Grantebridgescire Map - Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walkthrough

This is detailed and revealed Map for Grantebridgescire Level 20 Zone located in England Region for Assassin's Creed Valhalla Maps & Walkthrough with locations of Wealths, Mysteries, Artifacts, Quests, Opals and Fast Travel Points and other collectibles and secrets.

Grantebridgescire Map - England for Assassin's Creed Valhalla Maps.

Grantebridgescire Map for Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Grantebridgescire Map for Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Grantebridgescire Map Completion


Level 20 Zone

England Region

High Points

High Points















World Events

World Events

Offering Altars

Offering Altars



Daughters of Lerion

Daughters of Lerion

Fly Agarics

Fly Agarics

Standing Stones

Standing Stones



Rigsogur Fragments

Rigsogur Fragments

Treasure Hoard Maps

Treasure Hoard Maps

Flying Papers

Flying Papers

Roman Artifacts

Roman Artifacts

Cursed Symbols

Cursed Symbols



Orlog Players

Orlog Players



Drinking Challenges

Drinking Challenges





Grantebridgescire Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Grantebridgescire is Level 20 Zone located in England Region of Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Grantebridgescire Arc: The Song of Soma

Go to Randvi in Ravensthorpe and pledge territory to Grantebridgescire.

The Song of Soma - Chapter 1

The Great Scattered Army Eivor sets out to find the leader of the Summer Army and form an alliance. The army's last known location was just outside Grantebridge.

Go to Duroliponte in Grantebridgescire.



Magni talk to him about The Great Scattered Army Quest

Flying Papers Hulder's Mark Scheme (Head) Tsree a video guide below.

Video Duroliponte Flying Papers Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

Youtube: Duroliponte Flying Papers Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

YouTube: Duroliponte Flying Papers Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

Searching for Soma's Longship.

Land your ship here and go look for the Longship for The Great Scattered Army Quest, kill your opponents and free prisoners.

Speak oto Norse Warrior.

Move east in direction of Middeltun.



Talk to Soma

The Great Scattered Army

The Song of Soma - Chapter 2

Orphans of the Fens Soma's closest advisors are scattered in the fenlands. Eivor must search the fog and reunite the three members of her inner circle.

Light the beacon on tower in Middeltun. Near beacon Middeltun Door Key.

Go in search of Soma's advisors.


Lowlands Camp

Land in Lowlands Camp in search for Lif for Orphans of the Fens Quest

Free Prisoners and talk to Lif


Gratian's Villa Ruins

Land in Gratian's Villa Ruins in search for Birna for Orphans of the Fens Quest

Unlock door, free Prisoners and talk to Birna



Search for Galinn for Orphans of the Fens Quest

Galinn, go through the forest, find Galinn, he is trapped up on tree and surrounded by wolves. Kill the wolves. Revive him.

Return to Middeltun to Soma



later in gameAfter finding 3 advisers.

Talk to Soma.

Orphans of the Fens

Next day, talk to all inside camp, then talk to Soma.

The Song of Soma - Chapter 3

Glory Regained With Soma's forces reunited, now is the time to retake Grantebridge from Wigmund.

Sail to Grantebridge to meet Soma near river.



You come to Grantebridge for Glory Regained Quest. Meet Soma at gates and talk to the besieged through the walls.

Blow up the door by shooting the cart with explosives.

Start your attack heading towards the Longhouse.

Kill Wigmund's Lieutenant before entering the Longhouse.

Speak to Soma, sound the horn.

Next day speak to Soma again.

Glory Regained

The Song of Soma - Chapter 4

Razing Earnningstone Eivor joins Galinn and his crew to destroy any hamlets loyal to Wigmund.

Unholy Father Eivor joins Lif in a plot to assassinate the priest of Walden, a man loyal to Wigmund.

Storming Ravensburg Eivor joins Birna and her crew to eliminate Wigmund's forces at Ravensburg.

Other activities in Grantebridge:

Talk to the merchants and residents in the center of the settlement.

Rigsogur Fragment The Rigsogur, Page 2 inside Longhouse.

Flying Papers Vegvisir Scheme (Head) starting at the top of Longhouse, finishes to the West, in the center of town on the grass.

Video Flying Papers Grantebridge Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

Youtube: Flying Papers Grantebridge Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

YouTube: Flying Papers Grantebridge Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

Flyting Fergal the Faceless



You come to Earnningstone for Razing Earnningstone Quest, meet Galinn NE of village.

Talk to Galinn and attack Earnningstone, pillage and burn down houses.

Speak with Galinn

Razing Earnningstone

Carbon Ingot kill Pikeman.



You come to Ravensburg for Storming Ravensburg Quest, meet Birna NE of town.

Talk to Birna and attack Ravensburg, kill all guards.

Marksman in the center got Ravensburg Door Key.

Speak with Birna Again.

Storming Ravensburg

Gear Huntsman Armor Torso - hut in the center

Ability Rush & Bash locked hut in western part, unlock door with Ravensburg Door Key.


Cursed Symbol

Cursed Symbol enter underground inside mine and destroy it.



You come to Walden for Unholy Father Quest, meet Lif SW of town.

Talk to Lif and attack Walden or do it sneaky way. You have to kill priest.

Man in the back of Church got Walden Church Door Key to backdoor of Church.

Inside Church is Priest to assasinate.

Ability Incendiary Powder Trap near Priest inside Church.

Carbon Ingot kill Yeoman outside in church.

Find a rope that goes beyond the walls northwest of the church, slide down outside Walden.

Speak with Lif.

Unholy Father

The Song of Soma - Chapter 5

The Stench of Treachery One of Soma's three most trusted advisors is a traitor. Eivor must investigate Grantebridgescire and find out who they are.

Return to Grantebridge and speak with Soma.

You will witness a prisoner interrogation scene. Soma will return to the subject of the traitor in the next conversation, tell her what you have learned so far. During the conversation, you will reach the point of selecting the traitor.

You can continue this quest by looking for more evidence, but the traitor is Galin. Only Galinn was not imprisoned by Wigmund's people and it was Galinn who killed the prisoner during the interrogation so that he would not reveal further secrets.

Point out Galinn as the traitor.

When you do that, you open the possibility of joining Birn to the story line in Grantebridgescire.

Soma will kill Galinn.

The Stench of Treachery

An Island of Eels Eivor must face off against Wigmund and free Grantebridgescire.

Sail to the Island of Eels


Isle of Ely Monastery

On the Isle of Ely you come to do An Island of Eels Quest and to raid the Monastery.

The quest can be done without fighting all enemies, you have to climb the walls from the NW side and break down the door leading directly to the room with Wigmund, which you can kill secretly. But since you want to rob the Monastery anyway, you can kill everyone you find there.

First sail to Soma Camp located W of Monastery and talk to Soma, next go to Monastery.

You have to kill Wigmund and return back to Soma Camp.

Other activities in Isle of Ely Monastery:


Ability Dive of the Valkyries take Secret Passage to the east, on sea level, enter cave and follow it.

Cargo Raw Materials North inside house with with a blocked door.

Cargo Raw Materials East inside house with with a blocked door.

Cargo Raw Materials South inside house with with a blocked door.

Soma Camp on Isle of Ely near Monastery

You have killed Wigmund, talk to Soma.

Birna will join your Ravensthorpe Settlement.

An Island of Eels

Reporting on Grantebridgescire Report to Randvi in Ravensthorpe

Grantebridgescire Arc: Completed - The Song of Soma

Report to Randvi in Ravensthorpe

This is the end of story missions in Grantebridgescire, now you can explore the rest of the map in this zone.


Elisdon Altar

Offering Altar Elisdon Altar - you have to ofer 10 x Bullhead (small) - Bullhead (small) you can catch them in the nearby river, although it is quite a tedious job.


Winchell the Robesfree

World Event Winchell the Robesfree - talk to Winchell, sneak down to camp, steal box with clothes then bring it back to Winchell.


Besuncen Tor

Gear Huntsman Vambraces Bracers - you can easly pick up this wealth during Skal to Your Wealth World Event in Ledecestrescire you are teleported to this cave, if not just search for Secret Entrance.

Carbon Ingot dive inside tower and swim a bit in the basement.

Treasure Hoard Map Grantebridgescire Hoard Map climb up the ruins, its in hand of statue.

Location of treasure for Grantebridgescire Hoard Map is south of Grantebridge, near harbor in the well behind hut [36].


The Cult of Saint Guthlac

World Event The Cult of Saint Guthlac - talk to Monk, and carry crate SW to his house.


Cursed Symbol

Cursed Symbol destroy it, it is hanging on a big tree.



Gear Kite Shield inside hut you can enter by the window.

Carbon Ingot inside other hut.



Raid, Free Prisoners

Soldier in the center got Meldeburne Door Key

Ability Mark of Death inside tower to the south.

Cargo Raw Materials inside building to the west.

Cargo Raw Materials inside house to the east.

You can find here also on dead bodies in the center 2 x Carbon Ingots (not counting as wealth) and 2 x Titanium.


Roman Artifact

Roman Artifact There are two houses. From the yard of the northern house, take the exploding vase and place it in front of blocked by stones door in the southern house to enter.


The Infinite Noise of Men

World Event The Infinite Noise of Men - Alduini and Sebbi argue about the profit sharing. They start fighting each other. During this time, talk to the rest of the family members, find an exploding vase near the house, place it near the granary and set fire to the granary. When a fire breaks out, approach the fire watching group and talk to the children to end the World Event.

The Infinite Noise of Men in Grantebridgescire - Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The Infinite Noise of Men in Grantebridgescire

Set fire to the granary.


Lord and Lady

Standing Stones Lord and Lady - see video Walkthrough.

Video Lord and Lady Standing Stones Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

Youtube: Lord and Lady Standing Stones Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

YouTube: Lord and Lady Standing Stones Walkthrough in Grantebridgescire

The Walloper

World Event The Walloper

Talk to children, then meet The Walloper, you have to face The Walloper in a duel.

Select dialogue option: I want to take on the wallop

The Walloper will knock you down with one hit, you can't let him hit you. You have to dodge and parry his attacks, if you manage to stun him after parry, then hit him.

You can try it as many times as you have to.

After one hit from your side, you win and receive a Walloper's House Door Key as a reward.

Unlock doors and enter house to finish World Event.


Roman Artifact

Roman Artifact You will enter the building through the broken window at the back, climb onto the statue holding the Artifact in its left hand.

Inside House, in the dark you can find Fireflys, pick them you will need it in your Ravensthorpe Settlement


The Lord of Norsexe

World Event The Lord of Norsexe - Talk to Norse Man, he will ask you to find the ring. The ring is at the bottom of the river near the floating corpse, SW of the island. Dive into the river after the Precious Arm-ring and bring it back to the Norse Man. Make a covenant with him.



World Event Path to the Wind-Blue - Talk to Norse Soldier, he want you to light magic bowls (you are standing next to one of them). To do this, you have to find fire and shoot it with a flamed arrow. Unfortunately, the omnipresent water will extinguish your lit arrows. After you light the first bowl, follow the soldier to the second one and then third one. Next take him on boat and sail a bit north in direction of Soham Hideout, where you will find the last bowl. Now you need to kill all enemies in Soham Hideout. Then talk to him to finish.

Cursed Symbol inside hut, destroy it.


Soham Hideout

Gear Huntsman Breeches inside big round hut, entrance is from NE.

Carbon Ingot on one dead body.


Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric Grantebridgescire - You have to light three flames to open the gate. You must light the flames against which are the shape of the gates. See videowalkthrough.

Video Grantebridgescire Fly Agaric Walkthrough

Youtube: Grantebridgescire Fly Agaric Walkthrough

YouTube: Grantebridgescire Fly Agaric Walkthrough

Goneril Daughter of Lerion

Daughter of Lerion Goneril - You should kill her, but it can be quite difficult at this level of experience. Come back here later.


The Devout Troll

World Event The Devout Troll Talk to the man sitting outside the house. Try to upset him, destroy crates by burning his hut, kill the cow and wait carefully for him to get up. When he gets up to raise the Monk's Shed Door Key on which he was sitting. Use this key to open the cell at the back of the house. Go inside, go out, talk to the Monk and kill him.



Carbon Ingot Cutthoat got it.



World Event The Wound-Wands of Friends talk to Axehead, remove the ax from his head.

Roman Artifact it is on the ground, kill the snakes and pick up the stone that covers the artifact.



Gear Housecarl's Axe inside round hut in the center, but you will need key, Utbech Chest Key got Brandisher outside hut.

Carbon Ingot Brandisher got it, the same with the key.


Degolas the Beautiful

World Event Degolas the Beautiful talk to Proppa outside hut, take smelly chests out of the hut and put them outside. Follow Proppa to near small lake, climb tree with man on the platform, smash the platform and fall into the water with the man. Retur to hut and talk to Degolas.


The Doom Book of Cats

World Event The Doom Book of Cats Talk to the farmer in the field about his problems, go to the southeast of the nearby house, you will find a woman there, persuade the woman to let her cats out. You will get the House of Cats Door Key, use it to open the door of the nearby cabin. Return to the farmer.


Location for Grantebridgescire Treasure Hoard Map

The well behind the hut, go down Snakebite Scheme (Hull)