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Idle Heroes

Game Guide

Idle Heroes Game Guide

This is a simple Idle Heroes wiki, game guide and tips for beginners. The more advanced advice you will get from the hight level players during the game, so choose a guild carefully, pick one that will help you develop your ultimate heroes team. Guide contains descriptions of Campaign, Best Heroes, Characters, Hero Fusions, Altar, Summoning, Casino, Prophet Gate, Arenas, Trials, Shops, Items, Upgrades, Challenges, Quests, and Guilds.

Idle Heroes main screen interface.
Idle Heroes main screen interface.

Idle Heroes is MMO RPG Idle Video Game for mobile devices, available on Android Apps on Google Play and Apple App Store for iOS since June 2016.

To play it on PC, you can use an emulator.

The game is in the free to play model, but it is difficult to play it without spending real money.

Try to get at least VIP3 status and Monthly Card to gain access to additional features.

If you spend even a small amount of money (under $50) the game becomes much more interesting and balanced.

Thanks to Wolf Pack Guild form S52 for support with making this guide.

01 Campaign, idle battle zone.

Idle Heroes PvE Campaign. Send hero teams into battle to activate Auto-battle and complete battle events. Battles grant player EXP, Spirit, Gold and equipment. read more

02 Creation Circle / Hero Fusion

Here you can create 5 stars and 6 stars Heroes using 3, 4 and 5 star heroes of given faction read more

03 Altar / Hero disassemble

In Altar you can disassemble unused heroes for spirits, promotion stones, magic dusts, and soul stones. Equipment, crystals and artifacts of disassembled heroes will be returned to the backpack. read more

04 Altar Store

In Altar Store you can exchange Soul Stone Shards from Altar for heroes read more

05 Summon Circle

Summon Circle is the fastest way to get new heroes. Use Hearts from Friends Claim and Send, Basic Summon Scrolls, Heroic Summon Scrolls or Gems to get new Heroes from 1 to 5 Stars. read more

06 Common Casino

Common Casino, you can cast chips in the Casino Roulette for hero shards, equipment, artifacts, gold and spirits. read more

07 Super Casino

Super Casino is much better version of the Common Casino. Here you have to use Super Casino Chips read more

08 Lucky Store

Lucky Store is Shop in Common Casino. You can use here Lucky Coins earned in Common Casino. read more

09 Prophet's Gate | Prophet Tree

Prophet's Gate in Prophet Tree will allow you to summon high star heroes of certain faction. read more

10 Prophet's Replace | Prophet Tree

In Prophet's Replace in Prophet Tree you can use Prophet's Blessing and replace hero to another hero with same faction and same star rank read more

11 Tavern

Tavern you will get set of quests to perform. By doing these quests, you can win various prizes. read more

12 Marketplace

Marketplace is simple shop with spirits, heroes, promotion stones, hero shards, equipment, summon scrolls, arena tickets and chips. read more

13 Crystal Crown League Arena

On Crystal Crown League Arena you can fight other players on your server with your 6 Heroes Team. read more

14 Trial of the Champions Arena

In Trial Of The Champion you choose three squads of your heroes and fight against other players for fame and rewards. read more

15 Trial Store

The Trial Store is available through Trial of the Champions Arena and allows you to spend Glory Coins earned at the Arena. read more

16 Free Team-up Arena

Free Team-up Arena is a place where two teams of three players fight against each other. You can choose one team to join or create your own team to invite other players. read more

17 Brave Trial

In Brave Trial, you can fight endless battles with no limit and defeat enemies from different servers. Hero HP won't recover during the trial. read more

18 Brave Trial Store

In Brave Trials Store you can spend Dragon Scales earned in Brave Trials. read more

19 Aspen Dungeon

You choose 5 of your best heroes and see how many levels of Aspen Dungeon you can pass. Only one will fight at any given moment. Inside, in addition to monsters, you will find treasure chests, potions and special traders with lower prices. read more

20 Tower of Oblivion

The Tower of Oblivion is heavily guarded. Defeating those guards grants tons of promotion stones and powerful equipment. Certain floors even grant 5-star heroes! Higher floors, tougher guards. read more

21 Blacksmith

In BlackSmith you can combine low-level equipment for high-level ones. read more

22 Monsters

Monsters are a very important element of the gameplay at higher levels. A monster, added to your party, becomes as good as additional team member and is very useful during combat, strengthens the entire party and brings out powerful attacks. read more

23 Guild

Player guilds are one of the most important elements of Idle Heroes, it allows you access to Guild Raids, Guild Store, Guild Mill, Guild Tech and Guild Wars. read more

24 Guild Store

You can use the Guild Store when you join a guild. The Guild Store you will pay using Guild Coins. read more

25 Guild Mill

You can use the Guild Mill to perform Orders or plunder other players Orders after you join a guild. read more

26 Guild Raids

Guild Raids are the most important activity that takes place within the Guild. They are a powerful source of valuable Guild Coins. read more

27 Guild Tech

Guild Tech is one of the most important elements of the game. It allows you to strengthen all your heroes in all the activities in the game. read more

28 Guild War

Guild Wars is an advanced Guild functionality available from Guild Level 12 to Guild Leaders and Guild Officials. As a regular guild member you only need to make sure your team is always active when the season is approaching. read more

29 Bag - Inventory

This is your storage for equipment, artifacts, shards and materials. Here you can check what you have.

30 Heroes Inventory

Hero List show all the heroes you have. Gallery is a kind of encyclopedia of all the heroes in the game.

31 Buy Gems

Here you can buy Gems and rise your VIP level.

32 Event Raids

There are three types of Challenges. Gold, Brave and Hero. In each Challenge you can earn every day Gold, Spirit or Promotion Stones and Hero Shards. read more

33 Challenge

Challenges in Idle Heroes act like Achievements. You will receive rewards for doing certain activities. Most Challenges have several levels. Some prizes are very valuable. read more

34 Daily Quests

Daily Quests is a set of daily activities that you should perform every day in the game. For each of them you will receive a reward and when you complete all of them you will get 100 Crystals as reward. Even if you have to pay with the Crystals for completing some of the Daily Quest, the reward you will get for doing all of them should compensate it to you. read more

35 Hand of Midas

Hand of Midas is your source of gold in Idle Heroes. read more

36 Free Gems

37 Player Info

38 VIP Level

39 Game Chat

40 Mail

41 Friends

Friend List fulfills two basic functions. It allows you to receive and send Hearts to other players and summon and fight the Marauders.

Idle Heroes Tips

  • Changing the server during the game, you will keep everything but lose the VIP status.
  • Collect all the heroes 3 Stars and above. If you have more then 8 x 3 Star of same kind you can disassemble them.
  • Events in this game are the most important source of interesting heroes and items.

Hero Factions

There are 6 hero factions in Idle Heroes: Shadow, Abyss, Fortress, Forest, Dark and Light. read more


Faction Hero Auras

Faction Hero Aura is an important added bonus that you can get for your team if you draw respectively faction members. read more

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Your experience helps other players. We invite you to add comments, thank you.

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