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The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

Walkthrough & Maps

World Map for The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep - Land of Caith

World Map for The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep, your adventure will take place in The Land of Caith, Skara Brae, Old Skara Brae, Baedish Lowlands, the Forest of Inshriach, and the Stennish Isles.

The Land of Caith - The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep - World Map
The Land of Caith - The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep - World Map

The Land of Caith

Skara Brae

Forest of Inshriach: Sulphur Springs, Torr Fion, Skyhenge, Glade of Mathan, Bren.

Baedish Lowlands: Ruined Fort, Crumbling Tower, Fettercain Village, Old Sentry Tower, Fort Garendon.

Stennish Isles: Wyre, Castle Langskall.

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The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep Map Legend

Location a description of the location. The order of numbers is the order in which you shoud explore the map.

Exit or Entrence from location to another map.

Adventurer's Guild Your main home location. Here you can [...]

NPC - One or More Interactive NPC, having at least the ability to talk.

Standing Stones - quick way to jump around the world. You need to use Wildland Whistle (Ability Song) to activate Standing Stones

Luck Stones - they will allow you to save game, if you die you will reappear at the last Luck Stone you visited. Ancient Luck Stones are a special type of Luck Stone, you may choose to save game here or, you can instead consume it gaining Experience points.

Shrine Standing Stones of Gratitude are ancient monuments to great heroes of Skara Brae. Interact with them to gain bonus experience.

Party Member - possible member of your party if you recruit him.

NPC Quest Giver - NPC that start the quest

Item Quest Starter - item or place, not NPC that starts the quest.

Quest Items - items required to complete quests.

Vendor - Shops, here you can buy and sell weapons and equipment. There are different types of sellers.

Special Items - Like Grappling Hook, Cogs, Mercenary Tokens

Special Place [...]

Book - scrolls, documents or books

Entrance / Exit that does not require additional activities.

Key Locked Door - These doors require a specific key to open them.

Cog Locked Door - These doors require you to solve cog puzzle. Some doors required missing Cogs.

Rope Entrance - You need Grappling Hook with Rope to open this Entrance.

Stairs Entrance

Weak Wall - Knock down weak stone walls with Gaufain's Hammer (Ability Song)

Burnable Barrier - Use Dragonsbile Bomb to clear way.

Movable walls and barriers

Button or switch

Closed Chest - You have to unlock it first. Requires training in Lockpick.

Open Container - this container is open, you can take its contents. The contents of crates and containers are random.

Throw's Secret Sign - Rune on the wall, here you have to use Hidey Bide (Ability Song) to reveal hidden stashes nearby.

Hidden Throw Stashes - You have to use Hidey-Bide (Ability Song) to reveal hidden stashes.

Code Wheel Offering


Place Elven Weapon

Herbs - Collect herbs for Crafting. There are [...]


Stone Remembers - you have to use The Stone Remembers Song here to rebuild structure. It also reset block puzzles.

Monsters Solo monster or group of monsters.

Boss Monster Here you will find a monster that is stronger than the other enemies surrounding you on this level.

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