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Rift Maps

RIFT Game Atlas. Maps, for Rift, a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Trion Worlds, Inc. Rift is designed to be played with others players online. Rift contains two factions, the Guardians and the Defiant.

The World of Telara MapUncovered map of The World of Telara

Rift Freemarch MapFreemarch lvl 7-20 Defiants zone map

Rift Scarwood Reach MapScarwood Reach lvl 30-35 Contested zone

Rift Droughtlands MapDroughtlands lvl 36-44 Contested zone

Rift Silverwood MapSilverwood lvl 7-20 Guardians zone map

Rift Gloamwood MapGloamwood lvl 19-27 Guardians zone map

Rift Stonefield MapStonefield lvl 19-27 Defiants zone map

Rift Moonshade Highlands MapMoonshade Highlands lvl 36-40 Contested

Rift Stillmoor MapStillmoor lvl 45-50 Contested zone map

Rift Sanctum MapSanctum - Guardians zone map

Rift Scarlet Gorge MapScarlet Gorge lvl 27 - 30 Conquested zone

Rift Iron Pine Peak MapIron Pine Peak lvl 41 - 47 Conquested zone

Rift Shimmersand MapShimmersand lvl 45 - 50 Conquested zone

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