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Idle Heroes

Game Guide

Common Casino in Idle Heroes

Common Casino, you can cast chips in the Casino Roulette for hero shards, equipment, artifacts, gold and spirits. Idle Heroes Strategy Game Guide.

Common Casino in Idle Heroes
Common Casino in Idle Heroes

You should not spend Casino Chips on a regular basis, you should deposit them for the Casino Event period. Then you will have the opportunity to win additional prizes.

In the casino as a prize, there are four 5 Stars Heroes. Lutz (Shadow), Mirage (Fortress), Fat Mu (Abyss), Dragon Slayer (Forest). But the chance of drawing them is very small so do not waste Chips for free.

Common Casino is good source of Spirit and Gold.

Casino Chip

Casino Chips can be purchased by gems in the Casino, Market, Event Packages and they can be claimed in some special events.

advice from Ryuroden
"buy all chips dont use more than 2 chips a day, save them for Event"

01 1 time spin

Turn Roulette once, spend Casino Chip to win one of the prizes.

This is the worst way to consume Casino chips.

02 10 time spin (VIP 2 and above only)

10 spins for 8 chips, it is best way to use Casino. But wait with it till Casino Event.

03 Casino Refresh

Casino is automatically refreshed after 24 hours per day. The refresh time will reset if Casino is manually refreshed. You can manually refresh it ever 3 hours for free and instantly for 50 Gems.

04 Lucky Store

Read more about Lucky Store

05 Time to force casino refresh.

06 Buy Chips for Gems

It is not very smart. Do it only if you have to.

07 Records

List of last good spins.

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