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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Walkthrough & Maps

Grayrocks West Map - The Witcher 3

Grayrocks West Map - The Witcher 3 . The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Walkthrough, Game Atlas with Maps, Game Guide. Locations, NPCs, Main Quests, Secondary Quests, Witcher Contracts, Quest Givers, Secrets, Dungeons and Caves, fast travel locations, treasure chests, signposts, Notice boards, Innkeeps, Shopkeepers.

Map of Grayrocks West Map - The Witcher 3
Map of Grayrocks West Map - The Witcher 3

01 Hanged Man's Tree

During the war, both sides committed acts of exorbitant cruelty meant to keep the conquered populaces in check.

02 Notice Board


While muddling around the well-shaded village of Blackbough, Geralt happened across a notice. It stated a hunter named Niellen was looking for any help he could get in finding his wife, who had disappeared in the nearby Woods a few days earlier. Geralt, already deep in a search-and-rescue vein, decided to help find the woman.

03 Mulbrydale

One of the oldest villages in the region, it owes its name to a certain undereducated botanist who could not discern one kind of tree from another, and so called them all mulberries.

04 Chest

Check also underground cellar for more loot.


NPC: Priest of Ethernal Fire


In No Man's Land Geralt was given a contract by an Eternal Fire priest. His task: to burn the bodies of soldiers who had fallen during the recent battle in order to keep necrophages from eating them.

06 Bodies

For Funeral Pyres Quest

07 Bodies

For Funeral Pyres Quest

NPC: Titus Gielas


NPC: John Verdun You can free him or you may leave him to death and return in the future to loot his body


Exit to Mudplough and go to Inn at the Crossroads


Kill the dog, inspect blood and give some food to children.


TREASURE HUNT: The Things Men Do For Coin ...

Men are willing to do a great many things for coin - lie, cheat and even loot corpses. Willard and Gruggen were no exceptions in this regard. Like many before them, they died, probably torn to pieces by some necrophage prowling the battlefield. Chalk it up as an occupational hazard, I suppose. Luckily Geralt has good insurance against such hazards - namely the Swords he carries on his back. Geralt never claimed to be an expert in epistolography, but experience had taught him one of its secrets: dead men carry interesting letters. That's why he decided to sit down and study closely a certain corpse-borne missive he happened across during his travels.

Read letter


For The Things Men Do For Coin Quest


NPC: Albin Hart

SECONDARY QUEST: Bitter Harvest lvl:9

The Nilfgaardian and Redanian forces had fought many bloody yet indecisive battles in Welen from which both sides had to retreat without collecting their dead. On one such field Geralt encountered a group of looters robbing the corpses of the fallen. In another time and place he might have merely grit his teeth and continued on his way. Yet conditions in Welen were harsh and other Sources of Sustenance few - So he decided to SWallow his revulsion and defend these desperate men from the monsters stalking the battlefield.

14 Notice Board

WITCHER CONTRACT: Contract: Woodland Beast lvl:6

Monsters, like men, each have their own individual tastes and preferences. According to legend, dragons like to savor the delicate notes of Virgins, while ghouls delight in the powerful flavors of rotting flesh. In the woods outside Novigrad, meanwhile, a beast had cropped up with a predilection for Redanian transport wagons. Not Surprisingly, the captain of the nearby guardpost did not appreciate this culinary choice and put out a bounty on the monster's head.

NPC: Captain of the Guard talk to him for Contract: Woodland Beast

Captain of the Guard a a reward will give you Pass for crossing Pontar. There is also another way to obtain it (15)


NPC: Redanian Soldier

SECONDARY QUEST: Thou Shalt Not Pass lvl:7

The Redanian army had placed blockades on the crossings of the Pontar, something which at one point proved quite inconvenient to the witcher. The guards refused to let him cross without showing a special pass issued by high command.


For finishing Funeral Pyres Quest

NPC: Priest of Eternal Fire You can take gold from him or fight them to take gold from their bodies.


NPC: Shady merchant He is selling passes.

He will give you discount if you succeed in (13) Bitter Harvest Quest. Do not tell him if you fail.

18 Person in Distress

ENEMY: Deserter Leader lvl:10

ENEMY: Deserters lvl:9

ITEM: Cage Key Open cage and free merchant, you will find him in (19)


NPC: Merchant If you free him from (18)


SECONDARY QUEST: Death Bt Fire lvl:10

Men can be terribly cruel, especially to those of different races. The witcher had seen humans persecute nonhumans far too often. This time he witnessed a particularly appalling Scene - a group of thugs wanting to burn a She-elf alive.

Fortunately, the witcher managed to defeat the bandits and save the elf. Unfortunately, the witcher cannot be everywhere at once and not every victim of racial persecution can count on his help.

ENEMY: Bandits lvl:10

Kill them fast, rescue Elf, gold is in trunk back of house.

21 Moster Den

ENEMY: Nekker lvl:6 There are lots of them outside and inside cave.

There are many Nekkers both inside and outside the cave. Very carefully browse around cave and cave interior for loot. You will find several valuable chests. In chests you will find, among other things:

ITEM: Assassins Trousers RELIC

ITEM: Diagram: Superior Ursine Armor 4 parts, 27 lvl Witchers Gear.

22 Devil's Pit

The inhabitants of Velen believe the expanse of caverns underneath the Devil's Pit are home to demons.

23 Bandit Camp

ENEMY: Deserters lvl:9

(no clue how to enter caverns)


Search place for Contract: Woodland Beast

Search place and follow track. Go to Scoia'tael camp, do not fight them. Then return to (14) to finish Contract: Woodland Beast. As a reward you will receive Pass Trough Pontar.

Return to (15) with Pass and finish Thou Shalt Not Pass Quest

25 Border Post

Halver Island, a small isle stuck in the river's central current - an ideal place for bleaching cloth.

26 Hindhold

This watchtower used to protect barges traveling between Oxenfurt and Novigrad. It once even boasted a bridge connecting the two sides of the river, but now it stands abandoned and neglected, its bridge a collapsed ruin.

Lot of chests inside.

ITEM: Witcher George's Confession

ITEM: Balstick's letter

ITEM: Diagram: Griffin steel sword

ITEM: Diagram: Aen N'og Mab Taedh'morc

27 Monster Nest

ENEMY: Harpy lvl:7

Legend for Witcher 3 Maps


Quest Starter

Chest, Container

Notice Board Here you can find monsters contracts and announcements about matters of local concern.



Abandoned Site

Bandit Camp A group of dangerous bandits has made camp here.


Guarded Treasure A particularly powerful monster guards a valuable cache here

Hidden Treasure A hidden cache of valuable goods.

Monster Den

Monster Nest Destroy monsters nests with Grapeshot or Dancing Star bombs.

Person in Distress

Place of Power The first time you draw from any PoP, you will receive 1 Ability Point

Smugglers Cache Smuggled goods have beed hidden here

Spoils of War Search here for loot left behind after a battle or skirmish.


Worth of Interest

Armorers Table It grants you gear increased Armor for a limited duration.



Grindstone A blade sharpened here will deal more damage.

Herbalist Here you can buy alchemy ingredients.



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