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Halcyon System Map for The Outer Worlds

Use Halcyon System Map to travel to planets, asteroids, and labs in the Halcyon system in The Outer Worlds.

Halcyon System Map for The Outer Worlds

Halcyon is part of the Halcyon Cluster, so named because Halcyon is the brightest star in the cluster when viewed from Earth.


Terra 2 - An idyllic terrestrial planet. Halcyon's wealthiest elite live in its capital city, Byzantium, while the colony's laborers live in corporate-owned townships along the frontier.


Independent orbital station in the remains of Halcyon's first colony ship. Captained by Junlei Tennyson and run by descendants of the original crew.


Monarch - One of Olympus's many satellites. What should have been Halcyon's second habitable world has long since been abandoned by the Board due to monstrous, ravenous creatures.


An abandoned asteroid facility located in the rings of Terra 2, repurposed into the experimental laboratory, living quarters, and hideout of Phineas Vernon Welles.


Tartarus - Named after its hellish atmosphere, Tartarus is where The Board maintains the maximum-security penal complex known as "The Labyrinth."


Olympus - The largest of Halcyon's two Jovian gas giants. Perpetual storms wrack the planet's atmosphere, rendering it uninhabitable.


Eridanos - Halcyon's second Jovian gas giant. Its atmosphere is rich with hydrogen, helium, and various noble gases. Distillation plants in the atmosphere harvest these gases for energy.


Scylla is one of the largest asteroids orbiting Halcyon, the largest in a grouping of rocks known as the Charybdis Cluster. Hephaestus Mining once claimed the asteroid, but its prospecting site was abandoned decades ago.


Typhon - An uninhabitable icy planetoid at the edge of the Halcyon System. Typhon has nothing to offer the Halcyon Colony.


Hephaestus - The closest planet to the sun. The Hephaestus Mining Company was first to establish outposts here, and as such it has claimed the planet for itself.

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