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Fallout 4

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Goodneighbor Location Map Fallout 4

Goodneighbor Location | Fallout 4 | Locations, NPCs, Companions, Quests, Quest Steps, Secrets, Uniques Items, Bobbleheads and Magazines.

Goodneighbor Map Fallout 4
Goodneighbor Map Fallout 4

01 Entrance from Boston

Finn NPC

After a short conversation, comes Hancock and kills Finn

Hancock NPC

He is boss here and he is OK. Hancock can be your companion in the future.

02 Guns Guns Guns Shop

KL-E-0 NPC Trader

Join the Railroad Holotape ITEM Upstairs

03 Daisy's Discounts

Daisy NPC Trader

Public Knowledge QUEST

Clear Boston Public Library of Super Mutants and return book.

04 The Third Rail

MacCready NPC Companion

Live & Love Magazine

Companions permanently gain +5 Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance. Video Walkthrough

Whitechapel Charlie NPC

Clear out the Goodneighbor Warehouses QUEST

Kill enemies in 3 Warehouses in Goodneighbor

05 Warehouse x 3

06 Hotel Rexford

Live & Love Magazine

Permanently gain +5 XP while adventuring with a companion. Video Walkthrough

Fred Allen NPC Trader

Rufus Rubins NPC Trader

07 Old State House

Hancock NPC

Fahrenheit NPC

08 The Memory Den

Irma NPC

The Memory Den QUEST

Irma at the Memory Den says I can relive my past if l sit down in one of the dens Memory Loungers.


Road to Freedom QUEST

Follow the Freedom Trail

If I want to fight the Institute, I've been told should find the Railroad. The only clue have is: "Follow the Freedom Trail." The tourist trail starts at Boston Common.

10 Bobbi's Place

Bobbi NPC

The Big Dig QUEST

I met Bobbi No-Nose in an alley in Goodneighbor and agreed to work for her. She asked me to workondigginga tunnel in her basement.

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