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Weapon Locations in Rage 2 Map

Rage 2 Weapons Location Map, Sidewinder Pistol, Sidewinder Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Smart Rocket Launcher, Grav-Dart Launcher, Firestorm Revolver, Hyper-Cannon, Charged Pulse Cannon, Settler Pistol, BFG 9000, Rage 2 Maps & Game Guide.

Map with Location of Weapons in Rage 2
Map with Location of Weapons in Rage 2

Sidewinder Pistol

Weapon's Location 1: Vineland

Trusty sidearm for Enclave personnel. Packs enough punch to stop a mutant in its tracks.

Sidewinder Pistol Rage 2

Ranger Assault Rifle

Weapon's Location 1: Vineland

Fully-automatic, high-velocity rifle in Ranger configuration. Versatile and durable.

Ranger Assault Rifle Rage 2

Combat Shotgun

Weapon's Location 2: Gunbarrel during Blackout Mission

Reinforced and heat shielded combat shotgun. Deadly up close against unarmored fools.

Combat Shotgun Rage 2

Smart Rocket Launcher

Weapon's Location 3: Strongbox Ark

Fires High Explosive missiles. Aim to lock onto targets. WARNING - safeties have been deactivated.

Smart Rocket Launcher Rage 2

Grav-Dart Launcher

Weapon's Location 4: Needle Falls Ark

Spray the target full of grav-darts - then throw them around like ragdolls.

Grav Dart Launcher Rage 2

Firestorm Revolver

Weapon's Location 5: Dank Catacomb Ark

Short range, powerful gun, with incendiary rounds that attach themselves to whatever they hit. Use alternate fire mode to light up your target.

Firestorm Revolver Rage 2


Weapon's Location 6: Greenhaven Ark

Can be fired with a single trigger pull, but when aimed, it can be charged before launching to devastating effect. Best used as a first strike weapon over range.

Hyper Cannon Rage 2

Charged Pulse Cannon

Weapon's Location 7: Shrouded Vault Ark

Fire super-heated energy bolts at your enemies and melt faces.

Charged Pulse Cannon Rage 2

Settler Pistol

Weapon's Location 8: Death God Cavern during Cult Of The Death God Mission

At this point of time you have to get Preorder Version of Rage 2 to get this quest. Later it should be available for all.

A Wastelander classic, the Settler Pistol is as crude as it is effective. While it utilizes standard-issue pistol ammunition, the Settler's sheer firing force packs a huge punch and is sure to place a good-sized hole in whoever is in the way.

Settler Pistol Rage 2

BFG 9000

Weapon's Location 9: Meteorite north of Vineland

This weapon is available only to owners of Rage 2 Deluxe and Collector's Editions.

A powerhouse of a weapon, well worthy of expletives. Emits a huge explosion that rips and tears through whatever is in its path.

BFG 9000 Rage 2

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