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Dragon Age II

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Hightown - Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Everyone who is anyone in Kirkwall lives in Hightown, and they give little thought to what goes on in Lowtown other than to complain when the wind drags up the stench from its foundries or ancient mines. People in Hightown feel safe, not because the city's walls are impregnable, but because an invader would need to scale the stairs from Lowtown in order to reach them.

Hightown Map
  1. Varric - you came here from Gallows Courtyard (10)

    Quest Start: The Deep Roads Expedition

    Quest Start: A New Home

    Quest Start: A Friend in the Guard

    Quest Start: A Business Discussion

  2. Bodahn's Provisions- Merchant and Enchanter

    Codex: Surface Dwarves

  3. Robes by Jean Luc - Merchant, backpack expansion.
  4. Hubert's Fine Goods - Merchant, Tome of Technique
  5. Olaf's Armory - Merchant
  6. Korval's Blades - Merchant
  7. Worthy - crafting station - Runes
  8. Bartrand

Quests starting in Map

The Deep Roads Expedition

Find a way to become a partner to get Deep Roads Expedition started. Before try to start this quest finish all other Act 1 Quests.

Bring 50 sovereigns to Bartrand

Go to Lowtown (07) and talk to Varric.

According to Varric, the expedition needs a way into the Deep Roads before it can go anywhere - you need a map.

A New Home

Go to Gamlen's home in Lowtown. Lowtown (08)

A Friend in the Guard

Aveline may have information about working with the city guards. Talk to her at the barracks in the Viscount's Keep.

Go to Viscount's Keep (01) and talk to Aveline. Quest end.

A Business Discussion

Talk to Varric in Lowtown's Hanged Man pub.

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