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Fallout 76

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Quests in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Quest List, Main Quests and Missions, Side Quests, Daily Quests, Events.

Main Quests in Fallout 76

Main Quests, a set of plot tasks that will guide you through the land of Appalachia in the footsteps of Overseer Vault 76. This is the main storyline of the game.

You must perform the Main Quest in a specific order, one by one. There is no other way to do Main Quests. When you finish one, another one begins.

The first Main Quest starts right at the beginning of the game, after creating the character. The last one closes the Fallout 76 main story line, but do not closes the opportunity to continue playing and exploring of the game world, as well as perform other quests.

Reclamation Day

Vault 76 - Reclamation Day has finally arrived. It's time to leave the Vault and rebuild America!

First Contact

Vault 76 - Find the Overseer's C.A.M.P.

Thirst Things First

Flatwoods, The Forest - Become a Volunteer Responder by completing basic training courses.

Second Helpings

Flatwoods, The Forest - Continue training to be a Volunteer for the Responders.

Final Departure

Morgantown Airport, The Forest - I learned that the Responders were headquartered at Morgantown Airport. It seems like a good place to search for clues about what happened to them.

An Ounce of Prevention

AVR Medical Center, Charleston - I learned that a Responder scientist was developing an inoculation to protect against Scorched mutations. The work was being carried out in a laboratory at AVR Medical.

Into the Fire

Charleston Fire Department - Join the Responders' most prestigious unit - the Fire Breathers.

The Missing Link

Top of the World - I need to find out what happened to Madigan, as his mission was critical to dealing with the Scorched. I should check out his last known location: The Top of the World.

Signal Strength

Top of the World, Savage Divide - I picked up a weak radio signal as I approached the mountains. I should tune in to see if there's any information I can get from it, and more importantly, if I can figure out the source of the broadcast.

Flavors of Mayhem

Top of the World, Savage Divide - Rose is having me test out various Raider tactics to see which ones work best. Following in the footsteps of the Cutthroats, I need to add a Karma Syringe Barrel Mod to Rose's Syringer.

Key to the Past

Top of the World, Savage Divide - Rose told me about the Raider cache filled with treasure. The key was split into 5 passwords contained on holotapes, which need to be pieced together to make the Master Key used to open the cache. First, I need to search for clues about the Blackwater Bandits' key.

Early Warnings

The Mire - Help Abbie create the upgrades needed to complete the Scorched Detectors.

Reassembly Required

The Mire - Help Abbie upgrade the Scorched Detectors in the Mire.

Coming to Fruition

The Mire - Help Abbie get the Scorched Detection System online.

Defiance Has Fallen

Cranberry Bog - A cryptic message was sent by the Brotherhood of Steel years ago talking about Defiance having fallen. The people in the area didn't know what the message meant. But I have a lead... someone named Abbie.

Recruitment Blues

Cranberry Bog - I found a note from a dead Brotherhood of Steel scribe saying I have to make it to the top floor of Fort Defiance. But there's some sort of security in the way.

Back to Basic

The Forest - Complete the automated Army training at Camp McClintock.

  • Marksmanship Course
  • Agility Course
  • Patriotism Training
  • Live Fire Training Exercise

Belly of the Beast

Watoga, Cranberry Bog - Paladin Taggerdy led an expedition to do something about the Scorchbeasts. There's a transponder frequency I can follow to find out what happened to her.

Uncle Sam

Cranberry Bog - Senator Sam Blackwell left his post for reasons unknown. Find him.

Bunker Buster

The Mire - Unlock a secure bunker and discover the secrets within.

One of Us

The Whitespring - Delve into the depths of the Whitespring's Congressional Bunker.

Officer On Deck

The Whitespring - Earn full access to the Whitespring's Military Wing.

I Am Become Death

The Whitespring - Learn all about the nukes in the Whitespring's Command Center.

  • Hide and Seek and Destroy
  • Mission: Countdown
  • Death from Above

Side Quests in Fallout 76

Side Quests are additional tasks, not related to the main plot of the game, which allow you to earn rewards, equipment and experience.

An Organic Solution

Southhampton Estate, The Mire - I found the terminal of a woman named Ella Ames who said she was braving the Mire to deliver some research. She claimed it was for something called RadShield that could be more powerful than Rad-X. I should find the research to see if it could prove successful.

Bureau of Tourism

Listening to the Grafton radio station, Grafton, Toxic Valley.

Cold Case

Wavy Willard's Water Park, Toxic Valley - I found a nanny bot who has been looking for a missing child for a long time. She wants info from the security office but can't break her privacy protocol to get it herself.

Earth Mover

Mount Blair - I've discovered an entry in a terminal aboard the Rockhound Excavator describing a part called an Ignition Core. I'll need to find or build four of them at a Tinker Workbench to bring the machine's reactors online.

Falsely Accused

Toxic Valley, after Bureau of Tourism Quest - Find out why prison marshal robots are hunting you.

Forbidden Knowledge

Camp Venture - I've found a technical schematic for a potentially dangerous technology. The Brotherhood of Steel attempted to keep tech like this out of the hands of those that could abuse it. I should see if there's someplace I can store this safely at Camp Venture.

Lucky Strike

U-Mine-It! vending machine - I've purchased a map from a "U-Mine-It!" Machine leading to a nearby prospecting site. I should proceed to the site to discover if my purchase was worthwhile.

Mayor for a Day

Watoga, Cranberry Bog

Miner Miracles

Examining Garrahan Excavator Poster, Garrahan Mining Headquarters - I've discovered a poster depicting something called the "Excavator Power Armor." It appears to be manufactured by the Garrahan Mining Company. To learn more about this unusual armor, I should explore their headquarters.

Overseer's Mission

The Overseer is scouting Appalachia looking for a way to secure the nuclear silos. I should look for any logs that she leaves behind.

  • Overseer's Camp - Overseer's Log - C.A.M.P.
  • Flatwoods - Overseer's Log - Flatwoods
  • Morgantown Airport - Overseer's Log - Morgantown
  • Charleston Fire Department - Overseer's Log - Firehouse
  • Top of the World - Overseer's Log - Top of the World
  • Abbie's Bunker - Overseer's Log - Free States
  • Charleston Capitol Building - Overseer's Log - Charleston
  • Overseer's Log - Camp Venture
  • Overseer's Log - Allegheny
  • Overseer's Log - McClintock
  • Overseer's Log - Fort Defiance
  • Grafton - Overseer's Log - Grafton
  • Overseer's Log - Nuke Launch
  • Site Alpha - Overseer's Log - Site Alpha
  • Site Bravo - Overseer's Log - Site Bravo
  • Site Charlie - Overseer's Log - Site Charlie
  • Overseer's Log - Mountainside

Personal Matters

Examine Overseer's Journal - Entry 1, at Vault-Tec Agricultural Reseach Center - I found one of the Overseer's personal journals. She grew up in Appalachia, and seems to be leaving holotapes in places that were important to her.

Safe for Work

Morgantown Airport - Check on the Responder Supply caches around Morgantown Airport.

Tentative Plans

Morgantown Airport - Responder Volunteer Advanced Training: Learn to C.A.M.P.!

The Motherlode

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters - Uncover the secret of Hornwright Industrial's Motherlode.

Tracking Unknowns

Harper's Ferry, The Mire - Discover the fate of the missing hunting party.

Mistress of Mystery Quest Line

Into the Mystery

I found the body of a young woman with a strange outfit. I was only able to make out parts of her damaged holotape: The Order. Riverside Manor. Raiders. Who was she, and what was this "Order"?

Initiate of Mysteries

Beneath Riverside Manor lies an elaborate secret facility. When I entered, the mainframe identified me as an "Initiate" and said I should proceed to a terminal for registration.

Novice of Mysteries

After achieving the rank of Novice in the Order of Mysteries, I was issued a new holotape. I should listen to the message from the Headmistress. In order to advance in the Order of Mysteries, I need to master the tools and techniques of the Mistress by completing the missions offered by Cryptos.

  • Chasing Shadows
  • Forging a Legend
  • Prototypical Problems

Seeker of Mysteries

After earning the rank of Seeker in the Order of Mysteries, I was issued a new holotape. I should listen to the message from the Headmistress. In order to become a Mistress of Mystery, I need to complete a Mistress-rank mission. Cryptos should have a list of missions I can select from.

The Mistress of Mystery

Olivia Rivers betrayed her mother and the Order of Mysteries, selling them out to the raiders. In the end, what happened to the Order? To Olivia and Shannon Rivers? With Olivia's login, I should be able to gain access to the Headmistress' office and finally get some answers.

Daily Quests in Fallout 76

Tasks similar to Side Quest only repeatable. They allow you to get raw materials, equipment and experience.

  • Big Game Hunter - Black Bear Lodge
  • Buried with Honor - Prickett's Fort
  • Cop a Squatter - Watoga Emergency Services
  • Ecological Balance - Tygart Water Treatment
  • Heart of the Enemy - Vault-Tec University
  • Idle Explosives - Southern Belle Motel
  • Mistaken Identity - Camden Park
  • Pass the Buck - Hemlock Holes
  • Play Time - Berkeley Springs
  • Queen of the Hunt - Hunter's Shack
  • Someone To Talk To - Monongah
  • Target Rich Environment - Clarksburg Shooting Club
  • The Bell Tolls - Charleston
  • Thrill of the Grill - Hemlock Holes
  • Trick or Treat - Pumpkin House
  • Waste Not - Red Rocket Mega Stop

Events in Fallout 76

Events are group tasks. You can do it yourself, but it will be difficult or with other players. You do not have to group anyone. If you see the Event marker on the map, just go there, eg using Fast Travel and follow the task sequence.

  • A Real Blast
  • AWOL Armaments - RobCo Research Center
  • Always Vigilant
  • Back on the Beat - Morgantown
  • Battle Bot
  • Bots on Parade
  • Breach and Clear
  • Census Violence
  • Collision Course - Morgantown Airport
  • Death Blossoms
  • Distant Thunder
  • Distinguished Guests
  • Dogwood Die Off
  • Dropped Connection
  • Feed the People - Mama Dolce's Food Processing
  • Fertile Soil - Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center
  • Grafton Day - Grafton
  • Guided Meditation - Palace of the Winding Path
  • Heart of the Swamp
  • Irrational Fear
  • It's a Trap
  • Jail Break - Eastern Regional Penitentiary
  • Leader of the Pack
  • Line in the Sand - Fort Defiance
  • Lode Baring - Abandoned mine site Kittery
  • Manhunt - Grafton Dam
  • One Violent Night - Sons of Dane Compound
  • Patrol Duty - Eastern Regional Penitentiary
  • Powering Up Power Plant
  • Project Beanstalk - Silva Homestead
  • Protest March - Grafton
  • Scorched Earth - Fissure Site Prime
  • Surface to Air
  • Swarm of Suitors - Grafton Lake
  • Tea Time - The Giant Teapot
  • The Messenger
  • The Path to Enlightenment - Landview Lighthouse
  • Uranium Fever - Blackwater Mine

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