NPC Characters in Dragon's Dogma 2

NPC Characters in Dragon's Dogma 2 fulfill an important role in the Storyline, just as they should in a real RPG game, Dragon's Dogma 2 Maps with Walkthrough.

Significant NPC Characters

NPC Characters in Dragon's Dogma 2 fulfill an important role in the game's Storyline, just as they should in a real RPG game.

You will meet more or less significant characters, guided by their own reasons, trying to influence the decisions you make in the game world.

Your behavior in the world of Dragon's Dogma 2 affects the attitude of NPC Characters towards Arisen and the goals he pursues.

Not all of them are beautiful, idealistic people trying to help you in your missions, you will also encounter insidious and diabolical individuals who want to use you for their own purposes.

Welcome to the world of intrigue, compromise and friendship.

Queen Regent Disa - Dragon's Dogma 2

Queen Regent Disa

Queen, widow of the former Sovran of Vermund, she assumed control of the kingdom’s administration following his demise. She is plotting to position her cherished son, Sven, as the successor to the throne. She embodies the elegance and arrogance of a royal, exhibiting a calm demeanor and a dismissive attitude.

Sven - Dragon's Dogma 2


Sven is beloved son of Queen Regent Disa and a potential successor for the consul ruler position. He remains uninvolved in his mother’s schemes, focusing instead on upholding righteousness. He exudes a royal charm, yet his youthful honesty occasionally gives way to innocence.

Brant - Dragon's Dogma 2


The honest and righteous captain of the Vermund’s palace guard. He faced demotion within the royal court due to his opposition to the Queen Regent. With Vermund’s best interests at heart, he extends his support to the Arisen.

Wilhelmina - Dragon's Dogma 2


The owner of the Rose Chateau, located in the capital of Vermund. Her clientele comprises numerous prominent nobles. A woman of mystery, she blends her captivating allure with intellect and a broad-minded perspective.

Empress Nadinia - Dragon's Dogma 2

Empress Nadinia

The leader of Battahl and the High Priestess of the Lambent Flame. Trained in the ways of royalty from her youth, she ascended to the leadership of her country while still young. Her benevolence and aspiration for peace and affluence in the nation have won her the confidence of Battahl’s citizens.

Menella - Dragon's Dogma 2


Beastren who leads the guard of the Lambent Flame, she is tasked with the protection of the high priestess and her disciples. Her loyalty to Empress Nadinia, who treats all her subjects without bias, is unwavering. Inspired by this, she harbors concerns about racial discrimination and is committed to cultivating her own sense of justice.

Ulrika - Dragon's Dogma 2


Ulrika is youthful chieftain of Melve, she carries a profound sense of duty and rigorously prepares herself to safeguard her tribe. When the Arisen fell victim to the Dragon’s assault, she devotedly tended to their wounds until they recovered.

Glyndwr - Dragon's Dogma 2


A youthful elf, he possesses a gentle and shy demeanor, a trait uncommon among his typically arrogant kin. He exhibits a fascination for human tools and is proficient in the human language. His deficiency in archery, a crucial skill for an elven guard, is a source of despair for him.

Doireann - Dragon's Dogma 2


Sister of Glyndwr, she also originates from the elves’ dwelling deep within the forest. She is a serene and cultured young lady with graceful etiquette. Influenced by her elder brother, she has picked up a smattering of the human language and extends a warm welcome to individuals of different races.

Lennart - Dragon's Dogma 2


Fighter Master and a swordsman who has dedicated many years to the service of the fortress village of Melve. His extraordinary sword skills and leadership abilities have enabled him to defend the fort and shield the land from the Dragon. Despite having retired, his prowess remains undiminished.

Sigurd - Dragon's Dogma 2


Mystic Spearhand Master, he pursues dragons driven by personal motivations. He is a man of few words with a curious intellect, continually honing his combat abilities and distinctive technique. His fixation lies in the eradication of dragons, and he roams the globe in search of these creatures.

Luz - Dragon's Dogma 2


An Oracle of the Vermundian court and Trickster Master. She has voiced opposition against the illegitimate Arisen’s ascension to the throne, which has put her life in jeopardy. As a result, she has taken refuge in an undisclosed location.

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