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The mountainous ice planet Ilum is home to one of the Jedi Order's most distant outposts. Nestled between snow-covered crags is an enclave used by the Jedi for generations, a shelter from the cold and a launching point for journeys into Ilum's exotic crystal caves. These caves produce some of the most rare and powerful lightsaber crystals in the galaxy.

Ilum hosts no indigenous population, although a number of larger animals survive in its environment. Its temperatures fail to reach the extremes of Hoth, but it has never been a target for colonization or occupation.

faction: None, level: 50

location: Unknown Regions, status: Ilum's natural crystal formations are capable of harnessing power that the Empire has become interested in

terrain: Mountainous Ice World with Subterranean Crystals

key facts: The Sith Empire has sent a covert team to Ilum to harvest crystals for a dangerous new project

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