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Fallout 76

Maps & Walkthrough

The Forest Map for Fallout 76

Map of The Forest Region of Appalachia, West Virginia for Fallout 76 Video Game. The map contains all the locations you can visit in F76, Public Workshops, Player Stash Boxes, Vendors, Merchants and Traders locations, Treasure Maps Dig locations and Fissure Sites. A small-town, agricultural-forest area, helps you find the necessary provisions and equipment. The nearest town to Valut 76 is Flatwoods, followed by Morgantown and Charleston. The Forest zone is for players in the level range 1 - 10, monster are level range 1 - 10. This is starting zone, good for low level players.

Map of The Forest Region for Fallout 76 Video Game.
Map of The Forest Region for Fallout 76 Video Game.

Treasure Maps for The Forest

Look for full info at: The Forest Treasure Maps

Walkthrough for The Forest

001 Vault 76

You will find more info about Vault 76 in First Steps in Fallout 76

This is your starting location. Every new character you will create in Fallout 76 will appear here.

Terminal Personal Terminal

HolotapeH01 Holotape: Nuka Tapper - This is small game, it can be played on your Pip-Boy.

Pip-Boy take it.

Main QuestM01 Reclamation Day

Reclamation Day has finally arrived. It's time to leave the Vault and rebuild America!

Love Note There is Love Note in the canteen on the table, but it's not important.

When checking out more stations, collect items: Purified Water, Rad-X, Stimpack, Radaway, Building Supplies, Pen, Black Rim Glasses.

Terminal Overseer's Terminal

HolotapeH09 Holotape: Overseer's Log - Vault 76 - play it, eject and take it.

C.A.M.P. take it.

Terminal Personnel Terminal

Perk Cards take it

Terminal Security Terminal

Main QuestM02 First Contact - after you exit Vault 76.

The Overseer set up a C.A.M.P. south of the Vault. If I follow the road, I can probably locate it. Would be logical to set it up near the river, so I should head towards that intersection.

When you go outside Vault 76, on the right you will find the Responder's body which should provide you with the first weapon. A bit further there is parkinh where in the car wrecks you will find another equipment.

You can fight your first fight with simple bots.

Taking stairs to the south you will find Responders Corpse.

Orders from Maria Chavez note

Machete first, quite good at this level one hand melee weapon.

002 Moonshiner's Shack

Chemistry Station, Cooking Station, Weapons Workbench.

Some food to harvest.

003 North Kanawha Lookout

Cooking Station

Tower - Tower is guarded by group of quite strong mutants, so beware.

If you can defeat them, they have some equipment on them.

At the top of tower.

Responder's Note

Safe The key to the safe is located at the bottom, under the tower, at the roof of the portable toilet.

Approach the railing at the top of the tower and Survey Area to get map update.

New Locations: Gore Junkyard, Twin Pine Cabins, Gilman Lumber Mill, Landview Lighthouse, Wilson Brother's Auto Repair, Isolated Cabin.

At the base of the tower.

Safe Key at the roof of the portable toilet.

Small Wooden House near, Water Pump outside.

To get inside you have to crawl under the floor and jump up.

Safe under the floor, you will need bobby pins to open it.

Short Hunting Rifle inside house

Recipe: Dog Meat Steak

You have to learn this Recipe from Pip-Boy / Items / Notes.

Weapons Workbench

Guitar Sword lvl 15 - outside

Side QuestS01 Tune in to WGRF Grafton radio. - this quest will appear automatically when you approach WGRF Grafton Radio

Side QuestS02 Bureau of Tourism - after Tune in to WGRF Grafton radio

Talk to Grafton Mayor

004 Landview Lighthouse

Water Pump

Camping Site - some Feral Ghouls

HolotapeH61 Holotape: Where Am I? - on picknick table.

Lighthouse Keeper's House

Giant Teapot Advertisement

Side QuestS03 Visit the Giant Teapod - read Giant Teapot Advertisement

Bobblehead near Terminal (it is only possible location)

Terminal Lighthouse Keeper's Terminal

Safe you will need bobby pins to open it, or use Lighthouse Keeper's Terminal to unlock.

Recipe: Mutant Hund Stew


Brother Moncrief's Note


Air Sensor

Event QuestE03 Event: The Path to Enlighment - near lighthouse

005 Isolated Cabin

Cooking Station, Water Pump.


006 Wixon Homestead

Water Pump.

Safe outside house, below floor.

Enemy: few Scorcheds


Message to Sammy - reveals the location on the map

Three other buildings Tinker's Workbench, Weapons Workbench, Armor Workbench.

007 Gilman Lumber Mill

Some bugs, two friendly robots, Tinker's Workbench

A Job Opportunity - up the stairs, reveals the location on the map

008 Overseer's Camp

Cooking Station, Weapons Workbench, Armor Workbench

Side QuestS04 Craft a piece of Armor

Side QuestS05 Craft a Weapon

Overseer's Cache - stock for you from Overseer

HolotapeH10 Holotape: Overseer's Log - C.A.M.P. - Overseer's Camp

Player Stash Box this is your extended inventory container. If you hide items into this chest, nobody will take them away. You will be able to take these items from every STASH chest you find in the game world.

Event QuestE01 Event: The Messenger to west, west north of Camp.

Ensure Mr. Messenger gets to his destination to deliver his message. The Mr. Messenger robot needs someone to replace a nearby component that came loose so it can continue its task.

009 Green Country Lodge

HolotapeH62 Holotape: Gym Session Notes - in the gym

010 Flatwoods Lookout

On the way to Lookout there is small house with Armor Workbench. Before that house Ghoul Tent can be present, beware.

Bobby Pins - inside house.

There are some Weak Feral Ghouls outside tower. I found Forest Treasure Map #01 with them.

House near Tower

Come Back To Us - note inside house.

Recipe: Scrochbeast Mixed Meat Stew - on platform outside.


Some Weapons

Survey Area: Relay Tower EM-B1-27, New River Gorge Bridge - East, Slocum's Joe, Alpine River Cabins, Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center.

Ranger Outfit

011 Relay Tower EM-B1-27

You can shot defences from range. Destroy Machine Gun Turrets and take what's left of them. There is also some stuff inside.

Use pins on map to discover

Gas Mask

Emergency Management System Relay Terminal you have to fix it, its for later quest.

Terminal Relay Tower Brodcast System you will need holotape to use it.

Fusion Core

012 Alpine River Cabins

All the "special effects" you hear and see in Alpine River Cabins come from a tree house that is located directly to the south on the mountain slope.

Terminal Terminal

Ghouls are walking between the buildings.


HolotapeH63 Alpine River Cabins Complaint - inside cabin

HolotapeH64 Rita - The Fire Breather - inside cabin

Alpine River Cabins Guestbook.

013 Twin Pine Cabins

Few enemies, few weapons.

Safe outside house

Magazine between two barrels inside house (it is only possible location)

014 Flatwoods

Vendor Bot (Trader)

For more info about Flatwoods look at Flatwoods

Event QuestE02 Event: Fertile Soil

015 Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

Side QuestS07 Personal Matters - After Listen to Overseer's Journal, Entry 1

HolotapeH30 Overseer's Journal, Entry 1 - in lobby of Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

Bobblehead in the bathroom in the urinal (it is only possible location)

Terminal MacFadden's Terminal


Terminal Compost Depot Termianal

Bobblehead in the fridge on the lower level (it is only possible location)

Terminal Agricultural Center Mainframe this is for Event: Fertile Soil, you can make robots friendly in here.

016 Anchor Farm

Some Ghouls, Armor Workbench.

You can get on first floor by jumping up.

US Government Supply Requisition (random drop) on ghoul, this is a quest starter.

Side QuestS08 Request Government Air Drop - start by random drop item US Government Supply Requisition.

US Government Supply Requisition holotapes have one-use codes that allow the request of a supply drop from any operational radio relay. But I need to repair the relay tower terminal in order to do that.

Plan: Wooden Crate

Metal Helmet

Metal Chest Plate

017 Transmission Station 1AT-U03

Air Sensor

Locked doors, you will need Bobby pins to open, Skill:0

Tinker's Workbench, some notes, trunk.

Snubnosed .44 Pistol

018 Tyler County Fairgrounds

Lot of stuff around some Ghouls. Tinker's Workbench is in separated building near road.

Side QuestS09 Jangles got lost at the fair - find him - enter Tyler County Fairgrounds

Jangles is a monkey in spacesuit, he is in red booth, on the ground, about center of location.

Recipe: Delbert's Corn Pone

Ammunition Vending Machine

Bobblehead near big ruined "bottle" building (it is only possible location)

Event QuestE04 Event: Leader of the Pack - near Tyler County Fairgrounds

Responders alert warned us that packs of wolves have been spotted in the forest. If we can eliminate the wolf pack leaders, we can draw out the alpha wolf.

Event QuestE05 Event: Wolf Horde: The Forest - after Event: Leader of the Pack.

Destroy the source of the Wolf horde before The Forest is completely infested.

019 Deathclaw Island

Use Rad-X before you enter river.

As the name says, it is an island inhabited by Deathclaws.

The one I met, dug out of the ground, had 21 lvl, a crown over name and he was fast and predatory. (I'll be back here the future)

020 Black Mountain Ordnance Works

Black Mountain Ordnance Works is an old, damaged warehouse for storage. The location consists of a main building (by the road), an open space behind it and 8 hidden structures in the field, reminiscent of earth mounds with steel doors.

Main Building

Recipe: Silt Bean Puree

Army Helmet

Terminal Terminal it will open Safe (below desk on the floor), and you can check content of 8 warehouses.

Safe on the floor

Short True Laser Pistol in the safe on teh floor.

Only Dome 2 and Dome 3 are active. You can check it out in the field, but it really is.

Cooking Station is near entrance to Dome 5. Dome 5 is SE of main building.

Dome 2

Dome 2 is South East of main building. You will need TNT Dome Key 2 to open it. You will find it later in game.

Dome 3

Dome 3 is North East East of main building. You have to pass road. You will need TNT Dome Key 3 to open it. You will find it later in game.

021 Marigold Pavilion

Cooking Station

Bobblehead inside house, upstairs, near the pole (it is only possible location)

022 Point Pleasant

The town is controlled by Scorcheds. They are lurking on the roofs. It's best to shoot them from a distance, going to the wheel before you enter the city.

Most of the houses are closed on ground level, action grows mainly on the roofs.

At the ground level, you can enter the Church

Some note inside

Safe Skill: 2

Medical Supplies Vending Machine

Chemistry Station


Near Church (left), there is truck below metal stairs, jump and climb up and open doors.

HolotapeH53 The Mothman Cometh - Part 2 Point Pleasant, room on high floor, you have to jump from car to metal stairs.

HolotapeH68 Interloper Point Pleasant, room on high floor, you have to jump from car to metal stairs.

Note: Wilson's Bros. Garage

Climb to the roof and check all upper locations, the move to another roofs.

Note: Leaving at Dawn

You can find lot of low level weapons on roofs and around.

Cooking Station

Recipe: Glowing Fungus Puree

Recipe: Infused Blood Leaf Tea

Check other roofs, one entrance is from bridge side, others are from ground level.

Police Uniform inside building on higher floors


Mothman Museum

Doors are locked Skill:1

Recipe: Mutant Hound Stew

Tinker's Workbench

Doors to next part of Museum are locked, Skill:2

Ground level

Ammunition Vending Machine

Power Armor Station - near bridge, ground level

Weapons Workbench x 2

Plan: Single-Acrion Revolver Ivory Grip


Casual Outfit

Padded Blue Jacket

Patched Three-Piece Suit

Greaser Jacked and Jeans

Power Armor T-45. Power Armor in Point Pleasant in on the roof of house in North part odf the city, near river. To reach thi splace you have to climb top of western bridbe and take plant to roof of this building.

023 Hunter's Ridge

This is an abandoned hunters' camp. After the records you can see that they were staying here, not necessarily acting friendly, but one day other even worse and stronger came and everything ended.

Hunter's Journal

Cooking Station, Armor Workbench

Note: Hunter's Warning - it shows location of Pleasant Valley Cabins - Raiders Camp.

Plan: Light Metal Arms

024 Hillfolk Hotdogs

Small trailer part with Cooking Station

025 Poseidon Power Substation PX-01

Scorcheds infested power sub station

Plan: Metal Tables

026 Silva Homestead

Several buildings and sheds scattered cultivated fields. Some dogs and Scorcheds.

Recipe, Safe lvl1, Tinker's Workbench, Power Armor Station, Weapons Workbench


Terminal Arktos Pharma Terminal

Black Powder Pistol on the top of ruined house near river

Power Armor T-51b in shed.

Next Safe is in the house to the south.

027 Kanawha County Cemetery

Chapel and tombs in the cemetery.

Ticks, Cooking Station

Safe skill 1 in guard house.

Pastor's Vestments on the top of church tower.

028 Ohio River Adventures

Small marina, cottage and boat.

Locked Toolchest Skill:0

Short Double-Barrel Shotgun, Weapons Workbench

Fisherman's Hat

Military Cap

029 Lewis & Sons Farming Supply

Scorcheds infested farmhouse


Chemistry Station

Bobblehead near cashdesk (it is only possible location)

Boxing Glove


Power Armor Station - in a shed

Bobblehead shed upstairs (it is only possible location)


030 Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant

Quite a large location. Main entrance and flap in the ground to the underground from the west side, loading ramp from the south side.

The main building, underground and roof.

Lot of Feral Ghouls.

Fusion Core x2

Nuclear Waste lot of.

Locked Doors on the roof Skill:1, inside Safe: Skill:2

Power Armor Station - underground

Chemistry Station, Weapons Workbench

Locked Security Gate inside Skill:2

Locked Doors Skill:1

Safe Skill:3

Locked Locker - requires Nuka-Cola Locker Key

Terminal Current Product Status - will open safe below on the floor.

Safe Skill:3 - can be opened by Terminal near

Some Notes

Terminal Taste Testing Sing In

U-Mine-It! Vending Machine outside, near main entrance. You can buy maps to miners quest here.

Side QuestS10 Lucky Strike - starts with Miner's Map bought in U-Mine-It! Vending Machine near main entrance to Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant.

Side QuestS11 - starts with Excavator's Map bought in U-Mine-It! Vending Machine near main entrance to Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant.

Side QuestS12 - starts with Prospector's Map bought in U-Mine-It! Vending Machine near main entrance to Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant.

031 Camp Adams Lookout

Climb Tower and Survey Area, Air Sensor

032 Camp Adams

Small Boy Scouts' camp infested with Super Mutants. Some notes, Cooking Station.

Magazine inside house, bathroom, on the floor (it is only possible location)

Magazine near campfire on the bench (it is only possible location)

Plan: Pocketed Leather Armor Limbs

Recipe: Mutant Hound Stew

Scoutbook: Fundraisers

Scoutbook: Meal Prep

033 The Giant Teapot

Event QuestE06 Event: Tea Time

Side QuestS13 Visit the Giant Teapot - starts with flyer or when visit Giant Teapot


Side QuestD01 Daily: Strange Brew - talk to Sweetwater in The Giant Teapot

I need to find some honey if I want to try out this special tea.

Weapons Workbench

STASH in Red Rocket

Bobblehead in house, upstairs in bathroom (it is only possible location)

034 Cow Spots Creamery

Tinker's Workbench, lot of Cream (food).

Safe Skill:0, under the desk

035 New River Gorge Bridge - West

Upper level and lower level. Some Feral Ghouls

Lower Level inside

Power Armor Station, Tinker's Workbench

Power Armor

Plan: Pocketed Leather Armor Limbs

Mechanic Jumpsuit

Welding Goggles

Plan: Basketball Hoop

036 Orwell Orchards

Safe Skill:0 x 2

Cheryl's Journal

Armor Workbench, Tinker's Workbench

037 New River Gorge Bridge - East

Doors are closed, you need East Bridge Key, it can be found on the bridge (middle) in lunch box.

Terminal Terminal

HolotapeH69 Carl's Note New River Gorge Bridge - East

Check pins on Map for new locations.

038 New River Gorge Resort

HolotapeH70 Jamey's Journal - November 2 New River Gorge Resort

Plan: Strengthened Raider Armor Limbs

To enter house with close doors, crawl below floor.

039 Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm

040 Billings Homestead

041 Tyler County Dirt Track

042 Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06

043 Poseidon Energy Plant Yard

044 Charleston Trainyard

045 Charleston Station

Player Stash Box, Vendor Bot (Trader)

046 Camp McClintock

047 Sutton Station

Player Stash Box, Vendor Bot (Trader)

048 Sutton

Player Stash Box

049 East Kanawha Lookout

050 Slocum's Joe

051 Gauley Mine

052 Gorge Junkyard

053 Wilson Brother's Auto Repair

054 Morgantown Station

Player Stash Box, Vendor Bot (Trader)

055 Morgantown Trainyard

056 Morgantown Airport

Vendor Bot (Trader)

057 Portside Pub

058 Mama Dolce's Food Processing

059 Vault-Tec University

060 Morgantown

Player Stash Box

061 Morgantown High School

062 Darling Sister's Lab

063 Groves Family Cabin

064 Aaronholt Homestead

065 WV Lumber Co.

066 Arktos Pharma

067 Greg's Mine Supply

068 Bolton Greens

069 Relay Tower HN-B1-12

070 Horizon's Rest

071 White Powder Winter Sports

072 Tygart Water Treatment

073 Poseidon Power Substation PX-02

074 Summersville

075 New Gad

076 Overlook Cabin

077 Overlook Cabin

078 Hornwright Summer Villa

079 Torrance House

080 Burdette Manor

081 Sugarmaple

082 Riverside Manor

083 Summersville Dam

084 Summersville Docks

085 Wade Airport

086 Charleston Capitol Building

087 Charleston

088 Hornwright Industrial Headquarters

089 Charleston Herald

090 Helvetia

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