Ledecestrescire Map - Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

This is detailed and revealed Map for Ledecestrescire Level 20 Zone located in England Region for Assassin's Creed Valhalla Maps & Walkthrough with locations of Wealths, Mysteries, Artifacts, Quests, Opals and Fast Travel Points and other collectibles and secrets.

Ledecestrescire Map - England for Assassin's Creed Valhalla Maps.

Ledecestrescire Map for Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ledecestrescire Map for Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ledecestrescire Map Completion


Level 20 Zone

England Region

High Points

High Points















World Events

World Events



Offering Altars

Offering Altars



Animus Anomalies

Animus Anomalies

Fly Agarics

Fly Agarics

Standing Stones

Standing Stones



Rigsogur Fragments

Rigsogur Fragments

Treasure Hoard Maps

Treasure Hoard Maps

Flying Papers

Flying Papers

Roman Artifacts

Roman Artifacts

Cursed Symbols

Cursed Symbols



Orlog Players

Orlog Players



Drinking Challenges

Drinking Challenges



Ledecestrescire Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ledecestrescire is Level 20 Zone located in England Region of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.


River Chain Blockade

You arrive to Ledecestrescire in England after completing the story quests in Rygjafylke.

You are sailing to the Ravensthorpe settlement, on the way you encounter a chain blocking the river.

The Swan-Road Home With Sigurd leading the way, the Raven Clan travels upriver into the heart of England in search of the conquering sons of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Kill guards, shot with bow to chain holders.

There are Titanium and Chest inside house.


Halfdan's Settlement

Dock your boat and go ashore.

The Swan-Road Home

Talk with Saxon Bandits and kill them all.

Unwelcome With the sons of Ragnar gone, bandits have claimed their old settlement for themselves. Push them out.

Explore camp, enter Longhouse.

Yanli talk to her, she will be your future trader.

Rowan talk to him, he will be your future stable master.

From now on, this place becomes your settlement. For more information, see Ravensthorpe Settlement.

Talk to Randvi inside Longhouse about furtre plans.


Talk to Randvi about Alliance Map

Alliance Map

To settle and thrive in England, Eivor's clan must forge alliances. Pledge to a territory to send word of your interest in an alliance or aid. As a pledges are completed and allies are made, other territories will be made available.

Consult with Randvi on the Alliance Map in your Longhouse to gain access to new opportunities and adventures.

Talk to Gunnar he will show you new Raid Locations.

Take Longboat and Raid Alcestre Monastery.

After return from Alcestre Monastery, Build Forge for Gunnar

Talk to Sigurd he will show you your room.

The Alliance Map Sigurd has gone north, choosing Eivor as his replacement. It is now on Eivor to expand the settlement and make alliances with its surrounding territories.

Ledecestrescire Arc: The Kingmaker's Saga

Go to Randvi in Ravensthorpe and pledge territory to Ledecestrescire.

The Kingmaker's Saga - Chapter 1

The Sons of Ragnar Eivor is to meet Sigurd in Repton, where Ivarr and Ubba Ragnarsson are plotting to dethrone the Mercian King.


Alcestre Monastery

Raid Monastery

Cargo Raw Materials (Eastern) is inside Church.

Cargo Raw Materials (Western) is inside the building.

Chest is inside building

Chest in the cellar below, entrance is inside building



Animus Anomaly Kildesbig - see video walkthrough.

Video Kildesbig Animus Anomaly Walkthrough Ledecestrescire

Youtube: Kildesbig Animus Anomaly Walkthrough Ledecestrescire

YouTube: Kildesbig Animus Anomaly Walkthrough Ledecestrescire


Dock boat and go into town where The Sons of Ragnar Quest lead you.

Go inside Church. Talk to Ivarr, follow him to the meeting. Speak with Ubba

Travel to Tamworth Fortress.

Other in Repton:

World Event The Old Guard - On small island NE of Repton, you will meet bard. Sit on the bench in front of him and listen. You will get Skari's House Key. This is the key to Bard's house in Repton. Find his house, it's more or less in the middle of town.

Skari's House in Repton for The Old Guard World Event - Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Skari's House in Repton for The Old Guard World Event

Take the chest found in Skari's House and bring it back to Bard. Do not cross the water with the box, but put the box in the small boat that you will find on the shore and use the boat to go back to the island. Place the chest next to Bard on the cloth on the ground. Sit on the bench.

Flying Papers Vegvisir Scheme (Arms) Jump over tents and twigs to the east by the water, this Flying Paper is easy, it ends near the water.

Flytings Jungulf

Rigsogur Fragment The Rigsogur, Page 1 Find Secret Entrance inside Church, and go underground.


Tamworth Fortress

You come here for The Sons of Ragnar Quest.

Talk to King Burgred and Leofrith in front of Tamworth Fortress walls and return to Ragnarsson War Camp and talk to Capitain.

Talk to Ceolbert

On the next day start the siege of Tamworth Fortress:

  • Use Ram to break the first gate.
  • Use Ram to destroy palisade.
  • Use Ram to breach second gate.
  • Kill two Elites.
  • Enter Keep
  • Search keep for hints.
  • Report to Ivarr

The Sons of Ragnar

The Kingmaker's Saga - Chapter 2

Bartering After learning the leader of an allied clan has been dealing with King Burgred in secret, Eivor must confront the Dane and extract any information possible.

Now you should go to Tonnastadir meet Sigurd.

Other in Tamworth Fortress:

Flying Papers Hjarta Scheme (Head) These Flying Papers gave me a lot of trouble, so I made a video guide for you.

Video Tamworth Fortress Flying Papers Walkthrough in Ledecestrescire

Youtube: Tamworth Fortress Flying Papers Walkthrough in Ledecestrescire

YouTube: Tamworth Fortress Flying Papers Walkthrough in Ledecestrescire


You come here for Bartering Quest, meet Sigurd, Ubba and Ivarr.

Go to Tonnastadir's gate and talk to Tonna, pay her.

Return to Sigurd in Lyftmere's Pond.

Other in Tonnastadir:

Chest (east), enter house, smash the entrance to the basement in the floor.

Chest in Longhouse, climb up inside house.

Assassinate Man with key inside Longhouse for Tonnastadir Door Key

Use this key to open Secret Entrance in soutern part of camp.

Gear Huntsman Helm inside cellar, behind the Secret Door.

Ability Raven Distraction same cellar.

Chest (south) inside house, knock a hole in the back of the house under the roof.

Last chest inside house.


Cursed Symbol

Cursed Symbol destroy it, it hangs on the tree.


Lyftmere's Pond

Meet Sigurd, Ubba and Ivarr and talk to them.


Rumors of Ledecestre Ledecestre, a Saxon farming village built on the ruins of a Roman city, has been pegged as one of the King's potential hiding spots. Eivor sets out to meet Ivarr, who's gone to get the lay of the land.

The Walls of Templebrough Templebrough is home to the ruins of a Roman fortress, an ideal place to hide a king. Eivor sets out to meet Sigurd and Ubba, who have gone there to scout ahead.

First go to Ledecestre and find and speak to Ivarr


Roman Artifact

Roman Artifact climb up the ruins.


Glen Ford Camp

Carbon Ingot in tent.

2 x Chest



To find Ivarr, for Rumors of Ledecestre Quest you have to climb very high tower in SW part of city near docks.

Talk to Ivarr on top of the tower, then go to explore church and bathhouse.


There is cellar below church, check it for "Leofrith's Orders"

Gear Skadi's Wrath Light Bow - in the cellar below church.


You can enter the bathhouse through the roof, inside kill guard for Ledecstre Door Key. Chest inside bathhouse.

Go to first floor, unlock doors and talk to Ceolbert.

Follow Ceolbert and defend him. Meet Ivarr.

Rumors of Ledecestre

Other in Ledecestre:

World Event The Stink-Brew - in western part of town, behind the walls, there is an entrance to the underground near World Event marker. Inside behind the grate there is a Woman, she will ask you for Viper eggs. Vipers are outside near the water. The request will be repeated three times. As a reward you wil get

Ledecstre Sewer Door Key.

With this key you can unlock doors near her, to find 2 Chests.

Flying Papers Auki Sign Scheme Tattoo follow ropes to the south till big ruined pillar in the center near Drinking Challenge.

Roman Artifact in SE part of town, find Secret Entrance in ruins, they are covered with boards on the ground, enter underground, Artifact is in left hand of statue.

Gear Hidden Ones' Gloves Bracers - NE part of city, go near SW from marker, climb ruined walls, to locate marker of Ratae Bureau, near you will find a net filled with blocks of stone hanging on a rope. Shot rope tu uncover secret entrance underground, search it.

Chest in warehouse near docks.

Chest outside city, near gate, shoot an arrow from your bow through the grate into the container inside to unblock the entrance on the other side of the bridge.


Cursed Symbol

Cursed Symbol inside hut, destroy it.


Sisters of the Axe

World Event Sisters of the Axe - find Church Door Key it lies nearby by a small broken cross behind the chapel. Enter Chapel and talk to the nuns, follow them the to the camp at SE. Kill soldiers and Pick Editha's Crosier from sodier's dead body. Lead the nuns to the other side of the river. Talk to them.


Roman Artifact

Roman Artifact it is covered with rocks. You have to blow up the stones with the vase, you can find vase above on top ruins. Pick it up and move it over the stones, then shoots a bow.



Carin Cernewood - stack stones.

Cernewood Carin in Ledecestrescire - Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Cernewood Carin in Ledecestrescire



Offering Altar Cerneley - Make the Offering 3 x Hare's Foot, there are lot of hares around start checking NW.


Of Fist-Dances and Sweaty Oaths

World Event Of Fist-Dances and Sweaty Oaths - Talk to guardian, if he doesn't let you in, go to the back of the house, climb the tree, jump over to the platform on the tree and there you will find the password nailed to the trunk knife. Return to entrance, talk and enter. Inside, in the basement, you'll have three fist fights. As a reward you will get BBB Membership .



Standing Stones Cosintun - kill guardians and solve puzzle, you have to stand in proper place.

Cosintun Standing Stones in Ledecestrescire - Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Cosintun Standing Stones in Ledecestrescire


Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric - Eat Fly Agaric and enter 5 gates in front of which a walking seal will stop.


Sudwella Monastery

Cargo Raw Materials (Eastern) blow entrance with vase, descend underground.

Cargo Raw Materials (Southern) inside building on ground level.

Cargo Raw Materials (Western) inside building.

Carbon Ingot kill Yeoman in the center.



Carbon Ingot kill Murderer in the center.



Meet Sigurd for The Walls of Templebrough Quest

Go to Templebrough Fort and find Lady Aethelswith.


Templebrough Fort

Find Lady Aethelswith, call your crew for raid.

Kill all guards and climb inside central building.

Descend form central room down and you will find a group of women, talk to them.

During the conversation you realized that the woman claiming to be Aethelswith is not her, the real Lady Aethelswith is escaping.

Chase her to the location [25].

Other in Templebrough Fort:

Carbon Ingot on the roof of central building.

Ability Piercing Shot inside main building, on ground level.

Carbon Ingot on one of dead soldiers inside fort.

Carbon Ingot on one of dead soldiers inside fort.

A chest in the middle of the yard.



Follow Lady Aethelswith, grab her, tie her up and bring her back to [23].



later in gameAfter the capture of Lady Aethelswith

Talk to Sigurd

The Walls of Templebrough

The Kingmaker's Saga Chapter 3

Tilting the Balance Lady Aethelswith has been captured, giving the Danes an unexpected advantage. Now, all Eivor has to do is convince her to give up her husband, the King of Mercia.

Free Prisoners

Return to Tamworth


Huntsman Cloak

Gear Huntsman Cloak inside building, at the end of a long pier with guards.


Ledecestrescire Sauce

World Event Ledecestrescire Sauce - Talk to Man. You need to catch a fish Eel in the river, shoot it with a bow and take it to Man. Talk to him and put Eel in the pot. Talk to Man again.

Chest in cellar, another on a small pier.



Carbon Ingot on dead Goliath inside camp.

3 x Chest


Tamworth Fortress

later in gameAfter the capture of Lady Aethelswith

You return here for Tilting the Balance Quest.

Confront Lady Aethelswith, then talk to Sigurd, Ubba, and Ivarr.

Travel to Offchurch



Carbon Ingot near High Point, the entrance to the dungeon is covered with stones over which a stone block is hanging, shoot the rope with the bow to open the passage. Pull back the blockade to proceed further.

Ability Harpoon Impalement There is a secret passage in the ruins on SW, go downstairs. Break the boards into the walls in the basement. Swim through the corridor, shoot the vase to break the wall.

Treasure Hoard Map Ledecestrescire Hoard Map A secret passage over the water leads to it.

Gear Hrafn Guard Light Shield - its inside big locked building in NE, to open doors you have to standing on the tree platform, shoot the bow through the grate in the wall at the lock on the door inside the building.

Hrafn Guard Gear in Venonis, Ledecestrescire - Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Hrafn Guard Gear in Venonis, Ledecestrescire

Shoot the bow through the grate in the wall at the lock on the door inside the building.

Roman Artifact in SE part, climb platform on high roman columns.


Cursed Symbol

Cursed Symbol its inside well, destroy it.


The Last Leaf of Fall

World Event The Last Leaf of Fall - talk to Mae, and shot last leaf.


A Skald's Lament

World Event A Skald's Lament - talk to Norse Man, then follow him, defending him from attacking soldiers. During the fight with the soldiers in the camp, he loses consciousness, you have to carry him back to his camp near the river. Talk to Norse Woman.



Carbon Ingot one of soldiers got it.



You come to Offchurch for finishing Tilting the Balance Quest

There is church in the center, enter it and descend underground.

Carbon Ingot below church in underground, to the left.

Ability Focus of the Nornir, below church in underground, to the right.

Here you will find King Burgred for Tilting the Balance Quest, fight him but do not kill him. Tie him up and carry outside.

Gear Sepulcher Axe 2H Axe, in room with King Burgred.

Going outside, do not follow the path you entered here, after leaving the room where the King is captured, turn right, break the lock and get to the surface.

There you will meet Tonna, whom you will have to kill.

Head with King to Venonis.

Other in Offchurch:

Gear Fyrd Spear enter underground below church and go straight all the time, dive underwater.

With the King slung over the horse's back, ride fast without stopping towards Venonis where you will meet the rest of your companions. There, continue riding fast, avoiding the fight, go with the King to Tamworth Fortress. Just ride North.


Tamworth Fortress

later in gameAfter the kidnapping of King Burgred

You return here with King for Tilting the Balance Quest.

Tilting the Balance

The Kingmaker's Saga - Chapter 4

Heavy Is the Head With Burgred captured and Ceolwulf warming the seat of the throne, the time has come to crown Mercia's new ruler.

Go talk with Ivarr, follow him.

The next day, see the coronation.

Now go to Repton



later in gameAfter coronation in search of Ceolbert

You return to Repton for Heavy Is the Head Quest.

Search Ceolbert in Woden's Eye Island [35]


Woden's Eye

Here you will meet Ceolbert and Leofrith.

You have to defeat Leofrith. You have two choices spare him or kill him.

  • "(Spare) Burgred abandoned you." - if you spare him, he will tell you about the Zealots and a scroll you can burn in Venonis, Zealots won't pursue you.
  • "(Kill) Pray to your god now." - if you kill him Zealots will start chasing you as soon as they see you. If you are going to kill all Zealots in the game this may be a good solution but will make the game more difficult.

Escort Ceolbert back to the brothers in Repton.

Heavy Is the Head

Talk to King in Repton

Hunted A group known as the Zealots has been given orders to kill Eivor on sight. Eivor must find the written order and burn it to avoid being hunted

Burn scroll in Venonis.

Reporting on Ledecestrescire King Burgred has been ousted and an alliance has been forged with Ubba and Ivarr Ragnarsson, and with the new King of Mercia, Ceolwulf. Return to Randvi with the news.

Ledecestrescire Arc Completed - The Kingmaker's Saga

Report to Randvi in Ravensthorpe

This is the end of story missions in Ledecestrescire, now you can explore the rest of the map in this zone.


The White Lady of Tamworth

World Event The White Lady of Tamworth - Go to the tower and talk to the soldier guarding it. Defeat him in battle, you don't have to kill him. Go to the door and talk to the Woman "trapped" inside. Stand guard in front of the tower and wait for the real attacker to come. Defeat him and talk to the Woman again through the door.



Carbon Ingot Skirmisher got Ingot.


Bardon Lookout


Roman Artifact

Roman Artifact Climb ruins and move the chest that blocks the artifact.



Carbon Ingot Goliath got Ingot.


Skal to Your Wealth

World Event Skal to Your Wealth - Talk to the alchemist. Bring him two ingredients needed for the potion. You will find Bear Ballocks in front of the cave in the East. Lichen is inside the well not far from the Alchemist. After you drink the potion, you will wake up far south in the cave in Grantebridgescire. Teleport back to the High Points in Ledecestrescire and return from the Alchemist.


The Twit Saga, Part I

World Event The Twit Saga, Part I - Two fools are trying to burn down their hut. You have to run to the nearest fire, preferably north, light an arrow, return to the hut with the flaming arrow and shoot the roof. Then talk to them, it turns out that the key is inside and they want to get to the burning house. Go to the back of the hut and move the crate aside, you can do it now because the garbage on the sides is burnt. Inside you will find chests. Search the house according to clues you hear from outside until you find House Key. Open the door. Talk to them.