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Vilario's Rest Map

Vilario's Rest Map of location in Port Maje Region in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Video Game. Sea Cave Map. NPC: Edér, Irrena, Chitupec, Eld Engrim, Beodul. Helping Hands Quest, To Hunt a God Quest, Stranded Quest.

Vilario's Rest Map and Sea Cave Map for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Vilario's Rest Map and Sea Cave Map for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire


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Vilario's Rest

You come to Vilario's Rest after your ship The Defiant crashes on the shores of the island of Port Maje.

01 Start

Edér he is your first companion and party member. He is in you party now.

If you are not Rogue it may be a good idea to choose Rogue specialization for Edér.

The Steward the sculpture is nearby.

The first thing you should do is find your crew dispersed around.

Helping Hands

Search for members of your crew. The Defiant has run aground, and its crew is dead or scattered. There may be more survivors to be found.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • My old crew's dead and gone. Maneuvering the ship may be more difficult on my own, but at least my company is improved.
  • I didn't have the time to waste on finding my old crew. I left them on the island.
  • I couldn't save all of my old crew, but at least I won't be managing the ship entirely on my own.
  • We lost plenty of people in the wreck, but I managed to find a few of the old crew.

From the beginning of the game, you also have two quests of main story line - The Hunt for Eothas.

To Hunt a God

The Hunt for Eothas - main quest line.

  • Explore the island.
  • Reach the digsite.
  • Search the Engwithan ruins.

We lost track of Eothas in the storm, but he seemed to be heading inland when we crashed. Big as he is, he must have left behind some sign of his passing. Exploring the island's the best chance of picking up his trail again.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • Through a massive adra pillar within the Engwithan ruins, I was able to forge a link between myself and Eothas. I managed to retrieve the fraction of my essence still within him, but Eothas severed the connection before I could do much else. He seemed to be drawing power from the luminous adra. If this is how he is powering his journey across the Deadfire, then finding more adra pillars may lead me right to him.


The Hunt for Eothas - main quest line.

  • Seek out a means of repairing your ship.
  • Speak with Governor Clario.
  • Explore the island.
  • Reach the Engwithan Digsite.
  • Find Oderisi.
  • Return to Clario.
  • Return to the beach.

The Defiant's suffered heavy damage. There's not much sailing to be done with the hull so battered. Most of the islands in this region are inhabited. With a little luck, I'll find some assistance nearby.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • The ship isn't as pretty as it used to be, but it's seaworthy. I'm free to sail the Deadfire, and resume my pursuit of Eothas.


Rope with Grappling Hook pick it to climb The Defiant



Climb te deck.

04 The Defiant

Irrena save her, she is a member of your crew.

05 Campfire

The members of your crew that you saved will gather here.


Chitupec will be here when you saved him at the very beginning of the game.

Another crew member to save.


Eld Engrim save him, he is crew member.


Enter Sea Cave to seratch for missing crews.

Sea Cave


Flint and Tinder


Swim to other part of the cave.


Talk to ghost, you can earn Disposition: Benevolent here.


Disarm traps and rescue Beodul


13 Abandoned Hideout

Ring of Minor Protection



Waterlogged Note


Vilario's Rest


Return to Campfire, take rest and eat some food you found.


Go to explore Port Maje

After Quests for Governor Clario


Storm Speaker Ikawha

Where is Neketaka? [The Veins of Eora]

Back on the Sea

The Steward

Basic Provisions

I'll need to stock my ship with supplies to critical to any extended voyages - ammunition, medicine, and repair materials.

Purchase repair supplies, cannon shot, and medical supplies for your ship. I can find a vendor selling these items in any port town.

  • Purchase supplies for your ship.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • I've stocked my ship with the supplies necessary for a voyage.

Skeleton Crew

The Defiant is ready to head back out to sea, but much of its crew is either missing or dead after the storm. I'll need to hire on more sailors to safely handle the dangers of the open sea.

I can find sailors seeking employment by speaking to tavernkeepers in any port town.

  • Hire five crew members for your ship.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • I've recruited enough sailors to make running my ship reasonably efficient.

Sail to Port Maje and buy supplies.

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