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Neverwinter Maps

Blackdagger Ruins Map - Neverwinter

Blackdagger Ruins Map, Atlas of maps for Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Video Game.

Blackdagger Ruins - Neverwinter Map
Blackdagger Ruins - Neverwinter Map

Blackdagger Keep lays in ruin. Kallos Tam, Thayan Red Wizard, reanimated the Blackdagger brothers as powerful undead under his control. Blackdagger Bandits plunder the wealth of the High Road.


  • Blackdagger Keep
  • Broken Crown Inn
  • Cragmire Barrow
  • Cragmire Crypt
  • Merchant Campsite
  • Raven Cliff Beach
  • The High Road North
  • The High Road South
  • The Mines

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