Dragon's Dogma 2 World Map

Dragon's Dogma 2 World Map divided into the northern Vermund Kingdom of Humans, the southwestern Battahl Kingdom of Beastren and the southern Agamen Volcanic Island, Dragon's Dogma 2 Maps with Walkthrough.

Dragon's Dogma 2 World Map

Dragon's Dogma 2 World Map
Dragon's Dogma 2 World Map

Dragon's Dogma 2 World Map shows the Kingdom of Humans - Vermund in the north, the Kingdom of Beastren - Battahl in the west, and Agamen Volcanic Island in the south, where the final decision awaits you.

The world of Dragon's Dogma 2 is huge, for convenience I have divided world map it into regions and separate maps that describe a given area in detail. Areas that are darkened on the map are not available in-game, although there may be Caves or Dungeons underneath them.

List of regions (separate maps) for the world of Dragon's Dogma 2:

  • Borderwatch & Melve Map
  • East Vermund Map
  • Nameless Village Map
  • Central Vermund Map
  • Vernworth City Map
  • Vernworth Castle Map
  • Malachite Forest & Sacred Arbor Map
  • Harve Village Map
  • Misty Marshes Map
  • Checkpoint Rest Town Map
  • West Vermund Map
  • Battahl Forest Map
  • Central Battahl Map
  • Bakbattahl City Map
  • Seafloor Shrine Map
  • Wyrmsblood Forest Map
  • West Volcanic Island Map
  • Volcanic Island Camp Map
  • Excavation Site Map

All Dragon's Dogma 2 Maps

Maps and Walkthroughs for Dragon's Dogma 2, World Map, Excavation Site Gaol Prologue, Borderwatch Outpost and Melve Map, East Vermund Map, Vernworth City Map, Central Vermund Map, Oxcart Stations Map, Harve Village Map, Dungeon and Cave Maps.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Maps show locations of Main and Side Quests, Riftstones, Seeker's Tokens, Golden Trove Beetles, Treasure Chests, Caves and Dungeons, Portcrystals, Oxcart Stations, Inns, Shops, NPCs, Campsites, Secrets, Fast Travel Locations and Collectibles

World Map of Dragon's Dogma 2

The map in Dragon's Dogma 2 is covered with "fog of war", you have to discover it yourself by exploring and traversing all available regions. Sightseeing is limited to the land part, the sea is not accessible. It is best to follow the roads visible during the game, without skipping any of them.

All parts of the map that you fail to discover during your first playthrough will be revealed automatically when you launch New Game+ after completing Dragon's Dogma 2 for the first time.

Significant Locations

Towns, villages and camps on Dragon's Dogma 2 map:

  • Vernworth
  • Bakbattahl
  • Vernworth Castle
  • Flamebearer Palace
  • Borderwatch Outpost
  • Melve
  • Sacred Arbor
  • Nameless Village
  • Harve Village
  • Seafloor Shrine
  • Checkpoint Rest Town
  • Volcanic Island Camp
  • Excavation Site

Vermund Kingdom

Vermund is Kingdom of Humans, should be governed by the Arisen as their monarch. This is the initial country that the main character sets foot in, nestled in verdant landscapes, the king and the aristocrats inhabit the fortified city within the kingdom. The castle is surrounded by a sprawling town where the ordinary citizens live. At present, Queen Regent Disa is backing an impostor Arisen. Vermund is rife with numerous plots aiming to usurp the throne.

Sacred Arbor

Also in Vermund, on the sea peninsula, you will find the Sacred Arbor home of the Elves. They choose to live in seclusion in the distant hamlet of the Sacred Arbor, avoiding contact with other races. The elves have their unique language, which poses a challenge for communication, but it appears that there are a few Pawns who comprehend Elvish.


Battahl, Kingdom of Beastren is a land inhabited by beastren, characterized by its distinct culture. Ancient ruins persist within its rugged canyons, around which cities have been built. The traditions, practices, and faith of Battahl have been shaped by their severe surroundings, setting them apart from those of Vermund. In Battahl, Pawns are regarded as harbingers of bad luck. Rather than the Arisen, the populace venerates the Lambent Flame to keep disaster at bay, with Empress Nadinia serving as their spiritual guide.

Agamen Volcanic Island

A mysterious island in the far south where you will return again to solve the mystery of Dragon's Dogma 2.

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