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Voss was first discovered only a few years ago, and the rocky, lightly forested planet remains absent from many star charts. Two distinct cultures inhabit the world, both at a pre-spaceflight stage of development.

The first culture, known as the Gormak, is a xenophobic and violent species that dominates most of the planet surface. The second culture, known as the Voss, has been amenable to contact with outsiders and welcomes visitors to the mountain city of Voss-Ka. The Voss have a highly ritualistic society and are notable for their unusual aptitude with the Force. The Republic and the Empire have sent representatives to Voss-Ka to explore the possibility of an alliance.

faction: Independent, levels: 44 - 47

location: Distant Outer Rim, status: After the defeat of the Empire in an attempt to conquer the planet, two factions compete for her favor

terrain: Mountains, forests, Plateaus

key facts: The ruins of the ancient Jedi and Sith temples point to advance

Companion from this world: Xalek (Sith Inquisitor companion)

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