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Star Wars: The Old Republic


SWTOR Datacron 18 | Dromund Kaas | Galactic History 18: The Hutt Cataclysms

Galactic History 18: The Hutt Cataclysms - Datacron 18 on planet Dromund Kaas, Empire faction in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Map of Datacron location and video walkthrough.

Datacron 18 Location

datacron: Yellow Matrix Shard

planet: Dromund Kaas, faction: Empire

Datacron 18 Location Map Star Wars: The Old Republic

Galactic History 18: The Hutt Cataclysms

Since its victories against the forces of the Tion Cluster, the Hutt Empire had continued to expand its influence. It now controlled dozens of systems, and the Hutt criminal enterprises extended even into Republic space.

But the greed of the Hutts was insatiable, and their long life spans meant grudges could be carried for centuries. Rivalries became open hostilities, until their entire empire was embroiled in the "Hutt Cataclysms," a series of conflicts that saw devastating weapons unleashed on Hutt-controlled worlds.

When the cataclysms ended, the Hutt homeworld of Varl and hundreds of Hutt colonies had been rendered lifeless. Seeking a new homeworld, the Hutts began relocating to the planet Evocar, slowly buying parcels of land from the Evocii people. Eventually, the Hutts owned the entire planet, which would later be called Nal Hutta--or more often, simply "Hutta," the "Glorious Jewel."

Youtube Datacron Walkthrough

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