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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Contagion - Mass Effect: Andromeda

Heleus Assignment Contagion it is mission (quest) in Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. It begins on Tempest.

quest name Contagion

quest type Heleus Assignment

starting planet Tempest

quest starter Tempest, email

prerequisites Return from Kadara

An Initiative citizen with an incurable disease has been awakened from stasis. Track her down and return her to stasis before the disease spreads.

  • Meet with Dunn on Hyperion's Habitation Deck
  • Speak with Harry in the Cryo bay
  • Speak with an immigration officer in the docking area
  • Search for Ruth Bekker's previous location
  • Speak With Teron in Nexus Ops
  • Investigate the docking bay
  • Investigate the stolen shuttle's trail
  • Find the shuttle on Kadara
  • Investigate the crash site
  • Track Ruth Bekker
  • Investigate the building
  • Defeat the Roekaar
  • Unlock the door
  • Confront the Roekaar leader

Final location for Contagion is on Kadara 51

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