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The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

Walkthrough & Maps

Quest List for The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

Quest Name

Location & Description

Skara Brae Above

Hard Times In Skara Brae

(1) The Fatherites have begun executing members of the Adventurers' Guild. Rabbie has called a meeting at the guild and your attendance is required.

The Doppelganger

(6) Wringneck suggests looking for his friend Dalgliesh, who has been hunting the thief who stole his account book and who's been harassing his clients. The last Wringneck heard, Dalgiesh was heading for the market.

A Brother's Bond

Alex Rupert & Wiliam Rifkind (8) Rupert's sworn brother, Ewan, has gone missing. Rupert hinted that Ewan might be in the Stennish Isles.

Tortuga's Swim

(8) You met a man on the dock of Skara Brae that is incredibly drunk. That blubbering has to mean something though. Maybe there is a way to understand him.

The Dark Mirror

Donnell & Lizz (13) Liz has been stricken by Charn magic and is slowly withering away. You have agreed to find the Charn mirror that cursed her and shatter it.
This Quest is for Iwon Rheg Location.

Skara Brae Above - Paladin Tavish's House

Elven Wiles

Wringneck and Dalgliesh want help finding their friend the Green Lady, who was on the trail of a kidnapper. They think she might be near the docks.

Skara Brae Above - Green Lady's House

The Hidden Hand

Evidence found on the bodies of those who attacked Wringneck, Dalgliesh, and the Green Lady suggest that some sinister group is trying to turn people against of the old races, and they may be planning something even worse. Return to Rabbie and show him what you've found.

Quest Name

Location & Description

Skara Brae Below

A Home In The Dark

With the Adventurers' Guild in flames and Bishop Henred's Paladins hot on your trail its time to regroup in the subterranean streets of Skara Brea Below.

The Holy Path

Father Wilfret (10) Father Wilfret has mentioned being able to give someone holy powers if only he had a holy symbol. Track down Captain Beckwith in the Baedish Lowlands and reclaim the symbol.

A Stabbing Headache

(11) Strange sounds and light are coming from over near Harkyn's Castle. Best to check it out.

Take The Highroad

Stoney (24) In these troubled times, speed is of the essence. Learn how to use the standing stones to move swiftly from place to place.

A Hero's Rest

Scorcherer (29)You found a ghost standing in a blazing fire, known as the Scorcherer, in Old Skara Brae. He claimed to be a trapped hero of old, bound in ghostly form all eternity. Maybe you can find a way to free him from his bonds.

Skara Brae Below - The Old Adventurers' Guild

Bad Reputation

Rabbie (2) Rabbie says Wringneck may be in trouble, and wants you to find him. He suggested you start looking in Wellbottom, the trow encampment in Skara Brae Below.

Spells Is What We Sells

Roscoe (4) Roscoe has asked you to go to his emporium and place a magic lantern to protect it from ruffians.

The Best Of Us

Rabbie The map you found seems to detail an attack on Kylearan's Tower, where wise old Mage Alguin has made his home. Alguin is one of Skara Brae's greatest protectors. For the sake of the city he must be protected.

Return To The Review Board

With Levels One of your companions has benefited from their experiences. Return to the review board so they may receive its blessing and learn new skills.

Low Friends In Low Places

Rabbie after The Best Of Us Rabbie has asked you to speak to Fiona the Harper, who lives near Fettercairn, but to do that you'll have to get out of Skara Brae. And to do that, you'll have to talk to Duke Kingston, an "importer and exporter."

The Cellars of Kylearan's Tower Level 3

A Snare Of Shadows

(24)The lyrics to Snow in Summer suggest that the Spectre Snare, the weapon that once defeated Mangar, is somewhere within his tower. Do you dare seek it out?

Quest Name

Location & Description

Baedish Lowlands

Keeper Of The Old Ways

After entering Baedish Lowlands Mage Alguin said that the only way to defeat Mangar would be to confront him with the reliquary containing his bones. Rabbie thinks his friend Fiona the Harper, a historian of songs and legends, might know where the reliquary lies.

Song Of The Sentry

Gerund (2)The Strifespear, the weapon that slew Tarjan, is rumored to be hidden inside the Sentry Tower. No one who has ever entered the Sentry Tower has ever come out alive. Perhaps the lyrics to Across the Seven Realms can help you, if you can find them.

Into The Wood

Dead Cultist after talk with Fiona (12)Hearing that Mangar is seeking the portal to the realm of the elves, Fiona is certain he will be heading for the forest of Inshriach, and that he will have hidden his Reliquary in one of the Charn ruins that fester there.

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