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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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DIJKSTRA - Witcher 3

DIJKSTRA - Witcher 3. Heroes and key figures we encounter on our journey in the world of Witcher 3

DIJKSTRA in Witcher 3
DIJKSTRA in Witcher 3


The individual masquerading as Sigi Reuwen was in fact none other than Sigismund Dijkstra, the former head of Redanian intelligence and a man Geralt and I had had many dealings within the past.

He had fallen out of King Radovid's favor and nothing had been heard of him for many years. Now it seemed he had finally decided to emerge from the shadows, but instead of returning to high political wrangling he dove deep into the criminal underground - and quickly surfaced as one of its leading figures.

Though he did not show it, in his own way Dijkstra respected Geralt - even though the very thought of their last meeting brought a pained grimace to his face. The two had found themselves standing in each other's way during the coup on Thanedd Island. The stalemate was quickly broken when Geralt summarily broke Dijkstra's leg.

This spy's life story would make for a positively enthralling adventure tale. A victim of Philippa Eilhart's intrigues, he had been forced to flee Redania at breakneck speed - or have his own neck broken by assassins. For a certain time he sought refuge in far off lands, but in the end he decided to return to the Free City of Novigrad.

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