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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Maps, Walkthrough & Game Guide

Kadara Port & Slums - Mass Effect Andromeda

Kadara Port & Slums - Mass Effect Andromeda. Map of planet surface for Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game. Atlas with Maps, Game Guide and Walkthrough. Map contains Quest Starters, Forward Stations, POIs Interesting locations, Remnant Monoliths, Remnant Vaults, Kett Base, Hidden Caches, Caves, Memory Triggers, Remnant Architect, Remnant Decryption Puzzles, Resources, Raw Materials and other secrets.

Kadara Port & Slums Map for Mass Effect Andromeda
Kadara Port & Slums Map for Mass Effect Andromeda

Kadara Port, once a trade port for the angara, it has been adopted by exiles, pirates, and mercenaries who use it as a staging ground. Kadara Port is considered a rogue state by the Nexus, given its strong ties to the distance.

APEX reports that Kadara Port is currently contested by two factions: the pirate Outcasts, led by former Nexus security official Sloane Kelly, and a more mysterious group of spies and Smugglers broadly known as the Collective.

01 Starting Location.

You came to Kadara to continue with Priority Ops Hunting The Archon. In the beginning, before you start exploring the planet, focus on this task, because moving it forward opens up access to the next Kadara locations.


Outcast Guards beat and brutally treat civilians. You can talk to them, but there's not much you can do about it right now.

Outcast Guard

03 Kralla's Song

Here you have to wait for Resistance contact for Hunting the Archon

Wait at the bar

Reyes Vidal Talking to Reyes Vidal gives you another step in the task.

You have to meet Sloane Kelly in the Outcasts Headquarters

04 Outcast Headquarters

Sloane Kelly

You will talk with Sloane Kelly about Vehn Terev. There are two options:

  • You can be aggressive in talking to Sloane Kelly and disagree with Vehn Terev's execution. Then after the conversation Reyes Vidal will show you a secret passage behind the Armor Merchant, it will let you meet Vehn Terev without the permission of Sloane Kelly. In this version of the event Vehn Terev goes to Angaran Resistance.
  • You can speak with Sloane Kelly and agree with execution of Vehn Terev. Then you will get permission to talk with Vehn and will learn information you need. Vehn Terev will be executed later by Sloane.

For further gameplay, it does not matter what choice you make. I agreed with Sloane and received permission to speak with Vehn Terev.

You can talk more with Sloane Kelly before you leave.

05 Vehn Terev prison cell

Vehn Terev talk to him about Hunting the Archon

From now on you are free to explore Kadara.

You can go straight to retrieve the kett transponder and fly further on Priority Ops. But it would be more interesting to visit Kadara.


Kaetus talk to him.

Heleus Assignment

Behind Enemy Lines

Upon their arrival, Sloane Kelly and the Outcasts pushed back the kett from Kadara Port, but there are rumors that a band of stragglers are still causing trouble in the badlands. Kaetus has asked you to investigate.

  • Look for signs of kett on Kadara
  • Speak to the survivor
  • Scan for kett tracks
  • Track the Kett to their hideout
  • Defeat the Kett

Go to Kadara 23, scan Kadara D, expolre cave Kadara 24


Kett Fighter Model

08 Shops

Arms Dealer

Armor Merchant

Mods Merchant

09 Corpse

Scan corpse

Heleus Assignment

Murder In Kadara Port

A Corpse has been discovered in the market. This is the latest in a string of murders plaguing Kadara Port.

  • Scan Corpse
  • Speak to Reyes about murders

Go to Kadara Slums 21


Collective Recruiter talk to him.


Umi Henon


Grayson Wessler

Heleus Assignment

Out of The Frying Pan

Outcast recruit named Grayson Wessler wrongly banished Remi Tamayo to the badlands. You have agreed to help track Remi down before Kaetus finds out about Grayson's mistake.

  • Speak to the Warden
  • Travel to the navpoint
  • Defeat Johan and his gang of exiles
  • Find Remi
  • Free Remi
  • Speak to Remi

Go to Kadara Slums 16, then to Kadara 18

13 Research Center

14 Transit Console

Take Lift to Slums

15 Transit Console



Talk to him about Out of the Frying Pan

Do not go outside yet.

17 Tartarus Bar

Enter Bar on ground level.



Heleus Assignment

The Baryte Rush

An exile named Derc hired you to check in on a missing surveyor, who was collecting baryte samples in Draulir.

  • Travel to surveyor's last known location in Draulir
  • Scan surveyor's corpse
  • Return to Doc

You can find surveyor at Kadara 22


Kian Dagher


Cassandra Verner


Reyes Vidal

Talk to him about Murder In Kadara Port

Heleus Assignment

A People Divided

A string of violent murders plague Kadara Port. Reyes Vidal believes the Roekaar are the culprits. He has recruited you to investigate the murders and prove his theory Correct.

  • Go to the Crime Scene
  • Scan all clues in the crime scene
  • Meet Reyes at the Roekaar hideout
  • Defeat the Roekaar
  • Leave the Roekaar hideout

Go to Kadara 25

22 Looters

23 Corpse

You have to pass looters, and jump up to find dead body and datapad.

They are for quest from Sellers (Nexus Tann's Office), you do not get this quest yet but if you scan corpse and read datapad quest will be finished.

Additional Task

Task: Traitor Or Victim?

Sanjiv Clement has been labeled a traitor, but his friend is sure he was taken against his will by exiles and asked for proof to help clear Sanjiv's name.

  • Find out what happened to Clement on Kadara


Dr. Nakamoto

Heleus Assignment

Modern Medicine

Dr. Ryota Nakamoto has requested your help in stealing back a medical formula, which Sloane Kelly has been abusing to create a drug called Oblivion.

  • Go to Dr. Nakamoto's old lab
  • Defeat Outcast guards
  • Retrieve formula
  • Return to Dr. Nakamoto

Dr. Nakamoto's old lab is in Kadara 09, do not let Dr. Farenth fool you.

25 Outside of bar

Disillusioned Outlaw

Additional Task

Task: Outlaw Weapon Crafting

You need to craft one of the outlaw weapons, either a Sandstorm, Sidewinder or Vanquisher.

  • Craft the weapon at a research station.




Black Market Dealer

Alliance Dreadnought Model


Colt Dalton



Heleus Assignment

Mixed Messages

An exile named Jim asked you to deiliver a message to his asari girlfiend, who works at Tartarus

  • Speak to Cele at Tartarus
  • Return to Jim

Go to Kadara Slums A


Outcast Recruiter

31 Exit to Kadara Planet

Now go to explore Kadara.

T Fast Travel Station

Locations for Quests

A Cele for Mixed Messages, she is in side bar.

Hidden Cache Locations

X1 See exact location of Hidden Cache X1

After exploring Kadara

Go to Kadara Slums 18 and talk to Derc about The Baryte Rush


Reyes Vidal

Heleus Assignment

Precious Cargo

A rival Smuggler named Zia Cordier has stolen Cargo from Reyes Vidal. Hoping to retrieve the cargo before his client discovers it's missing, Reyes asked you to help him locate Zia.

  • Meet Reyes at Kralla's Song
  • Go to the meeting spot at Spirits Ledge
  • Search for signs of Zia's meeting
  • Examine dead drop
  • Meet Reyes at navpoint
  • Defeat Smugglers

Go to Kadara 40 and Kadara 41



Additional Task

Task: Searching for Morga

You agreed to help an angara named Jataa look for her sister, Morga who has been missing for three days.

  • Scan for signs of Morga.
  • Return to Jataa


Scan corpse below floor for Task: Searching for Morga


For Night on the Town, meet Reyes.

After Night on the Town wait till "Meet Sloane" will appear on "Settling Kadara". Maybe you should go off planet.

Meet Sloane at Kadara Port 04

Heleus Assignment

High Noon

The Charlatan used Sloane Kelly's own people to beat up Kaetus, her second-in-command, and deliver a message. it's time to settle things between the Collective and the Outcasts. Sensing a trap, but unable to trust her fellow Outcasts, Sloane requested you, an outsider, to witness the confrontation.

  • Speak to Sloane
  • Meet Sloane at the Charlatan's specified location
  • Speak to Reyes at Tartarus

Go to Kadara 42

Later in game ...



for Task: Beer Run read datapad.


After visiting Kadara (48) Remnat Site for Peebee: Remnant Scanner, meet Peebee and talk to her.

Allies and Relationships

Peebee: Reclaiming Poc

Poc has been stolen and must be recovered.

  • Wait for Peebee to contact you about Poc.
  • Check your email from Peebee
  • Meet Peebee in the Kadara bar
  • Go to the location on Elaaden
  • Search the site
  • Talk to the scavenger
  • Speak to Peebee on the Tempest

After Elaaden


Colt Dalton

Speak with Colt Dalton about The Search for Ljeta

View the dock records


Meet Drack for Nakmor Drack: Knock 'em Down

Be careful to dodge the blow at the right time

After fight, talk to Peebee for Peebee: Reclaiming Poc


Buy snacks from Mods Merchant for Movie Night: Better Snacks

Mass Effect: Andromeda Map Legend


Quest Starter Locations

Forward Stations

Tempest landing area



Remnant Monoliths

Remnant Areas

Remnant Locations

Kett Base

Kett Outpost


Cave Entrance

Normal Containers

Supply Crates

Hostile encounters

Scan and examine

Memory Triggers

Remnant Architect

Potential mining Locations

Enchanced Mining Zone you need AVP perk unlocked.

Interactable - less important interactable objects in the game.

Hidden Cache Small hidden containers containing valuable equipment.

Vendors You can buy and sell your stuff here. You can also salvage unwanted items.

All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Your experience helps other players. We invite you to add comments, thank you.

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