your coworkers at the factory were amputees. You survived the trenches of the assembly line long enough to know when a hydraulic press just wants to pancake some fingers. Thankfully you managed to keep all of yours.

Farmer, Dirt

Bonus: -3% N-Ray Damage Received

You got into this business for the tubers, but you stayed for ploughing, planting, pruning, and plucking. It isn't honest work if you come home clean. Worms need dirt, and food needs worms. You're just doing your part for the worms.

Food Additive Tester

Bonus: +3% Food Effect Duration

Sometimes quality control means sampling a delicious boarst smoothie, but most of the time it means swallowing toxins until you find one that stays down. You love a good surprise. Now that your stomach lining has the consistency of a broken-in saddle, it's easy to explore your culinary limits.

Janitor, Sanitation Class

Bonus: -3% Corrossive Damage Received

You spend your evenings kneeling over ominous stains with a bottle of caustic solvent and an absorbent rag. How the blood got there is irrelevant, above your pay grade, and beneath your interest. You're on artist of erasure. When you're on the job, there's no trace to be found.

Tossball Team Mascot

Bonus: +1 Inspiration Skill

There isn't a problem in all the cosmos that team spirit and a big stick couldn't solve together. Your last major head injury in the field knocked some extra cheer into you, and you've been a rising star in tossball's competitive mascot food chain ever since. It doesn't matter that no one knows your face under the mask. You share glory with the team.

Medical Technician, Junior Grade

Bonus: +1 Medical Skill

Prior to leaving Earth, you earned the trust of the medical community's most esteemed junior surgeons, who entrusted you with stuffing cotton balls into pill bottles. Experience on the job made you realize that diagnosing illness doesn't take a formal education when a search terminal and a little imagination will do the trick.

Safety Inspector

Bonus: -3% Plasma Damage Received

In your line of work, the corporation's bottom line needs more protection than its personnel. Guardrails aren't free, thermal shielding needs replacing, and a hatch that seals reliably is a luxury. You're on the vanguard of ensuring that every possible expense is spared, since corners don't cut themselves (yet). You prefer to think of workplace accidents as happy little coincidences.

Science Assistant, Level 0, Class A

Bonus: +1 Science Skill

Sub Sous Chef

Bonus: +1 One-handed Melee

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