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Fallout 4

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Boston Region Map Fallout 4

Boston Region | Fallout 4 | Locations, NPCs, Companions, Quests, Quest Steps, Secrets, Uniques Items, Bobbleheads and Magazines.

Boston Region Map Fallout 4
Boston Region Map Fallout 4

01 Vault 81

Try to open Vault Door

Overseer NPC

Vault 81 QUEST

Talk to Overseer McNamara

Deliver Fusion Cores to Overseer McNamara

Now that I've gained access to Vault 81 need to speak to the Oversee to give her the Fusion Cores she asked for.

Give 3 Fusion Cores to Overseer McNamara

Austin NPC

Follow Austin QUEST

Take full tour around Vault 81 with Austin. When he says "Run" just run with him or quest will be unfinished.

After tour with Austin, go back to classroom.

Katy NPC

Short Stories QUEST

Talk to Katy and tell your story.

Grognak The Barbarian Magazine

Grognak The Barbarian - Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks permanently do +5% percent damage Video Walkthrough

Dr. Forsythe NPC

Donate Blood QUEST

Donate blood to Dr. Forsythe

Taboo Tattoos Magazine

Permanently unlocks new facial tattoo. Video Walkthrough

Erin NPC

Here Kitty, Kitty QUEST

Find Ashes

Erin Combes' cat, Ashes, has escaped Vault 81 and is now loose in the Commonwealth. She's asked me to find him and bring him home safely before something happens to him.

Alexis Combes NPC

It has a well-stocked shop. Particularly interesting are the elite armor and weapons.

Visit Austin in the Clinic QUEST

Dr. Penske NPC

Hole in the Wall QUEST

Austin was bitten by a diseased mole fat. I'm going to the newly discovered secret part of the vault to look for acute.

Follow Bobby De Luca to Secret Vault 81

Inside Secret Vault 81

Machine Gun Turrets, Vault 81 Lab Mole Rats - there are lot of them.

Vault 81 Tech Password ITEM Use this password in Secrure Terminal

Curie ITEM Companion

Medicine Bobblehead Bobblehead

Stimpaks permanently heal 10% more damage. Video Walkthrough

Hole in the Wall QUEST

Give cure to Dr. Forsythe

Short Syringer Rifle Special Item As a reward.

After Hole in the Wall

Tina De Luca NPC

Dependency QUEST

Get Bobby off chems

Tina asked me to try to get Bobby of the Jet. After what happened with Austin, he needs to quit before someone else gets hurt. She said Rachels has treatment drugs that can help him.

02 Boston Public Library

You can enter Boston Public Library using Copley Station

Public Knowledge QUEST from Daisy in Goodneighbor 03

Super Mutants on Copley Station

Mini Nuke ITEM

Intercom ITEM

Do not try to open door to Library, just use Intercom, tell you are employed and give fake ID. This way you will got all security on your side.

Intelligence Bobblehead Bobblehead

Your Intelligence has been permanently increased by 1. Video Walkthrough

Library Storage Room Key ITEM

Book Return Terminal ITEM

To obtain Massachusetts Surgical Journal in Boston Public Library you have to collect first 10 Overdue Books, then you can exchange it for tokens. You will need 50 tokens in Book Return Terminal.

Massachusetts Surgical Journal Magazine

Permanently inflict +2% limb damage. Video Walkthrough

03 Trinity Tower

Hear to Trinity Tower Radio

Curtain Call QUEST

Investigate radio broadcast.

I heard a radio broadcast by a man named Rex. He was begging to be rescued from super mutants who have taken him captive in Trinity Tower.

Inside Tower - Super Mutants.

Fist Monster Boss

Climb up to the top of tower using stairs and two elevators.

Trinity Tower Cell Key ITEM in Steamer Trunk at the top.

Ulock Cage

Rex Goodman NPC

Strong NPC Companion

Go down with Rex and Strong using the elevator on the walls of the building

Talk to Rex

Melee Bobblehead Bobblehead

Permanently gain +25% critical damage with melee weapons. Video Walkthrough

04 Pickman Gallery

Location is occupied by Raiders

Pickman's Calling Card ITEM

Slab Monster Boss

Pickman NPC

Kill Raiders, kill Slab, do not kill Pickman, talk to him.

Pickman's Key ITEM

Pickman's Gift QUEST

Retrieve Pickman's gift

I saved the killer Pickman, and to thank me, he gave me a key to the safe in his gallery.

Lock Picking Bobblehead Bobblehead

Lockpicking is permanently easier. Video Walkthrough

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Magazine

Gain +5 Poison Resistance. Video Walkthrough

Exit exit through near North End and return to Pickman Gallery again. Close to entrance there is room with bloody paintings. Use "Picnic for Stanley", open Pickman Safe with Pickman's Key to receive reward.

Pickman's Thank You Note ITEM

Pickman's Blade Special Item

05 Chestnut Hillock Reservoir

Edwin's Terminal ITEM

Edwin's Key ITEM Center of the lake, under water, under boat.

Master Safe ITEM You can open it with Edwin's Key

06 Hangman's Alley

After you kill few Raiders you can make settlement here.

07 Wreck of the USS Riptide


Wasteland Survival Guide Magazine

Heal 50% more from fruits and vegetables. Video Walkthrough

08 Back Street Apparel

Raiders and Turrets

Missle Launcher ITEM

Clutch Monster Boss

Blast Radius Board Game ITEM

Grognak The Barbarian Magazine

Critical Hits with unarmed and melee attacks permanently do +5% percent damage Video Walkthrough

09 Police Precinct 8

10 Trinity Plaza

Enter Trinity Church and deal with Super Mutants.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Magazine

Do +5% damage against Super Mutants Video Walkthrough

11 Dartmouth Professional Building

12 Layton Towers

13 Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ

14 D.B. Technical High School


Book Return Terminal ITEM

Fusion Core ITEM

Bosco Monster Boss

Mascot Head ITEM

Mini Nuke ITEM

Unstoppables Magazine

Permanently gain +1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack. Video Walkthrough

15 Medical Center Metro

16 Mass Bay Medical Center

Power Armor ITEM

17 Hester Consumer Robotics

18 Harbormaster Hotel

19 The Shamrock Taphouse

Outside Raiders and Turrets, inside Raiders.

Gaff Monster Boss

Shamrock Taphouse Kay ITEM

Buddy NPC

To activate Buddy, hack terminal or use Drinkin Buddy Password, its in Buddy room near flash red light.

Trouble Brewin' QUEST

Activate Drinkin Buddy and talk to him.

Total Hack Magazine

Includes the spotlight hacking source code. Video Walkthrough

20 Custom House Tower

21 Postal Square

22 Fallen Skybridge

23 Goodneighbor

Goodneighbor Location Map

24 Combat Zone

Kill Raiders outside, enter and kill Raiders inside.

Talk to Tommy inside big cage.

Tommy NPC

Cait NPC Companion

Picket Fences Magazine

You are now able to build potted plants at settlement workshop. Video Walkthrough

25 Boylston Club

26 Hubris Comics

Lot of Feral Ghouls

Hubris Comics Storeroom Key ITEM

in Cash Register near entrance, will open doors and safe.

Silver Shroud items are for Quest

Silver Shroud Photo ITEM

Silver Shroud Script Holotape

Silver Shroud Costume ITEM

Silver Shroud Hat Added ITEM

Silver Submachine Gun Prop ITEM

Grognak Costume Special Item

Cryolator Special Item

Haptic Drive ITEM

Grognak's Axe Special Item in Case

Unstoppables Magazine

Permanently gain +1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack. Video Walkthrough

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Magazine

Do +5% damage with the Alien Blaster. Video Walkthrough

27 HalluciGen, Inc

Hallucinogen In C is a disused chemical factory testing gases to pacify the crowd. Delving inside the plant, we find a crazed Gunners fighting among themselves. Breaking additional security we get to the lab where we can find gas.

HalluciGen Key ITEM Gunner Commander got it.

HalluciGen Mission Brief ITEM Gunner Commander got it.

Hallucigen Gas Canister Special Item

Tesla Science Magazine

Energy weapons permanently inflict +5% critical damage. Video Walkthrough

28 Charles View Amphitheater

Visit it during The Secret of Cabot House Quest. These people are kind of cult.

Brother Simon NPC

29 Vault-Tec Regional HQ

30 Massachusetts State House

31 Old Granary Burying Ground

32 Park Street Station (Vault 114)

Station and Vault 114 are full of Triggermans.

Clear Station and find entrance to Vault 114.

Main doors are closed, so use side door, jump a hole two floors below.

Find Dino, kill him and take password.

Dino NPC

Overseer Door Password ITEM

Go upstairs and find closed room.

Nick Valentine NPC

Unlikely Valentine QUEST

I've found Nick Valentine, but he's being held prisoner by some thugs in Park Street Station. I need to get him out of there.

Free him using password. Talk to him. Pickup Bobblehead.

Speech Bobblehead Bobblehead

All vendors permanently have 100 more caps for bartering. Video Walkthrough

Follow Nick Valentine, he will open clossed doors. Pick Magazine.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Magazine

Gain +5 Action Points. Video Walkthrough

Skinny Malone NPC

Darla NPC

You can try to solve problem peacefully.

Getting A Clue QUEST

Go to Valentine's Detective Agency

33 Boston Common

Grognak The Barbarian Magazine

Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks permanently do +5% percent damage Video Walkthrough

Tour Bot NPC

Road to Freedom QUEST

Thorn Notes ITEM about danger in Commons

34 Swan's Pond

Lair of monster. In the center of the lake.

Swan Monster Boss

Furious Power Fist Special Item Swan's loot.

35 Mass Fusion Building

Some parts of this building are available after quest only.

Using terminal you can turn off turrets and turn on protectrons.

Strength Bobblehead Bobblehead

Your Strength has been permanently increased by 1. Video Walkthrough

36 Old Corner Bookstore

37 Haymarket Mall

38 Boston Bugle Building

39 Garden Terrace

40 Faneuil Hall

Use Terminal to turn on 3 Protectrons.

Live & Love Magazine

Companions permanently gain +10 health. Video Walkthrough

Climb the ladder to the roof

Glided Grasshopper ITEM

The Glided Grasshopper QUEST

Read "Food for the Grasshopper"

I recovered an old note from inside the Gilded Grasshopper - "Food for the Grasshopper" wonder what it says.

Find Shem Drowne's gave.

The note inside the Gilded Grasshopper seems to point towards Shem Drowne's grave. Time to see what it still holds.

Go to the cemetery located nearby and dug up the grave.

Shem Drowne Sword Special Item

41 Old North Church

Old North Church is a base of The Railroad Fraction. How to get inside check at Road to Freedom Quest Walkthrough

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