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Fallout 4

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Salem Region Map Fallout 4

Salem Region | Fallout 4 | Locations, NPCs, Companions, Quests, Quest Steps, Secrets, Uniques Items, Bobbleheads and Magazines.

Salem Region Map Fallout 4
Salem Region Map Fallout 4

01 Longneck Lukowskis Cannery

Barter Bobblehead Bobblehead

Prices are permanently 5% better. Video Walkthrough

Tales Of A Junktown Jerky Vendor Magazine

Permanently gain better prices when buing from a vendor. Video Walkthrough

02 Hugo's Hole

Dunwitch - Hugo's Struggle ITEM

Mr. Handy Model Kit ITEM

Hazmat Suit ITEM Great Anti-radiation Suit

03 Dunwich Borers

This location is rather for veterans.

In small gatehouse at the top you can use Terminal to turn off Turrets

Clear ground level of quarry of Raiders.

Enter underground. Beware of traps. There are four stations there, each with visible number.

Bedlam Monster Boss

Circuit Breaker ITEM when switched ghouls will awake.

Down to Station 3 there is Magazine

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Magazine

Take 5% less damage from robots. Video Walkthrough

Near Station 4 there is Bobblehead

Sneak Bobblehead Bobblehead

You are permanently 10% harder to detect. Video Walkthrough

YOu will see flashbacks from the past.

Go to the end of the tunel and find small lake.

Kill Named Ghouls

Dunwich - Management Holotape

Save Game first and dive into the lake. Not at the bottom but a few feets before bottom there is a corridor to the side

Mini Nuke x2 ITEM

Kremvh's Tooth Special Item

When goin back you can use shortcut.

Dunwitch Borers Key ITEM inside, near exit

04 Lynn Pier Parking

05 Hub City Auto Wreckers

Assaultron, Turrets and Gunners.

Hub City Terminal ITEM

Use Terminal to turn off Turrets, turn off Spotlight and lower Crane to climb upstairs


Captain Bridget Monster Boss

06 Kingsport Lighthouse

Children of the Atom, trap.

07 Crater House

Children of the Atom, strong resistance, trap, safe.

Terminal ITEM turn off Turrets and Spotlight.

Wasteland Survival Guide Magazine

Permanently take 5% less damage from insects. Video Walkthrough

08 Museum of Witchcraft

Main door is closed, go right.

Investigate the butchered body QUEST

Private Hart's Holotape ITEM

The Devil's Due QUEST

Explore Museum

A group of Gunners were chased by. something... into the Museum of Witchcraft. Maybe I can figure out what happened.

Use trapdoor to go inside.

Savage Deathclaw Special Monster

Sergeant Lee NPC He is Dead.

Sergeant Lee's Holotape ITEM

Pristine Deathclaw Egg ITEM Pick it up.

The Devil's Due QUEST

Complete delivery of the egg or return the egg to its nest.

These Gunners were delivering a case of Deathclaw eggs from their nestin Lynn Woods to Diamond City. I've got a decision to make-complete delivery of return the egg to its nest.

Grognak The Barbarian Magazine

Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks permanently do +5 percent damage Video Walkthrough

09 Sandy Coves Convalescent Home

Front Desk Attendant NPC

Gladys's Room Key ITEM

Book Return Reward Machine ITEM It is linked with Boston Public Library Machine


Terminal ITEM

Use terminal to open door.

Check Lost Safe Key Reminders

  • Catherine, 285: By her cat bowls
  • Edward, 135: Behind his typewriter
  • Ethel, 203: Beneath her paint brush.
  • Margaret, 134: Under her fertilizer.
  • Mortimer, 131. In his favorite boat model.
  • Randall, 231 : Under the mounted deer head.

Pick all keys and open saves

Massachusetts Surgical Journal Magazine

Permanently inflict +2% limb damage. Video Walkthrough

10 Salem

11 Rook Family House

Kill Mirelurks

Go to the top of ruined house

Barney's Key ITEM


Open Basement Door with Barney's Key

Reba II Special Item

Guns and Bullets Magazine

Ballistic weapons permanently do +5% critical damage. Video Walkthrough

Remark by: Smooke

"If Barney is alive, talk to him and you will get quest. As reward you will get Reba II"

12 Coastal Cottage

13 Mahkra Fishpacking

Lotta, lotta of Synths. Both inside and outside. When you kill them all, reinforcements will come.

Use the elevator to go down

Tesla Science Magazine

Energy weapons permanently inflict +5% critical damage. Video Walkthrough

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