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Neverwinter Maps

The Chasm Map - Neverwinter

The Chasm Map, Atlas of maps for Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Video Game.

The Chasm - Neverwinter Map
The Chasm - Neverwinter Map

The Chasm is the result of the eruption of Mount Hotenow and the earthquake it caused, creating a festering pit that the Spellplague has filled. The Chasm cuts through the old walls of the city, a wound in the foundation of Neverwinter itself. The Chasm began vomiting out foul creatures, and the defenders of Neverwinter had to hastily build new fortifications to hold them back. The monsters of the Chasm are madness personified, humanoids with chitinous claws instead of arms, and one-eyed hulks that run on all fours like hellish dogs.

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