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Rage 2 Arks: Locations, Weapons and Nanotrites

Location of Arks in Rage 2, Vineland Ark, Junkers Pass Ark, Quake Hill Ark, Great Crack Ark, Earthscar Ark, Strongbox Ark, Canyon Cove Ark, Shrouded Vault Ark, Dealypipe Ark, Spikewind Ark, Dank Catacomb, Needle Falls Ark, Greenhaven Ark, Rage 2 Maps & Game Guide.

Map of Rage 2 Arks: Location, Weapons and Nanotrites
Map of Rage 2 Arks: Location, Weapons and Nanotrites

While in the Wasteland, you can use FOCUS (hold [Ctrl] on PC) to locate undiscovered ARKs. Look to the horizon and follow the nanotrite beams given off by the ARKs to locate them. ARKs contain new NANOTRITE ABILITIES and WEAPONS.

Vineland Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 1

Dash Nanotrite Ability quick Nanotrite propelled dodge. Use during combat to throw off the enemy's aim or to evade incoming attacks.

Junkers Pass Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 2

Shatter Nanotrite Ability Lunge towards targets and unleash a strong kinetic SHATTER that sends enemies flying and breaks armor.

Quake Hill Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 2

Vortex Nanotrite Ability Deploy a singularity that pulls in nearby enemies. Step into the VORTEX to launch yourself into the air.

Great Crack Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 3

Grav-Jump Nanotrite Ability Use your GRAV-JUMP booster to give you an extra burst of lift while in the air.

Earthscar Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 3

Slam Nanotrite Ability A SLAM that generates a powerful kinetic shockwave. Damage and range increases with height.

Strongbox Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 4

Smart Rocket Launcher Weapon Fires High Explosive missiles. Aim to lock onto targets. WARNING - safeties have been deactivated.

Smart Rocket Launcher Rage 2

Canyon Cove Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 5

Defibrillation Nanotrite Ability Save yourself from death by discharging electrical shocks to the heart. Automatically activates while dying.

Shrouded Vault Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 6

Charged Pulse Cannon Weapon Fire super-heated energy bolts at your enemies and melt faces.

Charged Pulse Cannon Rage 2

Dealypipe Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 6

Rush Nanotrite Ability A brief sprint boost that is useful for both offense and defense.

Spikewind Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 6

Barrier Nanotrite Ability Raise an energy BARRIER that blocks bullets and explosions.

Dank Catacomb

Enemy Difficulty: 7

Firestorm Revolver Weapon Short range, powerful gun, with incendiary rounds that attach themselves to whatever they hit. Use alternate fire mode to light up your target.

Firestorm Revolver Rage 2

Needle Falls Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 7

Grav-Dart Laucher Weapon Spray the target full of grav-darts - then throw them around like ragdolls.

Grav Dart Launcher Rage 2

Greenhaven Ark

Enemy Difficulty: 10

Hyper Cannon Weapon Can be fired with a single trigger pull, but when aimed, it can be charged before launching to devastating effect. Best used as a first strike weapon over range.

Hyper Cannon Rage 2

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