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The proud capital of the Republic, Coruscant is the largest, the oldest and the most diverse city-world in the galaxy. Kilometer-tall buildings cover virtually all of the planet's surface, with the wealthy and powerful living at the top and the poorest and the most desperate dwelling near the foundations.

Coruscant is only now recovering from the attack by the Empire that led to the eventual cease-fire. Many buildings were reduced to rubble; a few still burn, the fires fueled by chemicals and uncontrolled reactors. During the Empire's attacks, the criminal underworld increased its power base as well, and remains a formidable threat.

faction: Republic, levels: 10 - 16

location: Core Worlds, status: Capital of the Republic

terrain: Cityscape

key facts: Sacked by the Sith Empire several years ago, Coruscant is still recovering. Many sectors in the lower levels have fallen under gang control

Companion from this world: Kira Carsen (Jedi Knight companion)

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