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Crystal Crown League Arena in Idle Heroes

In Crystal Crown League Arena you can fight other players on your server with your 6 Heroes Team. Idle Heroes Strategy Game Guide.

Crystal Crown League Arena in Idle Heroes
Crystal Crown League Arena in Idle Heroes

On Crystal Crown League Arena you can fight other players on your server.

This arena is available from Level 18.

The fight in Crystal Crown League Arena will not bring you much profit. This is an easy way to collect Magic Dust.

The most important rule is to carry out the final battles just before the Event ends. So do not let your opponents push you at the very end of the event to the lower positions in the rankings.

Get involved in arena fighting at Arena Events, then you can decorate additional prizes in this artifact.

To perform a daily quest you need to fight three times a day. Two battles you have for free, the third you have to pay. Other Arena Tickets are collected at the Arena Event.

The first two battles each day are available for free.

For all the next same day you have to pay 1 Arena Ticket.

Idle Heroes Arena Ticket


01 Current ranking of players

Current ranking of players in Crystal Crown League

02 Start Battle

Select your formation, Choose Rival and Begin Battle

03 Defensive Formation.

Here you have to choose the formation of your heroes in which they will defend themselves against the attacks of other players.

Other players can attack you in the Crystal Crown League, you defend yourself automatically.

04 Battle Log

Here you can see the last battles.

05 Rewards

Here you can check the prizes Daily Rewards and Season Rewards.

Battle setup

You have to choose 6 heroes.

The first two (front) are your Defense Heroes

The other four (back) are your Attack Heroes.

Idle Heroes Battle Setup
Idle Heroes Battle Setup
Idle Heroes Battle Formation
Idle Heroes Battle Formation

Battle Rules

Each arena battle lasts 15 rounds. If battle exceeds the time limit, the attacker will lose.

Each battle grants certain points that set the ranking

You check out the most recent 10 battles replays in Battle log

Idle Heroes Choose Rival
Idle Heroes Choose Rival

Daily Rewards

The daily ranking rewards are sent to winners at 21:00 (UTC/CMTO) daily.

For every attack you get a small reward.

Rewards, Gems and Magic Dust will be sent to the highest ranking players every day.

Idle Heroes Daily Rewards
Idle Heroes Daily Rewards

Season Rewards

At 00:00 GMT on every Monday you will get by mail a reward of Gems, Magic Dust and Monster Souls.

Idle Heroes Season Rewards
Idle Heroes Season Rewards

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