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Dragon Age II

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Lowtown - Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Lowtown is a pit where the slaves were once quartered, but residents comfort themselves with the thought that as poor off as they are, they are still not the worst in Kirkwall.

Lowtown Map
  1. Lady Elegant - crafting station - Potions

  2. Vincento's Northern Merchandise - Merchant

    Codex: Kirkwall - Lowtown

  3. Apparel Shop Tailor - Merchant, backpack expansion

  4. Trinkets Emporium - Merchant

  5. Weaponsmithy - Merchant

  6. Lyrene's Fereldan Imports

    Lirene - Merchant.

    Quest Update: Tranquility

    Crate, Donation Box (+50exp)

  7. The Hanged Man

    New Quest: Tranquility

    Talk to Varric - Quest Update: The Deep Roads Expedition

    Codex Upadate

    New Quest: Shepherding Wolves

    New Quest: Blackpowder Promise

    New Quest: Enemies Among Us

    New Quest: Act of Mercy

    New Quest: Wayward Son

    Some Crates



    History of Kirkwall: Chapter 1

    Gather your Party


  8. Gamlen's House



    New Quest: Birthright

    Codex Update

    Writing Desk

    The Cardinal Rules of Magic

    Special Deliveries

  9. Armor - Merchant
  10. (Night) Guardsman Donnic - Quest Update: The Way It Should Be

Quests starting in Lowtown Map


Talk to Bethany at Lowtown (08). Find Grandfather Amell's will. Go to Darktown and break into the cellars of the old family estate - Darktown (03)


Requisite Quest: A Business Discussion.

Seek out a Grey Warden for help in Deep Roads expedition. Varric heard thet one is working as a healer somewhere. A shopkeep named Lirene in Lowetown may have more info.

Go to Lirene at Lowtown (06)

Go to the clinic in Darktown where the Grey Warden is healing the poor.

Go to Anders in Darktown (04)

Go to the chantry in Hightown at night to help Anders smuggle his friend Karl out of the Circle.

Shepherding Wolves

Varric has heard rumors that some in the Chantry have been making quiet inquiries about Lowtown about the Qunari. No one seems willing to talk about it, though.

Blackpowder Promise

Varric says a dwarven merchant named Javaris has been offering a lot of coin for muscle. Finding out exactly where Javaris is, however, seems to be a problem. He'll keep looking.

Enemies Among Us

According to Varric's sources, someone's been asking questions about a missing templar. No search seems to be underway, however, and nothing can be done to follow up on this just yet.

Act of Mercy

According to Varric, a group of mages being transported from Starkhaven hasn't arrived at the Gallows. It's currently just a rumor, however, and cannot be followed up on at this time.

Wayward Son

Varric's sources say that there's been a number of templar raids held in Lowtown'selven alienage. He can't verify why, however, or who's been giving the orders.

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