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Alderaan is a mountainous world of lush forests and grasslands, ruled by an assembly of noble houses and an enlightened and advanced citizenry. A founding member of the Republic, Alderaan has been traditionally admired for its wealth, its art and its thinkers, while the deadly intrigues and politics of the nobility have been downplayed.

Recently, those intrigues erupted into civil war, and Alderaan--now officially withdrawn from the Republic--sees conflict it hasn't known in ages. The Republic is backing House Organa's quest for the crown, whereas the Empire backs the former House Thul exiles. Palaces and fields have become pockmarked by cannon fire, and house armies clash on the battlefield.

faction: Independent, levels: 28 - 32

location: Distant Outer Rim, status: Several of Alderaan's noble houses are battling for the throne in a brutal civil war

terrain: Forests, Hills and Snow-Capped Mountains

key facts: Following the Treaty of Coruscant, Alderaan seceded from the Galactic Republic

Companions from this world: Risha (Smuggler companion), Vector Hyllis (Imperial Agent companion)

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