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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Walkthrough & Maps

Spitfire Bluff Map - The Witcher 3

Spitfire Bluff Map - The Witcher 3 . The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Walkthrough, Game Atlas with Maps, Game Guide. Locations, NPCs, Main Quests, Secondary Quests, Witcher Contracts, Quest Givers, Secrets, Dungeons and Caves, fast travel locations, treasure chests, signposts, Notice boards, Innkeeps, Shopkeepers.

Mpa of Spitfire Bluff Map - The Witcher 3
Mpa of Spitfire Bluff Map - The Witcher 3

01 Hangman's Alley

The road is lined with the hanged bodies of peasants who opposed their new rulers, or who had the bad luck of happening across bandits who had nothing against adding another dangling installation to the boulevard's scenery.

SECONDARY QUEST: Lynch Mob lvl:7

Should a soldier be held responsible for the decisions of his commanding officers? Is collective responsibility justice? To us, dear reader, these are rhetorical questions. Geralt, however, often found himself forced to answer them - and quickly. For example, Once in Welen he happened across a group of villagers preparing to lynch a captured Nilfgaardian deserter. Not for the first time, the Witcher had to decide which was the lesser evil ...

02 Hidden Treasure

ITEM: Water-damaged letter

TREASURE HUNT: Sunken Treasure lvl:4


I know you don't smuggle no more. That you've set aside plenty of coin and ain't interested in the risk, just wanna enjoy time with your wife and kiddies. But I gotta ask you for a favor. We gotta move one more load - and it's the last, I promise. Its a simple job, couple of chests, risks minimal and the rewards substantial. Please, do it - if not for the gold, then at least for old time's sake.


While in Welen, Geralt stumbled upon a letter to a certain Molke. Figuring it was of no use to its addressee now, he took the document with him, with the intention of reading it at a later date.

Dive in (03), kill enemies using crossbow.


ITEM: Gildorf sword

04 Abandoned Site

ENEMY: Pirates lvl:7

NPC: Herbalist

05 Person in Distress

ENEMY: Bandits lvl:7

ITEM: Cage key

NPC: Barber

06 Guarded Treasure

ENEMY: Bandits lvl:9

07 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Bandits lvl:7

08 Forest Hut

Though his friends advised against building a house in the middle of the woods, Hans refused to listen and did things his way. When the war broke out and laid waste to this region, Hans and his family lived in peace, untouched by the troubles of the wider world-until one fateful night ...

09 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Deserters lvl:10

10 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Bandits lvl:10

11 Abandoned Site

ENEMY: Renegades lvl:6

NPC: Herbalist

12 Refugees' Camp

The members of this small community have erected a large, winged statue-evidence of people turning to old gods and ancient cults in this time of war and famine.

13 Coast of Wrecks

Once the local youth would come here to revel amidst the wrecks. Now inhabitants of nearby villages have started combing the place day and night in search of anything that can be exchanged for food.

14 Hidden Treasure

ITEM: Pirate's note Read it.

ENEMY: Pirates lvl:5

TREASURE HUNT: Queen Zuleyka's Treasure lvl:4

Yesterday we found a silver basin and a ruby brooch on the bottom. Means Queen Zuleyka's treasure really is somewhere around here. Maybe in the hold of one of the wrecked ships off the west coast - but we can't check them at the moment, waves are too high. Well have to wait till the seas calm. Were pitching camp. Geralt Was, at his COre, a Curious individual. Thus When he found a letter on the Coast of Welen, he sat down to Study it right away...


ITEM: Chest for Queen Zuleyka's Treasure Quest

16 Guarded Treasure

ENEMY: Noonwrath lvl:15

17 Midcopse

A typical farming settlement that the worst of the fighting has left untouched-but which famine now grips all the same. One of the larger villages in this region.

18 Notice Board

WITCHER CONTRACT: Contract: Jenny o' The Woods lvl:10

While in the area around the village of Midcopse, Geralt decided to look around and see if there wasn't anyone in need of a witcher. It just so happened there was - on the local notice board hung an offer of a bounty for ridding the area of a monster called Jenny o' the Woods. Geralt decided this was something he should look into.

19 Armorer

NPC: Armorer

ITEM: Edwin Greloff's First Map Read it

ITEM: Edwin Greloff's Second Map Read it

TREASURE HUNT: Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1 lvl:18

TREASURE HUNT: Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 2 lvl:18

NPC: Peasant for Hunting a Witch Quest

20 Witch's Hut

Search hut, use scull to open portal, enter portal for Hunting a Witch Quest. You will exit in (21)

21 Witch's Magical Hideout

You exit, when enter portal in (20)

NPC: iKeira Metz Talk to her. More info about Keira Metz

MAIN QUEST: Wandering in The Dark lvl:6

Finding Ciri in Velen had proven harder than tracking a Swallow on a rainy day. According to Keira, an elven mage had been tracking this particular swallow as well. Had he found her? Did he know more about her fate? Geralt knew he had to find Out, and Keira, Well, she had unfinished business of her own with the mage. And so the witcher and sorceress set out together on a journey into the darkness to find the mysterious elf's underground hideout.

When you will be ready to take this quest, talk to Keira Metz and she will move you to The Mire West (01)

The Mire West

After returning from Elf's Underground

17 Midcopse

NPC: Ealdorman Bolko talk to him about Contract: Jenny o' The Woods Quest

NPC: Agneta talk with her about Contract: Jenny o' The Woods Quest


Examine for Contract: Jenny o' The Woods Quest

23 Trail

For Contract: Jenny o' The Woods Quest

ITEM: Assasin's Knife

ITEM: Letter found in a grave

Return to Ealdorman Bolko and talk to him

24 Campfire

For Contract: Jenny o' The Woods Quest

You will need Specter Oil at last for your sword to kill Jenny o' The Woods. To create Specter Oil go to Tomira - White Orchard West (11). She got all you need.

During the fight also use Yrden Sign. If you play on high level of difficulty you probable will need Moon Dust Bomb.

ENEMY: Jenny o' The Woods Wait till night for her, and kill her.

Back to Keira Metz House

20 Campfire

ITEM: Magic lamp

ITEM: Xenovox

SECONDARY QUEST: A Towerful of Mice lvl:6

A horrible curse had befallen Fyke Isle and the tower that stood upon it. Half a year prior, Lord Vserad had moved his court there, seeking shelter from approaching Nilfgaardian armies. While famine raged all around, the lord of Welen Wallowed in excess and Cared not a Whit for his suffering Vassals. The gods saw fit to punish him and, towards this end, cursed him. One day, a host of mice Scurried into the tower and proceeded to devour everything, including Vserad, his court and his resident mage, Alexander.

The isle had been haunted since that day, and fishermen feared to sail the lake, putting yet another dent in the already battered local economy. The local peasants thus asked Keira to lift the Curse, and she turned to the witcher for help. Enticed by Keira's charms and her promise of additional rewards, Geralt took on the task.

25 Guarded Treasure

ENEMY: Water Hag lvl:8

26 Abandoned Site

ENEMY: Pirates lvl:7

NPC: Merchant

27 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Cannibals lvl:4

28 Midcopse

This village has been completely and utterly destroyed. Rumors claim its inhabitants perished in a gruesome massacre.

29 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Cannibals lvl:4

30 Hidden Treasure

ENEMY: Grave Hag lvl:XX

31 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Cannibals lvl:4

32 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Cannibals lvl:4

33 Spoils of War

Chest are in sunken ship. One chest in upper part, two chests in lower part.

34 Guarded Treasure

ENEMY: Drowned lvl:4

35 Hidden Treasure

ENEMY: Drowned lvl:5

36 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Pirates lvl:7

ITEM: Diagram: Griffin steel sword - enchanced

37 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Deserters lvl:7

38 Hidden Treasure

ITEM: Smuggler's Notes Read it.

TREASURE HUNT: A Costly Mistake lvl:18

Those were the days. You'd smuggle a few bottles of hooch into Oxenfurt, then loiter about the dormitories selling it to students. You'd come away with a hefty sack of coin, and they'd have their spirits fortified for study.

Then along came Radovid, who shut down the university, chased the students away and positioned ballistae on the riverbank to shoot everything floating up or down the Pontar, swans included.

But there hasn't been a dark cloud yet that didn't have a silver lining. Yesterday I saw our brave soldiers sinka merchant vessel. It went straight to the bottom along with its crew - and its cargo. A shame about the men, true, but it would also be a shame to let all those goods go to waste. Some and Martin will fish them out, dry them off and then sell them - and maybe at last I'll have something to put in my pot.


ITEM: Chest for A Costly Mistake Quest. Dive underwater near sunken ship. Do not enter ship or you will stuck inside.

After A Towerful of Mice Quest


NPC: Keira Metz

SECONDARY QUEST: A Favor for a Friend lvl:6

When the devil cannot go himself, he sends a woman - and when a sorceress is indisposed, she sends a witcher to do her errands. That, at least, was Keira Metz's approach. Finding herself in a bit of a pinch, she asked Geralt for yet another favor. This time she needed him to track down a merchant's wagon which had been carrying some rare magic ingredients her way. It had never arrived, and she had begun to fear the worst.

NPC: Pellar He will be outside Keira's house (when you done A Towerful of Mice Quest)

SECONDARY QUEST: Forefathers Eve lvl:7

During his travels through No Mans Land Geralt ran into the pellar once more. The strange fellow had a favor to ask of the witcher. He wanted Geralt to help him perform a cherished local peasant rite known as Forefathers' Eve. During this ritual, he explained, lost spirits are summoned and their deeds judged - fantastic material, by the way, for a poet looking to make his name with an atmospheric ballad. This Forefathers' Eve was set to be held at midnight on Fyke Isle, and Geralt, having no other plans and his curiosity piqued, promised to attend.

Go to stone circle on Fyke Isle


For A Favor for a Friend Quest

ITEM: Package for Keira

Return to Keira and give her package.

Flirt with Keira and race with her to the meadow.

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Quest Starter

Chest, Container

Notice Board Here you can find monsters contracts and announcements about matters of local concern.



Abandoned Site

Bandit Camp A group of dangerous bandits has made camp here.


Guarded Treasure A particularly powerful monster guards a valuable cache here

Hidden Treasure A hidden cache of valuable goods.

Monster Den

Monster Nest Destroy monsters nests with Grapeshot or Dancing Star bombs.

Person in Distress

Place of Power The first time you draw from any PoP, you will receive 1 Ability Point

Smugglers Cache Smuggled goods have beed hidden here

Spoils of War Search here for loot left behind after a battle or skirmish.


Worth of Interest

Armorers Table It grants you gear increased Armor for a limited duration.



Grindstone A blade sharpened here will deal more damage.

Herbalist Here you can buy alchemy ingredients.



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