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Gloamwood Map - RIFT

Gloamwood its a Telara zone map controled by Guardians. Level range 19 - 27.

Guardians traveling to Gloamwood find themselves surrounded by lank trees, white of root with pale green trunks, and mostly bare of leaves. The Shade still lingers here, and the sun rarely peeks into the misted sky, which is jaundiced yellow by day and bruised red by night, an endless twilight that gives Gloamwood its name. The soil here is wet and black, and sometimes bears the strange footprints of the creatures that creep between the trees.

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SILVERWOOD MAP - RIFT The World of Telara by game-maps.com

Loggerman's Lift

Tearfall Run

Gnarlwood Post

Gloamwood Pines

Silkweb Outpost

Broodmother's Lair

Tearfall Catacombs

Solumn Outlook

Deepwood Cottage

Darkenning Deeps

Grove of the Ancients

Silkweb Pass


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