Rygjafylke Map - Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

This is detailed and revealed Map for Rygjafylke Level 1 Zone located in Norway Region for Assassin's Creed Valhalla Maps & Walkthrough with locations of Wealths, Mysteries, Artifacts, Quests, Opals and Fast Travel Points and other collectibles and secrets.

Rygjafylke Map - Norway for Assassin's Creed Valhalla Maps.

Rygjafylke Map for Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Rygjafylke Map for Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Rygjafylke Map Completion


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Norway Region

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Rygjafylke Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Rygjafylke is Level 1 Zone located in Norway Region of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

In a frozen land ravaged by blood feuds and clan wars, the balance of power teeters constantly between es many rival clans.


Starting location

This is where your character will appear after the end of the Prologue.

Battle For The Northern Way - Chapter 1

Honor Bound A Viking hero must resque their crew from a mortal enemy.



One chest is under the ice, you must break it to get it out, the other is under water.

Carbon Ingots for Carbon Ingots you have to climb the rock, shoot the ladder to make it lower.



Climb to the roof of the biggest building and go inside through the opening in the roof.

Kill Rikiwulf and free your people.

Carbon Ingots to collect Ingot, enter the hut through the window.

Get on the ship and sail to Fornburg.


Ikke en Oly

Small Camp - you can raid it with your crews.

Gear Bone-Biter 2h Axe, is inside hut.



Dock your boat to the quay.

Speak to Randvi she is near the port.

Honor Bound

Battle For The Northern Way - Chapter 2

Family Matters Eivor returns home to face a foster father's fury.

A Seer's Solace Beset by vivid visions, Eivor seeks out the local seer for council.

Speak to Alvis for Flytings training.

Speak to Gunnar for Family Matters Quest. He will show you how to enchance gear with runes.

Svend Tattoos.

Norse Woman A Mild Hunt. Bring her three Reindeer Antlers.

Tove archery course.

Go to Valka's Hut

later in gameAfter return from Valka's Hut

Talk to Randvi for Family Matters.

Talk to Styrbjorn inside main building.

Family Matters

The Prodigal Prince After almost two years abroad, the king's son, Sigurd, returns with exotic tales and forein friends.

Talk to Sigurd at the docks, follow him.

Inside main building lisen to Sigurd's tale, talk to Styrbjorn, Randvi, Basim, Hytham and at the end return to Sigurd.

You will get Hidden Blade, go outside to train with it, then talk to Sigurd.

The Prodigal Prince

later in gameNext Day

Battle For The Northern Way - Chapter 3

Rude Awakening Eivor and Sigurd Bleed Kjotve's lands to draw him into a final, fatal showdown.

Track and kill Kjotve's spyes for Rude Awakening then return to Sigurd.

Sail and Raid Nottfall


Valka's Hut

for A Seer's Solace: Talk to Valka, drink elixir for vision.

A Seer's Solace

Return to Fornburg.



There are 3 Chests to loot.

Ability Throwing Axe Fury. Enter the underground corridor at the end of Nottfall, when you reach the locked door, jump over to the right.

for Rude Awakening: Find and burn the supply wagon. Shoot it with bow with flaming arrow.

Talk to Guthorm The Wise and King Harald.

Rude Awakening

A Cruel Destiny Revenge and glory await behind Kjotve the Cruel's fortress gates.

You sail to Flori



For Chest break the boards in the corner, inside the fence.

Opal is inside house.

for Rude Awakening climb tower near water and talk to Sigurd.

Next location is Kjotve's Fortress


Kjotve's Fortress

The siege of Kjotve's Fortresswill begin with a duel with Kjotve The Cruel followed by a vision with Odin.

You have to unlock gates, locks are destructible form inside.

Confront Gorm follow him, but he will run away on horseback through the gate.

Talk to Sigurd and A Cruel Destiny

Treasure Hoard Map Rygjafylke Hoard Map Treasure is located in Hordafylke

Gear Iron-Star Flail - is inside house.

Carbon Ingot inside house, walk around the back of the house, fire your bow at the boards below the roof, and go inside through the hole.

Ability Rage of Helheim - Climb up above waterfall, smash crystal wall inside cave.

2 Chests, one in small cave.

Battle For The Northern Way - Chapter 4

Birthrights Young King Harald summon the Norway Clans to an Althing in Alrekstad.

Take horse and ride north to [10]



Carbon Ingot inside tower, climb tower, and descend inside.

Go to Alrekstad in Hordafylke.

To finish Birthrights Quest you have to leave Rygjafylke Zone, and go to Hordafylke Zone to the north.

Hordafylke is an area dedicated to a high level of experience (Level 280), so don't go sideways and go directly to Alrekstad. Don't try to explore the entire Hordafylke Zone now.

Don't get on the ship, just get on the horse at Kjotve's Fortress and follow the road northwest until you reach Alrekstad. There, complete the story missions related to the main storyline and you will be moved back to Fornburg.

After you visit Alrekstad in Hordafylke.



Battle For The Northern Way - Chapter 5

The Seas of Fate Old friend and new Challenges present Eivor with some difficult choices.

Speak to Sigurd.

Select We leave the resources for Styrbjorn dialogue option, this decision will make a difference later in the game, by choosing this option you will get Sigurd's sympathy.

Then talk to Sigurd at the boats.

  • If you select It's time to go you will go on a expedition to England. But it doesn't have irreversible consequences because after settling in England you will be able to come back here and finish exploring the map.
  • If you select I'm not ready yet Sigurd will be waiting for you here, and you can finish your Rygjafylke tour, which will increase your experience level and give you new equipment.

The Seas of Fate

Other locations in Rygjafylke



Carbon Ingot is inside hut but getting it is tricky.

Go inside the hut. Behind the wooden wall, which you cannot climb, there is a lamp on the roof of the ceiling. Keep shooting the lamp until a fire breaks out, which will burn up the rubbish blocking the passage. Then, exit the hut, walk around it and push the parcels inside that block the passage in the door.



Legendary Animal Elk of Bloody Peaks kill it, fight won't be easy, but you should be able to deal with it even on a low level.

Elk of Bloody Peaks Head

There are 2 Chest in caves near, White Mask inside cave


The Dreamwalking Warrior

World Event The Dreamwalking Warrior

Wake up Eyvind and follow Sleepwalker.


Hildesvini’s Crag

Lost Drengr Erik Loyalskull he is deep in cave, enter from side of the lake.

He is a difficult opponent, you probably won't kill him on low level, don't worry you will be able to come back here later.


Comb of Champions

World Event Comb of Champions - Elk-Antler Comb in deep in lake next to Bil.

Talk to Bil, dive deep in near lake, pickup Elk-Antler Comb and return it to Bil. Follow Bil and talk to her.


Adrift Refuge

Chest in the cave, to enter cave you have to jump on bench from rocks in front of cave.


Sjaleng Lookout

Chest is on rock pillar in the middle.



World Event The Silver-Tongued Traitor - Talk to Sulke and kill him. Sulke will try to run away, chase him. During the pursuit, you will encounter his helpers whom you also have to kill. Next to Sulke's corpse, you will find a Bloody Key, which you can use to open the chests in the place where Sulke stood at the beginning.

Carbon Ingot (northern) It is in the basement under the building. Pull the pile of crates towards you to get to the corridor. The passage is blocked by a stone block suspended on a rope, shoot your bow at the pulley at the end of the rope to make the stone fall lower, opening the passage.

World Event Raider Recruit - Talk to Rolf The Raider and follow him to docks. You have to defeat two opponents in fist duels, and then one.

Flytings Manning, Fighter of Wolves

Carbon Ingot (southern) Is in guarder camp restricted area, inside house. Climb on the roof and punch a hole in the annex at the top.

Flying Paper (western) Valhalla Blessing Tattoo

Flying Paper (western) Auki Sign Tattoo


The Hunt for Honor

World Event The Hunt for Honor - Talk to Erlend, he wants to gain fame by killing the "beast". Bait one bear to him, bears are to the east of him. When the bear follows you to the camp, attack bear and weaken him, but don't kill it. Let Erlend deliver the decisive blow and talk to him.



Gear Yngling Seax Dagger - It's in the main building being guarded by Woe-Bringer.

Carbon Ingot kill Archer to get it.

Chest is at the top of tower.


Marauder's Den

Gear War Hammer Hammer - it's on the platform above the center, you have to jump there from the roof of the hut.

Chest is on ground in the south part.



Ability Thorn of Slumber climb tower and descend inside to ground level.

Chest is underground, behind breakable stone wall. Find oil jar take it, move it and place it against the wall, then shoot it with a bow.


The Plight of the Warlock

World Event The Plight of the Warlock - Talk to Hunter, follow him to Warlock hut, talk to Warlock. You can kill one of them, who does it matter.



Carbon Ingot it is underground, find secret entrance to the north, enter, pull cretes.

Chests are also underground near Wealth.


A Desperate Bounty

World Event A Desperate Bounty - follow Hrorek to the north, kill attackers, talk to Hrorek again.


Haervik Shipyard

Gear Recurve Bow Bow - underground in the cellar.

Carbon Ingot Kill War-Band Chief to get it.

One chest is in side boat hanging over water.

Second chest is on top of the southern tower.


Deserted Chalet

Carbon Ingot you have to find key to this Wealth Chest

Ornir's Key go North East of hut, find 3 wolves, kill them and pick key from body near.

Fly Agarics before you taste mushroom, take a close look at the three statues standing nearby, their order and read note laying below them. When you eat the mushroom, mirages of the gates will appear around you, you have to go through three of them in the correct order, in the same order as the statues. Look for statues near gates.


Carbon Ingot it is underwater, dive and break the weaker side wall under the water.



2 Chests, go through the roof



The location is in the caves located in the cliff. Neither down nor up, lots of climbing and searching.

Carbon Ingot (East) kill Skull-Crusher inside stone circle outside caves.

First chest is near inside tent.

Now climb south on about some level to find caves entrance, there will be second chest.

Carbon Ingot in cave, entrance is from side of cliff in smale level as other caves.


Fannaraki Summit

There are 2 chest near Summit.


Old Man on the Edge

World Event Old Man on the Edge - Talk to Old Harek and help him and throw crates with his things off the cliff, then talk to him.


A New England

World Event A New England - Talk to Hysing The World-Wise. He's crazy, but listen to him. He will offer you a "tour" of "England", follow him and listen to what he is talking about.

Return wit him to hut and when he runs to save the "king" run after him. Look at the "king"; Djon The Woodsman will come, talk ot them.

Select "(LIE) The Picts surrender."

If you haven't done the this before, now you can go back to Fornburg and talk to Sigurd.

Select: "It's time to go."