Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire


World Map for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Deadfire Archipelago

Deadfire World Map. Deadfire Archipelago Map for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Video Game.

Deadfire Archipelago World Map
Deadfire Archipelago World Map

List of locations available in PoEII:Deadfire

Abovedeck, Arena Sub-level, Arkemyr's Bedroom, Arkemyr's Manor, Arkemyr's Manor - Bedroom, Arkemyr's Manor - Laboratories, Arkemyr's Manor - Upper Floor, Ashen Maw, Balefire Beacon, Balefire Tower, Bardatto Estate, Bardatto Vault, Beach, Bekarna's Observatory, Belowdecks, Bentbranch Bog, Biha's Home, Boathouse, Cannon Rampart, Captain's Cabin, Cave, Cave of Threshing, Cavern of Xaur Tuk-Tuk, Chieftain's Lodge, Cignath Mór, Cignath Mór Entrance, City Streets, Collapsed Coal Mine, Crookspur, Crookspur Dungeons, Crookspur Fort, Crossroads, Crypt, Crypt Interior, Cuitztli's Exotic Herbs, Deadfire Archipelago, Deadlight Court, Deadlight Donjon, Deadlight Dungeon, Delvers' Row, Dereo's Lair, Desert, Desert Ruins, Dining Hall, Drowned Barrows, Drowned Barrows - Crown, Drowned Barrows - Sanctum, Dunnage, Dunnage House, Engineering Workshop, Engwithan Digsite, Engwithan Digsite - Ruin Interior, Engwithan Waystation Level One

Engwithan Waystation Level Three, Engwithan Waystation Level Two, Enoi's Home, Fampyr's Crypt, Fleet Master's Office, Fleet Master's Office, Fleet Master's Quarters, Flooded Cave, Foothills, Forest, Forgotten Catacomb, Forgotten Mausoleum, Fort Deadlight, Foundations of the Ashen Maw, Gaun's Temple, Glowing Outcrop, Gorecci Street, Governor Clario's Estate, Grand Promenade, Guild Ruins, Hall of the Unseen, Hasongo, Huana Longhouse, Huana Ruins, Hōhina Ravine, Iceberg Dungeon, Imperial Command, Imperial Command - Lower, Iolfr's Raiments, Jungle, Junvik Village, Kahanga Palace, Kahanga Palace - Rooftop, Kahanga Palace - Upper Floor, Kitchen, Kohopa's Fang, Kuaru Hut, Lady Epero's Estate, Lair of the Ancient, Lifter's Refuge, Lighthouse, Luminous Adra Mill, Luminous Bathhouse, Luminous Bathhouse - Boiler Room, Luminous Bathhouse - Upper Floor, Maganeda Marsh, Magran's Temple, Marihi's Metalwork, Mokeha's Lodge, Motare o Kōzi

Muhai's Estate, Mói Gweath, Neketaka Streets, Nāga Lair, Oathbinder's Sanctum, Oathbinder's Sanctum - Fourth Floor, Oathbinder's Sanctum - Second Floor, Oathbinder's Sanctum - Third Floor, Officer's Lounge, Old City, Old City Overlook, Old City Ruins, Ondra's Spire, Ori o Koīki, Ori o Koīki Sanctum, Outcast's Respite, Overgrown Temple of Galawain, Periki's Overlook, Pitli's Sanctuary, Plains, Poko Kohara Ruins, Port Maje, Port Maje Harbor, Port Maje Jail, Powderhouse - Lower, Powderhouse - Upper, Powderhouse Storage, Prologue, Pāhowane, Pāhowane Underground, Queen's Berth, Queen's Berth District Home, Radiant Court, Ramshackled Abode, Realm of the Beast of Winter, Rinco's Home, Ruins of Amira's Roost, Sandswept Ruins, Sanza's Map Emporium, Sayuka, Sea, Sea Cave, Sea-Lashed Crypt, Secret Dock, Serpent's Crown, Shanty Street, Ship Interior, Shrine, Spire of the Soul-Seers, Spire of the Soul-Seers Rooftop, Splintered Reef

Storage Tower, Storm Speaker's Hut, Stranded Ship, Subterranean Temple, Sunken Dhow, Swamp, Sātahuzi, Takano's Estate, Temple of Berath, Temple of Gaun, Temple of Tangaloa Ruins, The Adra Realm, The Ashen Bridge, The Beyond, The Brass Citadel, The Champion's Hearth, The Dark Cupboard, The Dark Cupboard - Living Quarters, The Goshawk, The Gullet, The Hanging Sepulchers, The Hole, The Hole - Upper Floor, The In-Between, The Jagged Keep, The King's Coffin, The Kraken's Eye, The Kraken's Eye - Upper Floor, The Narrows, The Orrery, The Pickled Eel, The Sacred Stair, The Sentinel Wall, The Treasure Trove, The Wild Mare, The Wild Mare - Upper Floor, Thelys' Home, Tikawara, Ukaizo, Ukaizo Harbor, Uncharted Dungeon, Uncharted Islands, Undercroft, Unidentified Location, Uto's Gunsmithy, Vailian Trading Company Headquarters, Valera Estate, Valera Estate - Upper Floor, Vilario's Rest, Watershapers Guild, Workshop.

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