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Idle Heroes

Game Guide

Blacksmith in Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes Game Guide

In BlackSmith you can combine low-level equipment for high-level ones. Idle Heroes Strategy Game Guide.

Blacksmith in Idle Heroes
Blacksmith in Idle Heroes

In BlackSmith you can combine 3 low-level equipment for high-level ones, it cost gold.

Equipment in use won't be shown at the Blacksmith.

There are Weapons, Armour, Shoes and Accessories.

Over time, you will have access to higher levels of equipment through Campaign.

Equip a full set of equipment to activate set bonuses.

Equipment Sets

  • Courage Suits
  • Night Suits
  • Hunter Suits
  • Elemental Suits
  • Prophecy Suits
  • Guardian Suits
  • Monster Slayer's Suits
  • Ilu's Suits
  • The Heaven Suits
  • Suits Of The Courageous
  • Glory Warrior Suits
  • Thorny Flame Suits

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