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Rage 2

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Full Rage 2 World Map

Full Rage 2 Map of the World for RAGE 2 (complete map) Video Game, The Wilds, Torn Plains, Broken Tract, Twisting Canyons, Dune Sea, Sekreto Wetlands. Authority Sentry, Convoy, Pit Stop, Repowering Station, Road Choker, Bandit Den, Crusher Nest, Electro Forge, Mutie Nest, Feltrite Meteorite, Ark, Ranger Echo, MBTV Balloon, Bounty, Race Challenger, Mutant Bash TV, Race Circuit, Exploration Location.

Full RAGE 2 World Map

Rage 2 Map Legend

Vineland Rage 2

Vineland Vineland, your home. The last Arkist Enclave to survive the Abadon Mutie Uprising. A utopia of peace, science and enlightenment - at least that's what the Elders would say. Others might call it insular, elitist and xenophobic.

Lagooney Rage 2

Lagooney Town Lagooney is part of the core of the Trade Coalition. It's the smallest and youngest but perhaps the most important since it supplies the others with food and swill. The town is also infamous for it's lax enforcement of law and order.

Wellspring Rage 2

Wellspring Town The greatest of the Trade Coalition towns, Wellspring is the beating heart of commerce and trade. Ruled by the wealthy Trade Barons and the elected Mayor, it casts a long shadow of influence over the Wasteland.

Dreadwood Rage 2

Dreadwood Town Dreadwood is a small, newly established Trading post in the heart of the Wilds. Mostly occupied with Prospectors and Scavengers who ply a dirty and dangerous trade looking for old world tech beneath the fertile soil.

Gunbarrel Rage 2

Gunbarrel Town Gunbarrel has been around for a long time but has taken it's share of knocks and bruises over the years. A dedicated trade town, it services the southern Wasteland and is an active member of the Trade Coalition.

Oasis Rage 2

Oasis Town Oasis takes its name from the large casino that was destroyed in the Authority Wars. The new Oasis is a small Trading post that serves as a tenuous no-fire zone between the Immortal Shrouded and the Trade Coalition.

Capture and Control for Loosum Hagar in Wellspring Town.

Rage 2 Authority Sentry

Authority Sentry Authority Sentries are powerful point-defense turrets, equipped with advanced Al, targeting systems and internal reactors. Only the Authority has the know-how to make use of them.

Rage 2 Convoy

Convoy Convoys roam the Wasteland causing massive mayhem. Destroy the Convoy by taking out the Weakspots on the convoy leader. Destroying Convoys will earn you Autoparts you can use to Upgrade your vehicles.

Rage 2 Pit Stop

Pit Stop Bandits and gangs roam the Wasteland in vehicles to maintain dominance and to strike out at rivals. These vehicles need fuel and the Depots are important staging points to target for anyone wanting to combat the roaming threats.

Rage 2 Repowering Station

Repowering Station To harness smaller amounts of power to fuel their convoys, the ingenious Immortal Shrouded use solar powered recharge stations spread out along the road networks. These sites are manned by warriors at all times.

Rage 2 Road Choker

Road Choker Road Chokers are an effective way for bandits to leach on trade and control territory. Choking a road is like blocking an artery in the body of the Trade Coalition. The flow of goods and people are what keeps civilization alive after all.

Kill And Destroy for John Marshall in Gunbarrel Town.

Rage 2 Bandit Den

Bandit Den Any hangout for a gang of raiders is known as a Bandit Den. Usually nothing more than a few shacks taken by force, they offer minimal shelter and protection but can serve as a staging ground for further attacks.

Rage 2 Crusher Nest

Crusher Nest Abadon Crushers are giant, legendary creatures of destruction in the Wasteland, each more than a match for even a full squad of Rangers. Smaller mutants worship them and everyone else tries to stay as far away as possible.

Rage 2 Electro Forge

Electro Forge To the Immortal Shrouded, one important source of energy is the feltrite infused and heavily modified old-world reactors they use. As they are difficult to move they are protected with the best warriors of the Immortal Shrouded.

Rage 2 Mutie Nest

Mutie Nest Abadon Muties nest underground. Regularly, the population becomes too large and threaten to spill into the surrounding area. Keeping the population down is seen as important for the Trade Coalition and is the source of frequent Merc contracts.

Search and Recover for Dr. Kvasir in his Laboratory in northern Sekreto Wetlands.

Rage 2 Feltrite Meteorite

Feltrite Meteorite Glowing rocks of feltrite infused rock are still falling from orbit, long after the impact. Competition for these are fierce as feltrite is the most precious resource there is.

Rage 2 Ark

Ark The Arks were cryogenic survival shelters for the elite and their equipment. The people are gone, but some still house experimental Nanotrite Powers and powerful Ark Tek Weapons.

Rage 2 Ranger Echo

Ranger Echo Reclaiming the remains of fallen or lost Rangers is an important duty of the living Rangers. Only by salvaging the unique gear and nanotrite imprints can new rangers be inducted and the Rangers continue to exist.


Rage 2 Exploration Location

Exploration Location This location promises an opportunity to scavenge loot and resources. There may or may not be competing enemies here already with the same idea. Better in the Rangers hands than vicious bandits.

Rage 2 MBTV Balloon

MBTV Balloon

Rage 2 Bounty


Rage 2 Race Challenger

Race Challenger

Rage 2 Mutant Bash TV

Mutant Bash TV

Rage 2 Race Circuit

Race Circuit

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