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Fallout 76

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Cranberry Bog Map for Fallout 76

Map of Cranberry Bog Region of Appalachia, West Virginia for Fallout 76 Video Game. The map contains all the locations you can visit in F76, Public Workshops, Player Stash Boxes, Vendors, Merchants and Traders locations, Treasure Maps Dig locations and Fissure Sites. The land takes its name from the colors of cranberry. From deep red to pale pink cranberry bogs, they fill the area around Wathoga, automated future city. The Cranberry Bog zone is for players in the level range 35+, monster are level range 35 - 100.

Map of Cranberry Bog Region for Fallout 76 Video Game.
Map of Cranberry Bog Region for Fallout 76 Video Game.

Treasure Maps for Cranberry Bog

Look for full info at: Cranberry Bog Treasure Maps

Walkthrough for Cranberry Bog

600 Big Bend Tunnel East

601 Appalachian Antiques

602 NAR Repair Yard

603 Watoga

604 AMS Corporate Headquarters

605 Watoga Shopping Plaza

Vendor Bot (Trader)

606 Watoga High School

607 Watoga Municipal Center

608 Watoga Emergency Services

609 Watoga Civic Center

610 Watoga Transit Hub

611 Watoga Estates

612 Watoga Station

Player Stash Box, Vendor Bot (Trader).

613 Lost Home

614 Sparse Sundew Grove

615 Firebase Hancock

616 Sunrise Field

617 Survey Camp Alpha

618 Overgrown Sundew Grove

619 Forward Station Delta

620 Glassed Cavern

621 Drop Site V9

622 Flooded Trainyard

623 Veiled Sundew Grove

624 Cranberry Glade

625 Drop Site C2

626 Old Mold Quarry

627 Pylon V-13

628 Abandoned Bog Town

Player Stash Box

629 Quarry X3

630 Drop Site G3

631 Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02

632 Superior Sunset Farm

633 The Thorn

634 Forward Station Alpha

635 Ranger District Office

636 Ranger Lookout

637 Bootlegger's Shack

638 Creekside Sundew Grove

639 Mac's Farm

640 The General's Steakhouse

641 RobCo Research Center

642 Firebase LT

643 Firebase Major

644 Kerwood Mine

645 East Mountain Lookout

646 National Radio Research Center

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