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Silverwood Map - RIFT

Silverwood its a Telara zone controled by Guardians. Level range 7 - 20.

Preserved for centuries by the nature-worshipping Elves, Silverwood is a verdant paradise filled with the lush greenery and the primordial fauna of Telara. Charged by Tavril herself to maintain the untouched and savage beauty of their ancestral home, the Elves have remained stewards of the wild through the rise and fall of empires, but no place in Telara is safe from the planar invasions plaguing the besieged planet.

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SILVERWOOD MAP - RIFT The World of Telara by game-maps.com

Tavril Plaza

Rudi's Wagon

Argent Glade

Quicksilver College

Highglades Lookout

Sanctum Watch

Silver Landing

Marsh House


Founder's Treshold

Old Man Statue

Snarebrush Pit

Cove of Seasons

Overwatch Cavern

Kelgnaw's Den

Realm of the Fae

Highglades Bypass

Mirror of Ages

Untamed Copse


Hedgerow Court

Fletcher's Beach

Wayward Thicket

Silver Coast

Overwatch Keep

Overwatch Road

Sterling Hills

Sanguuine Shores

Sunken Marsh

Divine Landing

Point Solitude


Vengeful Spirit
















Achievements on Silverwood Map

On map

1. Puzzled at the Top of the World - press "Mysterious Plaque" on the wall and solve easy puzzle.

2. So Much Fun, I Did it Twice - Jump (twice) from the Sanctum and Silverwood side of the bridge to the water and take no damage.

3. A High Point - Climb the Highest mountain in Silverwood

4. The Felling of Kongeegon - Defeat Kongeegon and save Silverwood. Quest line will lead you.

5. Freshman Orientation - Help Scotty in his adventures.

6. Spelunking in Silverwood - Explore the deepest recesses of the caves of Silverwood. Expore 4 caverns.

The Foul Enemies of the Wood - Kill 4 rare enemies of Silverwood. Kill: Brod, Marlrog, Mok, Pandora, Pentheus, Vengeful Spirit, Werewolf

A Silver Lining - Help the residents of Silverwood by completing quests. Just make quests one by one.

House Aelfwar Shall Fall - Thin the Aelfwar numbers. Making quests will force you to kill enough to make achievement.

Silverwoodsman - Explore all of Silverwood. Just visit all locations marked on my map.

Artifacts of Silverwood - Collect all the artifact collection sets in Silverwood.

Silverwood Campaigner - Complete achievements in Silverwood.

Mirror of Ages - Collect all the artifacts in Silverwood relating to the High Elves.

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