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Officially, Belsavis is a sparsely populated Republic world dominated by arctic plains. Its only notable feature is the rare tropical rifts that break up the expanses of ice, heated by natural geothermal vents and home to a surprising diversity of plant life.

In truth, Belsavis is an ultrasecure prison colony established by the Republic. Until recently, the prison's existence was top secret, but its discovery by the Empire has resulted in rumors spreading throughout the galactic underworld. The prison is now in a state of lockdown, and both Republic and Imperial militaries have a presence on the scene.

faction: Republic, levels: 47 - 50

location: Outer Rim, status: Following the Chaos of an Imperial Prison Break Initiative, the Republic is Striving to Restore Order

terrain: Ice Covered with Small Pockets of Volcanic Temperate Zones

key facts: Prison world maintained by the Republic

Companions from this world: Skadge (Bounty Hunter companion), Scorpio (Imperial Agent companion)

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