Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire


Port Maje Harbor Map

Port Maje Harbor Map of location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Video Game.

Port Maje Harbor Map for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Port Maje, Governor Clario's Estate, The Kraken's Eye, Port Maje Jail, Rinco's Home.
Port Maje Harbor Map for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Port Maje, Governor Clario's Estate, The Kraken's Eye, Port Maje Jail, Rinco's Home.


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Port Maje

01 Entrance to Port Maje

02 Crowd

The man at the center of attention appears to be fielding inquiries from both the gaggle of townsfolk gathered around the platform and a rather severe-looking aumaua woman standing just beside him.

Governor Clario

Storm Speaker Ikawha

Governor Clario invited me to meet with him inside his estate at Port Maje to discuss my situation. [Stranded Quest]

03Children of the Dawnstars Camp.

Xoti party member.

Join Xoti to your party.

Children of the Dawnstars Reputation: Moderate Positive

Gaun's Pledge Ring

The Lantern of Gaun this is companion quest for Xoti

Xoti is chasing Eothas throughout the Deadfire while striving to fulfill her purpose to Gaun. Apparently a wayward Child of the Dawnstars, she's asked me to help her shepherd the souls of the dead. But her duty may come with a price.

  • Assist Xoti's efforts to shepherd lost souls throughout the Deadfire.
  • Speak with Xoti regarding her prophetic nightmares.
  • Perform a spiritual cleansing in the Temple of Gaun.
  • Speak with Xoti about her worsening nightmares.
  • Take Xoti to a luminous adra pillar.
  • Take Xoti to the animancers in Neketaka.
  • Travel with Xoti post cleansing.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • Trusting the gods to see to their rebirth, Xoti shepherded the souls she'd harvested into a luminous adra pillar.
  • To aid the development of an artificial rebirthing process, Xoti trusted her harvested souls to the animancers.
  • Xoti chose to absorb the lantern's soul-harvest.


Children of the Dawnstars Reputation: Moderate Positive

Take blessing from her.

Children of the Dawnstars Reputation: Major Positive

Talk to Edér

The Lighted Path this is companion quest for Edér

Edér is interested in reconnecting with a woman he used to know who supposedly settled in Deadfire with the Children of the Dawnstars.

  • Find someone who might know Edér's friend.
  • Look for Elafa in Hasongo.
  • Investigate the Partisans of the Lighted Path.
  • Get to the "vanguard" ship.
  • Pursue the Lighted Path ship.
  • Rescue Bearn.
  • Return Bearn to Hasongo.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • We were able to convince Bearn not to drink the poison that the other members of his sect took. He's survived the ordeal, though he doesn't appear to be convinced it was for the best.
  • Bearn consumed poison in front of us, but we were fortunately able to resuscitate him. He's survived the ordeal, though he doesn't appear to be convinced it was for the best.
  • We were unable to stop Bearn from taking his own life with the rest of the members of the Partisans of the Lighted Path.
  • Someone critical to the completion of this quest has been killed.

Documents Ogne was carrying seem to suggest that the Partisans of the Lighted Path might intend to join Eothas by dying in close proximity to him. Bearn said he intended to be in their vanguard - the first wave to join Eothas. Their ship was most recently docked in Neketaka. We have to get there before it departs.

Talk to Waenglith again

I was told to speak with a Dawnstar elder named Nordagand at the Temple of Gaun in Neketaka. [The Lighted Path]


Captain Darmo


Henric Merchant

Weapons and Armors, you can also retrain your character here.

06 Port Maje Trading Post

Alteria Merchant

Supplies, provisions and retrain.

Strange Tablet This stone tablet is wrapped in a rich leather and engraved with a flowing vertical script in a language you've never seen before.

Buy Strange Tablet, you will need it later (for Rekke).


Fishmonger Merchant

08 Secret

Ring of Unshackling

Governor Clario's Estate

09 Governor Clario's Estate Entrance

10 Governor Clario's Office


Governor Clario

Talk to Governor Clario

[Stranded] and [To Hunt a God] updated.

The governor of Port Maje mentioned that several witnesses claim to have seen a 'giant' moving eastward toward a digsite spearheaded by the Vailian Trading Company's animancers. It's worth a look.

Governor Clario gave me directions to the digsite, on the eastern side of the island.

You can steal books if you want.

The Iroccian Calendar

True Stories from The Living Lands

Magranic Benediction

The Kraken's Eye

11 Entrance to Tavern The Kraken's Eye


The Kraken's Eye there is no need to steal this item


Thorel Tavern Keeper, Store keeper

You can Recruit customizable Party Member, retrain character and rest here.

Room will be available after you finish quest for Thorel.

With working ship, you can recruit crews here.

The Better Man

With a host of traders left stranded at Port Maje by the storm's destruction, there are no vacancies at the local tavern. However, Thorel, the tavernkeeper, is willing to put me up - if I clear out one of the current occupants.

  • Find Galian.
  • Convince Galian to leave.
  • Return to Thorel.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • Someone critical to the completion of this quest has been killed
  • I convinced the roustabouts to be on their way, and the tavernkeeper agreed to let me stay in the inn at a discount. Having somewhere to rest while I'm in town ought to come in handy.
  • Thorel wasn't exactly thrilled by my methods, but I convinced him to let me make use of the room I cleared out. Having somewhere to rest while I'm in Port Maje ought to come in handy.
  • I decided to deal with Galian and his crew more directly. The innkeeper didn't appreciate it as much as I'd hoped.

Thorel identified the lead culprit as Galian, a merchant captain. I'll find him and his crew upstairs, in the room furthest to the back.


Galian for [The Better Man]

Make him peacefully or brutally to leave the room.


Norgund Merchant




Ripple Sponge

Return to Thorel for reward.


Port Maje Jail

17 Port Maje Jail



Restoring Order

I've offered to help Savia by trying to convince Ilari, a gang leader, to help keep order on Gorecci Street in Port Maje.

  • Travel to Gorecci Street.
  • Speak with Ilari.
  • Return to Savia.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • I was attacked by several looters, but none of them matched Ilari's description.
  • I attacked Ilari, making a peaceful resolution to the Gorecci Street problem impossible.
  • I handled the Gorecci Street situation for Savia. It's one less thing for her guards to deal with.

Travel to Gorecci Street, located in the western part of Port Maje.


Rum-Dumb Riggere locked in the cell

The Drunk Sailor

Rum-Dumb Riggere, a sailor imprisoned in Port Maje's jail, has offered to join my ship's crew if I free him.

  • Free Rum-Dumb Riggere.
  • Meet up with Rum-Dumb Riggere.

Riggere said that Commander Savia will free him if his fine is paid. Unfortunately, he's racked up a fine of 400 pires.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • I paid Rum-Dumb Riggere's fine and gave him his freedom.
  • I broke Rum-Dumb Riggere out of jail.
  • I used an explosive to destroy the bars on Riggere's jail cell window. He made his escape in the resulting chaos.
  • I killed Savia and broke Rum-Dumb Rigger out of jail.

Pay Riggere's fine and he will become your new Crew

Rinco's Home

20 Rinco's Home Entrance



Burning Bridges

Tensions are running high between the Huana tribe and the Vailian settlers of Port Maje in the wake of the storm. One of the Vailians claims to have been violently accosted by a Huana warrior.

Rinco, one of the vendors at the local market, claims to have been having a friendly round of cards at the tavern when he got into a fight with Mokeha, a high-ranking Huana villager.

He came out of that fight the clear loser. Bedridden, Rinco's asked me to retrieve the money Mokeha stole, in exchange for a portion of the winnings.

  • Find Mokeha.
  • Confront Mokeha.
  • Return to Rinco.

    Possible results of the quest:

  • Someone critically important to the completion of this quest has been killed
  • I took care of Mokeha and returned Rinco's property.
  • It took some persuading, but I managed to get Mokeha to see reason. She and Rinco will never be fast friends, but this should at least keep things from souring further between the Vailians and the Huana.
  • I decided to let Mokeha keep the money. Rinco won't be pleased, but it's not as if he can do anything about it.
  • I decided not to trouble myself with Rinco's problems, and took his money for myself.
  • I convinced Rinco to leave Mokeha alone. He's not happy about it, but at least this won't escalate any further.

Rinco suggested I could find Mokeha in the Huana village to the northwest of Port Maje.

After finishing Engwithan Digsite

10 Governor Clario's Office

Governor Clario

Give Oderisi's Notes to Clario.

Vailian Trading Company: Minor Positive

Port Maje: Major Positive

Return to Vilario's Rest [Stranded]

Reach the city of Neketaka [The Veins of Eora]

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