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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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CORINNE TILLY - Witcher 3. Heroes and key figures we encounter on our journey in the world of Witcher 3

CORINNE TILLY in Witcher 3
CORINNE TILLY in Witcher 3


Oneiromancy, the magic art of deciphering the past and the future as they appear in dreams, is difficult for even a highly trained sorceress to master. Those born with the talent, however, excel at it without any formal education. Such was the case of Corinne Tilly, whose fame as a dreamer, as such diviners are known, had spread far and this gifted woman could not only dream of past events herself, but also induce revelatory dreams in persons searching for direction or answers to specific questions. These abilities proved to be of great use to Geralt in his search.

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