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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Restoring A World - Mass Effect: Andromeda

Heleus Assignment Restoring A World it is mission (quest) in Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. It begins on Voeld.

Location of Quest Starter for: Heleus Assignment: Restoring A World on Voeld


quest name Restoring A World

quest type Heleus Assignment

starting planet Voeld

quest starter Voeld

prerequisites After Aya

Remnant technology is key to restoring Voeld and transforming it into the golden world it used to be. However, a Remnant vault must first be located, by activating the monolithic Remnant structures nearby.

  • Activate monoliths (3)
  • Investigate Vault entrance
  • Activate emergency power
  • Lift the Vault lockdown
  • Escape the purification field and exit the Vault

The quest will appear when you approach one of the Monoliths

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