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Fallout 4

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Weston Region Map Fallout 4

Weston Region | Fallout 4 | Locations, NPCs, Companions, Quests, Quest Steps, Secrets, Uniques Items, Bobbleheads and Magazines.

Weston Region Map Fallout 4
Weston Region Map Fallout 4

01 Lonely Chapel

From Lonely Chapel leads an underground corridor to the rear of Federal Ration Stockpile. You can enter here to meet boss first or exit Federal Ration Stockpile using this way.

02 Federal Ration Stockpile

Outside and Inside there are Raiders and Turrets!

Fusion Core ITEM


There are two Terminals to Deactivate Turrets.

Two Storage Lockup Terminals (Master) can be opened by Federal Ration Stockpile Password found on Red Tourette body.

Fusion Core ITEM

Legendary Raider Random Legendary Monster

Red Tourette NPC Hard Enemy

Federal Ration Stockpile Password ITEM

Mini Nuke ITEM inside closed stockpile.

U.S. Covert Operations Manual Magazine

Permanently more difficult to detect while sneaking. Video Walkthrough

03 ArcJet Systems

Interior of main building is good guarded by Protectrons and Machine Gun Turrets

Tesla Science Magazine

Energy weapons permanently inflict +5% critical damage. Video Walkthrough

Call to Arms QUEST

You will be here with Paladin Danse during Call To Arms Quest, and you will get Junk Jet, after quest as a reward you will get Righteous Authority

Junk Jet Special Item

Righteous Authority Special Item

04 Rocky Narrows Park

Yao Guai Monster

05 Jalbert Brothers Disposal

Mole Rats, Terminal and Safe

06 Graygarden

Supervisor White NPC

Troubled Waters QUEST

Investigate the Water Treatment Plant

Supervisor White of Graygarden asked me to look into why the farm's water supply has been declining.

After returning from Weston Water Treatment Plant

I managed to restart the Weston Water Treatment Plant. I should report back to Supervisor White in Graygarden for my reward.

Supervisor Greene NPC Trader

Talk to him for cash prize.

100 caps ITEM

Supervisor Brown NPC

Military Frequency AF95 Radio Signal

Fire Suport QUEST

Proceed to Cambridge Police Station

07 Weston Water Treatment Plant

Super Mutants outside, Machine Gun Turrets and Softshell Mirelurk inside.

Troubled Waters QUEST

Drain the flooded Water Treatment Plant

Weston Water Treatment Plant has been flooded. If I want to restore the Water supply to Graygarden, I'll have to get it up and running again.

Restore Main Pump

Picket Fences Magazine

You are now able to build patio furniture at settlement workshops. Video Walkthrough

08 Fiddlers Green Trailer Estates

Feral Ghouls

Glowing One Elite Monster

Glowing One is inside trailer on NW part of Estate, watch for him is really difficult.

Fiddler's Green Trailer Key ITEM inside save

Key will open Master Lock on Sliding Door in one of trailers.

Power Armor ITEM

Fusion Cores ITEM

The New Squirrel - Tape 1 ITEM

The New Squirrel - Tape 2 ITEM

The New Squirrel - Tape 3 ITEM

Live & Love Magazine

Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading women. Video Walkthrough

09 Boston Mayoral Shelter

To open door use Terminal in small house near.

Inside Laser Turrets, it should be possible to disable them using Terminal.

Boston Mayoral Shelter Safe Key ITEM

It is in a suitcase in one of the warehouses, using it you can open safe in Mayors Room.

Boston Shelter - Mayor's Goodbye Tape

Boston Shelter - Where Are You? Tape

Boston Shelter - Guard Update Tape

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Magazine

Regenerate 1 point of health per minute. Video Walkthrough

Mr. Gusty Model Kit ITEM

Fusion Core ITEM

Mini Nuke ITEM

After descending to bottom of Shelter, all location become overrun by Synths include Sunth Leader.

At the end of lower coridor its Deadclaw Lair

10 Corvega Assembly Plant

First Step QUEST

Lot of Raiders

Repair Bobblehead Bobblehead

Fusion cores permanently last 10% longer. Video Walkthrough

11 Forest Grove Marsh

Location for Quest.

12 Fort Hagen Satellite Array

13 Fort Hagen

Location for Quest.

14 Fort Hagen Filling Station

15 Greater Mass Blood Clinic


Blood Clinic Key ITEM

Lot of Blood Packs in basement.

Blood Packs ITEM

Short Syringer Rifle ITEM

Lab Access Terminal ITEM You have to hack it.

Massachusetts Surgical Journal Magazine

Permanently inflict +2% limb damage. Video Walkthrough

16 Relay Tower 0BB-915

Turn on tower.

17 Oberland Station

18 Beantown Brewery


Tower Tom Monster Boss

Gwinnett Brew Recipe ITEM

Picket Fences Magazine

You are now able to build picket fencing at settlement workshops. Video Walkthrough

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