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Rage 2

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Story Missions (Quests) in Rage 2

Story Missions and Quests in Rage 2 Video Game, The Ranger, Project Dagger, Blackout, Cult Of The Death God, The Signal, Wasteland Celebrity, Beneath The Surface, Ground Control, Double Cross, Dr.Kvasir Missions, Loosum Hagar Missions, John Marshall Missions.

Story Missions in Rage 2
Story Missions in Rage 2

The Ranger Tutorial Mission

The Ranger is first tutorial mission. You will get, armor, 2 weapons, vehicle and you will visit first Ark.

Vineland is under attack by some sort of crazy mutants. Time to get out there and do what I was born to do - protect Vineland by any means necessary!


  • Grab your weapons
  • Leave the guardhouse
  • Reach the courtyard
  • Put on the Ranger armor
  • Reach the courtyard
  • Enter the Presidio
  • Listen to Prowley's holo-recording
  • Investigate the Ark
  • Listen to Prowley's holo-recording
  • Return to Lily

After leaving Vineland - Starting Project Dagger

In Vineland you will get 3 new quest hubs locations: Gunbarrel, Wellspring and Lagooney

Mission Hubs in Rage 2

Go there first, and meet: John Marshall in Gunbarrel, Loosum Hagar in Wellspring, Doctor Kvasir in the Sekreto Wetlands Laboratory

John Marshall Missions

John Marshall Rage 2

You can find John Marshall in Gunbarrel Town.

Blackout Mission

John Marshall of Gunbarrel. A tough, no-nonsense old warhorse who keeps that outlaw town running almost single-handedly. Being an old resistance fighter, he understand the importance of technology and spycraft better than anyone. His skills are paramount to the success of Project Dagger, but rumor has it that he has some domestic problems. Apparently the whole town of Gunbarrel is facing the worst mutant infestation in history and they are fighting a losing battle.


  • Find John Marshall in Gunbarrel
  • Enter the sewers
  • Reach the sewer turbine
  • Investigate the Ark
  • Reach the sewer turbine
  • Reboot the sewer turbine
  • Return to Marshall

Cult Of The Death God Mission

Cult Of The Death God is exclusive pre-order bonus Mission

John Marshall wants you to help an old friend out.


  • Talk to Marshall's old friend
  • Travel to the Death God caverns
  • Find and dismantle the Death God shrine
  • Kill the cultists
  • Return to Marshall's old friend

The Signal Mission

With power up and running again in Gunbarrel, Marshall has shifted focus over to his part of Project Dagger. However, he is missing a vital part to complete his work and now his assistant, Gulo has gone missing in action. Yet again, if you want something done - You better do it yourself.


  • Talk to Marshall
  • Find Gulo in Razorneck Roost
  • Listen to Gulo's audio log
  • Investigate the abandoned Authority base
  • Download the data
  • Return to Marshall

Loosum Hagar Missions

Loosum Hagar Rage 2

You can find Loosum Hagar in Wellspring Town.

Wasteland Celebrity Mission

Loosum Hagar of Wellspring, daughter of war-hero Dan Hagar. She went from guerrilla fighter to Mayor of the greatest city of the Wasteland. She is currently locked in a power-battle with the rich partyboy Klegg Clayton. With her access to military grade vehicles, her help is indispensable.


  • Find Loosum Hagar in Wellspring
  • Talk to the guard
  • Kill the intruders
  • Reach the Mayor's office
  • Kill the intruders
  • Talk to Loosum
  • Grab the gizmo
  • Talk to the bouncer at the Winner's Lounge
  • Make a name for yourself in Mutant Bash TV
  • Make a name for yourself in the ChazCar Derby
  • Enter the Winner's Lounge
  • Follow Klegg to his office
  • Plant the gizmo on Klegg's computer
  • Leave the office
  • Kill Jumbo
  • Find a way back into Wellspring
  • Return to Loosum

Beneath The Surface Mission

Not only was Klegg Clayton behind the assassination attempt of Mayor Hagar but he's also backed by the Authority and General Cross himself. Hagar has found intel on their secret meeting place deep in the jungle. Time to take the fight to them!


  • Talk to Loosum
  • Travel to Twin Falls
  • Look for signs of the Authority
  • Find a Fission Core within the Authority facility
  • Get the Fission Core
  • Return to Loosum

Dr. Kvasir Missions

Dr. Kvasir Rage 2

You can find Dr. Kvasir in his Laboratory in northern Sekreto Wetlands.

Ground Control Mission

Doctor Anton Kvasir. Genius scientist with a shifty past. Original Arkist. Pre-Apophis. They say he worked for the Authority and helped create their mutant soldiers... Then he turned on his masters. Joined the cause. Fought alongside my folks in the Authority war. Not sure how I feel about mad scientists at this point, but I do need his help.


  • Find Doctor Kvasir in the Sekreto Wetlands
  • Look for information about Kvasir in Lagooney
  • Find Doctor Kvasir in the Sekreto Wetlands
  • Talk to Kvasir inside his laboratory
  • Reach the Eden Space Center
  • Find the EcoPod control room
  • Call down the EcoPod from orbit
  • Turn on the supercomputer inside the EcoPod
  • Kill the Authority intruders

Double Cross Mission

Thanks to the extra computing power coming out of Eco-15, Kvasir's work on the Cross-killing serum is close to completion. However, he is lacking one vital component - a string of the generals own DNA. Kvasir has an idea where to find it, but getting to it won't be easy... But hell, nothing ever is.


  • Talk to Kvasir
  • Reach the genetic research station
  • Find a string of Cross's DNA within the station
  • Defeat General Cross
  • Return to Kvasir

Final Mission: Finishing Project Dagger

This Mission will be available after completing all previous missions.

Final mission will be very difficult, especially at the higher levels of difficulty and especially its final stage Kill General Cross, be well prepared.


  • Work with your allies to get Project Dagger operational
  • Get inside the Authority Headquarters
  • Find General Cross
  • Confront General Cross
  • Kill General Cross

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